Friday, December 17, 2010

There Once Was a Belly-Button

There once was a belly-button...

but according to my lovely, honest 3 year old - it is no longer on my stomach. What do you think?

Anyways. Gotta love the honesty from the mouth of a toddler. Louisa has had so many interesting things to say about the growing belly. In all honesty, it must be really strange for her to grasp such an odd concept. I mean, I get it...and as do most adults. But for her, it has to just be odd to be told that there is her baby brother in my belly and he is moving and kicking and growing and one day he will just be out in the world and be in her house sharing her parents and such. Oh well, I will try not to look too much into it since she is still on board and seems to be handling it all so well. Her biggest concern is that he is going to "tee-tee all over her stuff." And I keep telling her, "Lou, it is fine. I am going to have a diaper on him and he won't just be tee-teeing all over the house." And then I remember the piece of anatomy that I am very not comfortable with and begin to question this statement...yikes. I mean, he might just tee-tee all over, who knows how boys work. Guess who will find out soon enough. And I am sure I will share it with all of you.

Back to the belly & Lou's thoughts. Just to share a few.
  • This morning when I was getting into the shower, the sweet little thing looks at me and says, "Oh Mommy. You look jes like Santa Claus wif that big-ole belly." Thanks Lou, now I am feeling confident for the day. What a perfect time of year for me to have a large belly. Hehe.
  • One day as I was getting dressed in my OWN room with the door shut (all you Moms out there know better than to try and shut your door, it is like a flashing light that says, all toddlers...please come on in - no need for privacy here) she sashays in all cute-like, gets a sour look on her face and says (with hands on hips mind you), "MOMMY! Put that thing away!" Trust me dear, I am trying very, very hard to stuff it in my pants and my belly band so that no one else has to endure it. Geeze.
  • The firecracker is lucky to be at just the right height where her head touches the belly. So, when I am trying to move around the house (mostly when cooking or fixing meals) she is right there under my feet and my belly always knocks her head around and makes her lose her balance. Confession: I find this hilarious. It makes me smile. Louisa...not so much. I usually get, "Ugh Mommy. Your belly is in my ways."
  • And in reference to the day we were snuggling on the couch and she decided to pull up my shirt and touch my belly and kiss it. Something that I don't think I will ever tire of, I think it is so sweet since she will talk to that sweet little boy in there when she does this, melts my heart. Anyways, she pulled up my shirt, looked at my stomach, proceeded to poke my belly-button over and again, got that sour look and the hands went to her hips and she said it. "Mommy, your bewwy-button is broken. What happened to it? Where did it go?" Exactly. :)
I isn't that big, right? Hehe, methinks I know why my back hurts so bad at night.

Now on to the nursery...everyone has been asking for pics of the room. So, I decided to indulge you. Here we go.

Hehe, shame on me - but that is what it looks like right now. It is still the office and there is still random stuff all over the place in there and no where near finished. I promise to post pics when it is all done and functioning JUST as a nursery - but who knows when that will be. I have lost steam in the whole decorating department as I have been consumed with my new-found obsession in the sewing room...plush things. Many crafters refer to them as "softies." I refer to them as my crack-cocaine for right now. Obsessed much. I will give you more pics later when I get them all done. Right now my sewing room is covered in various animals in different stages of finished and patterns that I am cutting trying to get just right for things that I am making that I need to give away as gifts but am having a very, very hard time departing with.

Speaking of departing. RIP Sambo Norris.

My blackberry. He has been my best friend for almost 3 years now. I remember the day I got him. He has been very sick lately and finally conked out on my today when I was in Wal-Mart. I cannot really say I blame him, I feel the same way about that store. I never realized how much I depended on a cell phone until I was without one for like 2 hours. Crazy, right? Sambo's replacement will be here tomorrow. I hope he will work similarly to Sambo in the whole process of trying to figure things out because as I remember the day I got my phone, I also remember the weeks of trying to figure out how to navigate life on a BB. Don't really want to go there again. The new guy is going to be named Nash. I would have loved to name baby boy Nash, but it almost sounds like a speech impediment....Nash Norris. Too smoozy for a child, perfect for my phone.

On to the name, he still has none. My friend Summer calls him "Baby Huffington" from Max & Ruby and that cracks me up. She is threatening to monogram some things with that name unless I come up with another soon. :)

While I am rambling I am slowly hearing how "quiet time" in Louisa's room is starting to sound more like destruction of a room I spent this morning cleaning. This makes my OCD panic. So, let me wrap things up with some sass, shenanigans and some eye candy. Literally.


Lindsey Buck said...

so funny. louisa is cute. i am right there with you in the big belly/backache fun. i'm 21 weeks and the measurement around my belly is 38" - completely ridiculous. and i have a long way to go... ps. i can't wait to see the animals - might need one for hannah!

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

love the belly!!! And cannot wait to see the little boy pushing that button out!