Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joke's On Me

Do you see the disgust in this sweet little kitty face?

Why do you think that is? Such a sweet (but crazy) kitty giving me, the sweet, innocent (have you laughed so hard you've choked on your Diet Coke yet?) person behind the lens the stink eye...

Was it maybe because I just gave her the first bath of her lifetime in the kitchen sink? Hmmm...maybe so. What she doesn't realize is that I didn't want to do it either. And, neither did my sweet, innocent husband who got pretty beat up by her the entire time. Why did I take on this awful task? Only because we came home to a house infested with fleas. Bad. Bad, bad. I don't like a flea. They are asinine little creatures that have no purpose other than to annoy the bejesus out of me. But, we are all bathed and flea-less at the moment. Hurray. Some of us are happier than others. With that being said...I am extremely grateful to have come home to a house. Flea-infested or not. My heart goes out to all of the unfortunate people in Mississippi that found themselves in the path of one of nature's greatest furies...the tornado.

And I will have you know that I texted a few of my kitty-loving friends and jokingly told them about how Murray must hate me now and is somehow planning on peeing on me in my sleep (sound familiar Natalie??). It was at that moment, laughing about it that I realized the joke was on me. I had already been peed on. Cats are sneaky little things aren't they? I thought my shirt was wet from the bath water of drying her off until I put my nose to it. Okay, Murr-bell...I surrender. You win. I plan to never again bathe you my dear. No matter how flea-infested you may be. I will politely take you somewhere and let you tinkle on them. :)

Now, back to your nap.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

Wow…it has been a while. Have you missed me? I had full intentions of keeping up with the trip on the blog as I went. I even packed my USB cord in my camera bag so that I could transfer pics as I went. Well, somehow all the sand and cold beers got in my way. How does that happen? One could wonder, hmmmm...

Anyways, point is…my vacay was wonderful. I set out with the intentions and purpose of clearing my mind and having a bit of a break and mini-therapy session…and I did. I feel much better, I feel refreshed and ready to hit the beach again. Wait, that wasn't how it was supposed to be, right? Anyways, the itinerary for the trip went as follows:

Byron, Louisa, me and the 2 dogs packed in the SUV and drove to Barnesville, Ga (7.5 hours away) on Thursday. Spent the night with Byron’s mom, and then Friday packed up Byron, Louisa and doggies and drove the 3.5 hour trip to Savannah to stay with my parents. We had a wedding that weekend, then Byron flew back out to Jackson on Sunday, so sad…but someone has to work, right? The rest of the week…Louisa and I were bums. It was wonderful. I love not having responsibility. It was lovely. Then, on Friday I packed the SUV with myself, Louisa and the 2 doggies and drove back to Barnesville where we met up with Byron, who had just flown back to Atlanta. We had a wedding (yes, another one) that weekend…then on Monday, we all packed into the SUV again and headed back west to Jackson. Tired yet? Don’t be…I’ve got LOTS of pictures ahead. So, get comfy and grab your coffee, wine, bevo, (I don’t judge) whatever and sit back.

First stop….the beach. And when I say beach…I mean this loosely. For all of my fellow Savannah friends who are thinking about never being seen in public with me again or being seen speaking to me after this confession – all I have to say is, don’t knock it until you try it. We never actually made it to Tybee. I will keep the reasons of why we didn’t the first weekend to me and everyone else who knew what that one weekend on Tybee entails. Instead, I decided to invite some friends who were in town for the wedding out to Butterbean Beach. Yes, for all you Savannahians…that is the “Redneck Riviera.” I was there. And you know what…I went back, twice. It was wonderful. Butterbean, for those of you not lucky enough to know what it is; it is not a beach. Instead, it is a boat ramp on the Skidaway River in which at one point a bunch of sand was hauled in to have the appearance of a beach. No ocean, just river. But, mind you…it is the same water that flows to the ocean, tides and all. Anyways, growing up…it just wasn’t the cool place to be. And from the responses I got from some of the people that I told about it, apparently it STILL isn’t cool to be seen there, talk about going there, etc. But, oh well. I am over it all. Let me just tell you this much, when you have a child…everything changes. I don’t care where it is, all I know is that I didn’t have to pay to park, I could park VERY close to where I was going to be seated so that it wasn’t awful to haul the thousands of chairs, sunscreens, toys, towels, etc, there isn’t too much “beach” for the so-called toddler to run around on so that I could still relax and enjoy my book on the beach, there are clean bathrooms, and it isn’t crowded. Not to mention one of the best parts…I didn’t see a SOUL that I knew. It was lovely. It will be a destination again. So, I may have lost my status as someone that remotely resembled someone “cool” to my old amigos in Savannah, but that is alright. It worked out great for us. And you never know, after this might be all the rave. Ha! :) Oh, and if you are wondering, yes...Louisa is busting some slack and showing her booty. But, hey, we were at Butterbean where it is perfectly acceptable.

Next stop…Lake Mayer to feed the ducks with Aunt Sandy. These ducks were not shy. In fact, they were the farthest thing from it. Louisa, luckily for me…has some fear in her. I love it. She wasn’t so sure about all these ducks and geese that were the same size as her running up to her. But, she had Aunt Sandy to protect her, and I stayed behind the lens. Mind you, I have a 35 mm lens, no zoom…these pictures will just give you an idea of the NO FEAR in the ducks by showing just how close you could get.

Another stop…coloring with one of the cousins, Jacob. And by coloring, I am sure most of the toddler mom-readers get my drift. When there is more than one toddler in the vicinity of crayons, we all know how this goes. There isn’t much coloring going on…but more making sure that one does not have the crayons that other said toddler wants. It is a viscous cycle. Rites of passage I guess.

Last stop as far as pictures go, fishing in Barnesville. I think I will let these pictures speak for themselves, but please make sure to check out the expression on my niece Kane’s face when she is about to touch one of the fish. Priceless.

Oh, and we cannot forget to stop and smell the flowers, right?

Now, on to Louisa. My sweet, darling Louisa. I am almost sad that I don’t have funny stories or things she has said, etc from the trip. Worry not, my friends…it isn’t because they didn’t occur, but I am just drawing blank here. It is getting late, and I did spend lots of time behind the sewing machines today, which I am convinced will zap all brain power. I will have to say that this week were are undergoing “Mommy’s Behavioral Boot Camp.” Translation…my 3 year old’s attitude and sassiness are getting her in trouble. Translation…something has to give or else one of us won’t make it out alive. I know she is my child and I can be a bit partial, but she is too danged smart for her own good. She is manipulative and sneaky and super smart and knowing what to say when…and a genius in knowing the wrong time to say something bad. Oh my, she gets to me. So, this week…we are working on listening to Mommy. So far, let me tell you how it is going…Precocious toddler 25, Over it All Mother 2. Typical, isn’t it? Here is just a small slide show from my firecracker while we were fishing and I was playing with the settings on my camera.

So, did you really miss us? Have no fear; I am sure that Mommy’s Behavioral Boot Camp won’t rid my child of her fire. She will still be sassy and say things that are quite humorous and do things that drive the hair on my arms straight up. She will continue to make my toenails curl when she brings out the sass. And I will continue to share it all with you, but the need for control and boot camp…maybe that is one of my rites of passage. :)

Until next time…

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There Once Was a Girl...

I know a girl who is an absolute and utter mess. This girl is all over the place, in everything. I know a girl who has blond hair that is always in her face, falling out of her pony and covered in various food goo from the day. She cares none. She is fancy-free until something minimal sets her off and she has an extreme meltdown that is over in a few minutes. I know a girl that mirrors her Mom in that fashion.

I know a girl that shakes her booty all over the house without a sense of rhythm or care for it. She makes up songs as she goes and rhymes not, but belts out tunes that have yet to be discovered. She cannot carry a tune to save her life, but it doesn’t stop her from singing her heart out, another fashion in which she mirrors her mother.

I know a girl that was so brave and held my hands so tight yesterday as I got a shot. She asked if I was okay afterwards and was genuinely concerned. This girl melted my heart and made me want to cry, until I remembered I am trying to control those crazy hormones and it may not be acceptable to melt down in public as a grown-up. I know a girl that I am head over heels in love with no matter what. I look forward to waking in the morning hearing her feet pad from her room into mine. I look forward to getting a super-smoochie and a big hug before she goes to bed at night. This same girl can drive me to begging to be admitted to the looney bin for a break at some times. Funny and ironic, isn’t it?

I know a girl that is probably at school right now holding her shirt up to show off this belt (that came from a fabulous friend with an even more fabulous fabric store and line of bags, check her out – you will be glad you did) that she is in love with since she told me “but I can’t wear a shirt wif my belt becaws den no ones wood be ables to see it and it is just so bootiful.” Side note...I took these pics bright and early this morning, before I guess I can say, I know a girl that has WAY too much energy bright and early with no need for caffiene, ever.

I know a girl that has absolutely NO concept of bubble gum. None. She will argue me down to convince me otherwise, but still…no concept of gum. In fact, this is how our bubble gum experience went down yesterday. Well, let me rewind to one of her most recents…after we have talked over and over and over (and over) again about how to properly chew gum and not swallow and not stick in our hair. We were at Pizza Shack with friends, and her BFF Ella was chewing some gum since she has mastered it. After listening to Louisa plead with me for what seemed like hours, I finally gave in and let her have a piece and said while handing it to her, “Remember, don’t swallow this. You keep chewing it in your mouth and you let Mommy know when you are done.” “Otay Mommy, I alweady knows dat.” Gum in the mouth…one minute later, a voice so full of pride, “Look Mommy, I swallowed it!” To which my surprise tone answered, “You WHAT?” “On no Mommy, I didn’t swallows it. It is just hiding under my tongue but you can’t see becaws it is da same colors as my mouf. But don be worrying about it no mores.” Okay….really? What a sneaky little girl. Well, so yesterday…same girl that I know asks with the sweetest voice for a piece of gum (since I am chewing a piece and happen to LOVE bubble gum, the more sugar the better…and I know how to handle my gum) and I caved after explaining to her over and over that she needed to chew it up really well and not swallow it or place it somewhere in my car. “Otay Mommy, I alweady knows dat, remember?” Given piece of gum (a snippet of a piece of Trident) and a minute later “Mommy, can I pwease hab anober piece of gums? I chewed dat one up so goods and need another.” To which I humorly respond, “Well, where is the piece I just gave you?” “Oh Mommy, I tolds you, I chewed it up really wells.” “Well my dear (I am laughing but not allowing her to know) where IS it? Did you swallow it or put it somewhere in the car?” “No Mommy. I SAID I chewed it up real goods and I need anober piece.” “Well, if you didn’t swallow it, and didn’t take it out of your mouth to put somewhere in the car, WHERE is it?” Frustration in the form of a 3 year old CRACKS me up, “I SAIDS I chewed it up reawwy, reawwy wells and I need anober. Geese ta-louise!” Just to let you know, I was stuck in Lakeland traffic and I was bored, so I gave her another piece and then another after the same shockingly mysterious thing happened to the first. What a vicious cycle, but one that had me laughing so hard and realizing, I know a girl that is stubborn as a mule…yet determined as a loon, and I think she mirrors her mom in that fashion. And it makes me smile.

Do you know a girl like that? Mine is Louisa and she is an absolute blessing in my life. A wonderful shot of perspective on a daily basis, and an eye opener on the same basis. This child rocks my world in a number of ways and I am so thankful to know this girl.

Until next time…

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Much more light-hearted post this time. Promise. But first, I must thank everyone for all of the emails, comments, Facebook messages, posts, etc that everyone has sent me over the last few days. I am so amazingly blessed to have the most amazing friends. Oh my, you take my breath away and have made the past few days easier than they could have been. For all of you girls that shared your personal stories with me, a simple thank you is not even enough. You have NO clue how your stories have helped me. Although I knew I was not alone, it just helped to find solace in such sweet, kind words of people who have unfortunately been down the same road. Thank you girls, a thousand times over. Thank you. And for everyone that sent flowers and brought dinners and pies and food, oh my goodness. I don’t know if I can ever let you know how much you mean to me. I have an inbox full of sweet, sweet messages and sad stories, and I am holding on to those for now since I am still not fully okay. I am getting there, but for the moment am battling the crazed hormones that are controlling my body right now. I honestly am not kidding when I say I could be admitted tonight to the looney bin. I am so crazy that I am driving myself nutty. My poor, sweet husband…if I wake up and he is still here tomorrow and hasn’t left this crazed woman, I will be so grateful. :)

On another, lighter note…who knows Fancy Nancy? In our house, she is known as “Fancy Fancy” but she is still the same wonderful, eccentric girly-girl that my eccentric girly-girl toddler loves to act like. In one of her books, she talks about how her lace trimmed socks really do help her to play soccer better, and how sandwiches are always more fun when you stick the frilly toothpicks in them. Well, as we were planting our garden yesterday, I took this picture and immediately thought of the caption “sparkly flip-flops really do help the garden grow more.” Hehe.

But, we got our garden planted. And, you may notice that my firecracker is wearing her favorite outfit, her pink shirt and pink skirt. And she is sporting her new sparkly flip flops that I have been holding out on even though every time we are in Target she freaks for them…but Mimi fell victim this time. Anyways, Byron had lots of pink help, and by help I say it in the loose-kind of Louisa help, that sometimes is the farthest thing in the world from help. But, you just have to love her. And by the way, she is wearing the pink outfit again today. We pick our battles here in the Norris family.

As for the bathroom…don’t think I have forgotten. We still have a toilet on our fireplace hearth in the bedroom. Although at the moment, it is turned out its side awaiting a new wax ring. And this gorgeous marble pictured right here

well, it was for sale for a few hours on Wednesday. Not really, like I never posted it…but we had moved on to a plan B for a moment since Murphy’s Law decided to inhabit the bathroom. But, thankfully my superman husband solved the problem and we reverted back to plan A and now have a gorgeous marble floor in the bathroom. Here are just a few pics of the progress, we are getting so close! The plumber is coming back on Tuesday to put the sinks and bath faucets in, but all the other work has been done by my brilliant hubby. ALL of it. I mean, I have not contributed ONE bit. All the tile work, all the carpentry, etc. Have I ever talked about how wonderful he is? He is back there working as I type right now, and although I know he is so ready for it to be done, I think he also might be hiding from his hormone-crazed wife for the moment. Haha, and I laugh, but I kinda wish I had a hiding place from myself right now too! :)

Until next time, and thanks again…I love all of yall.

PS – as I just proofread (or, I will admit…let Word proof) I just realized I don’t know why I bother. Spelling yes, I need help with that. But I never fix the grammatical problems, and every other sentence is a fragment, but you know…I like it. It is how I think, and I bet Word gets so fed up with me as I sit and type and half the page is green and red. Oh well, at least it is colorful.