Friday, June 25, 2010

My Loves

I don't think it is any secret that I adore my child and my labs. None at all. So, this post should come as no surprise to you.

Today was hot, imagine that. And I had promised Lou that we would play in the pool if she was sweet while I ran. And she was. And let me just say, I had always heard about Lady Gaga and didn't really know her music, just only heard about how crazy she was. Well, I am not one to give someone a hard time for being different. In fact, I love that. But I heard one of her songs on my run today that Pandora threw at me, and let me just say...I got hooked. Paparazzi. Oooh, I loved this song. I wanted Pandora to repeat. It was the best beat to run to. I hearted it. Well, so then I decided I wanted to try more Lady Gaga, well, she is now my running BFF. Confession....I like Lady Gaga. She can rock it out and her beats are PHENOMENAL to run to. At least, I think so. Okay, that tangent is over. Back to the child. So, we went outside to play in the pool in the 200 degree heat. Well, what followed just melted my heart....even more than the heat could. Two of my children playing nicely (which usually doesn't happen with the brown dog and my child, instead they argue) in a situation they both love, water. It was great.

You may can tell in some of these pics they are "fighting" over something. This little guy....

Mallard, my sweet and high-maintenance brown dog, loves a small plastic toy around a pool. Well, he has a bit of an obsessive personality and I finally just had to take Flounder away to avoid any other melt downs, whether from the tow-headed fireball or the brown dog. Geeze. But just look at this face. Is there anything happier than a lab in water?

Wondering where my sweet Lucy-goose was? Hiding. Lucy doesn't do water. At all. She will stand in it to her ankles, but that is it. So, she preferred to hang out inside conked out of the sofa in the living room. Sweet girl.

On another note....we have had a rash of mermaid-involved tragedies here recently. Remember this one??? Poor Ariel face down in the pool.

Well, her partner in crime, Barbie Mermaid suffered a similar fate today. Oops.

A certain deranged brown lab is to blame. Mermaids, beware.

Oh, and on another note, I had the radio on the outside speakers and was listening to one of the pop channels, you know the ones that play the same song over again every hour?? Well, today I wasn't as annoyed. They continued to play the Lady Antebellum Need You Now song and I decided that although I had heard of this group, I had never listened to them. Well, I likey, a lot. That girl's voice gives me goose bumps. And props to them for making drunk-dialing sound so innocent. I mean, I could've used knew some people at UGA that needed this backup. :) It made me laugh. So, today I decided I liked Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum all within a few hours of each other. Crazy, right?

Anyways, how obvious is it that I cannot stay on one subject today? Sometimes my brain gets frustrated like that when I have a thousand things going on in it. Like brownie-goose fall line. So, maybe I will get on to the sewing room and get some of this gray-matter frustration taken care of.

In the about this one? HAAAAAA!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scrub a Dub, Dub.

Good news. The maid came again today. I was super impressed that she remembered and stuck with it. Of course she showed up again super-styling with some old scrub pants that were tight-rolled to her knees (I think this is her signature) but she wouldn’t allow pictures today. Oh well, I wasn’t going to argue with her since she BROUGHT it today. By noon, she had cleaned the entire house, done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms and a deep-clean in the kitchen….AND she even did Jillian for me. Wow. All before lunch time. Props to her. I am hoping I can keep her around. The only time she griped is when she had to get out the razor blade for the second week in a row to scrape Dora and princess stickers off the hardwoods.

When asked how these stickers wound up on the floor (since we had a pretty good conversation last week about how stickers ONLY go on paper) Louisa replied that she “had no clues why da stickers are on da floors.” Hmmmm….amazing the magic that occurs when living with a toddler. But don’t worry, for as the maid was on her hands and knees scrubbing sticker-goo off the hardwoods, she came for a confession. She said she knew who put the stickers on the floor. It was this character.

Hmmmmm. Yet another perk of cohabitating with a toddler, the imaginations run wild. Best part, she was completely convinced that it was Murray and not herself. Amazing. Another amazing thing, look at this floor in the hallway…

it just goes to prove that sometimes, yes sometimes, my floors can be without fur-balls. It doesn’t happen often, and I am sure that there are already a good 2 or 3 in the hallway by now, but every now and then, when the vacuum is run, it happens. Speaking of vacuums. This one (check out that sweet sleeping brown doggie in the background, I heart him)

is NOT recommended by my maid. Well, maybe if you don’t have hardwoods and labs, it might be fine. But this vacuum is only brought out to vacuum the one rug I own in the house. When used on hardwoods, it pushes the fur all around and sends it flying into the air to get stuck on furniture and drapery. Not cool. It brings out some bad words; well…at least that is what the maid said.

We actually had a good time cleaning today. The maid discovered last week that Sean Kingston Pandora will rock you out and allow for plenty of booty-dancing-dusting and cleaning. Never heard of this? You should try it. I am NOT a dancer. In fact, if you ever see me dancing it is time to take me home, give me 4 Advil for prophylaxis and a nice big glass of ice water and not listen to a word I say in the meantime. Just saying. But in cleaning, it is fun to break out some moves. Last week the maid was busted in such a cleaning dance-party by the mail lady who I believed laughed the entire way down the block. Today, she (the maid) was much sneakier about her antics. However, one adorable toddler couldn’t resist the party, and had to indulge herself.

Speaking of one adorable toddler, how about this one…..oh how she melts me when she sleeps.

She has gotten quite feisty lately. Have NO clue where she gets it either. I mean, she has always been sassy, but oh dear. How many times must I say I am scared for the teenage years? Just check out this moment in which she is telling me, “no, you do not tells me what to dos. I NOT gonna do dat becaws I don’t want to. Do you understands me?”

To which an appropriate Come to Jesus meeting was held to remind her who would be speaking in such a tone and who would not. So, she does her next favorite. By the way, I heart this picture because it has all my babies in it, except Byron. Even sneaky sticker-putting-on-the-floor kitty in the window wanting to come outside.

Pouting. Child gets it honest. But she is good. Really good. She crosses her arms and exclaims, “No I will not tawk to you right nows. I am not talking. I am mad, leave me alone.” To which I usually do. There are only so many tail-whoopings and battles that are picked in my day with a three-year old. I tend to like to argue with her. And why? I have no clue. I find myself being embarrassed by myself when I do it, but I must. And, I must have the last word. Unfortunately, so does she. So, this makes for interesting days at the Norris house.

But really, she is just too cute. I mean, seriously. This is when she wanted to put on her new kini-bra and have a “model photo shoot.” Not kidding. When she wants to take pictures, she will. However, when she isn’t “feeling it” put the camera away or everyone will be in tears. Promise.

Well, now that her highness is asleep, the house is clean and exercise for the day is done I am thinking either of grabbing my book and hitting the couch with my brown boy that I already found curled up here

even AFTER the maid vacuumed the sofas. But, this is Mallard, just ask Byron…he gets away with murder in this house because he is my baby. :) Or, I might sew….or catch up on some good blogs. Hmmmmm. Or better yet, I just checked the radar as I am painfully waiting for photos to upload (does anyone know a way other than 5 at a time? I mean, let's face it...I post lots of pics per blog and then I go in and change the html codes to resize, it takes FOREVER) and I see a nice little thunderstorm that is just waiting for me to walk outside to watch it approach. All-time fave thing to do.

Until next time…

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Whole Buncha Stuff

WARNING: very, very long blog with many subjects. If you have a hard time focusing…you may want to read in segments. I am trying to finally catch up now that I have some time waiting on fabrics to come in before I can do anything more brownie-goose.

Okay, so this part is rando and out of the blue….but I wanted to write it down because it was so cute and I was afraid I would forget one day. You see, this blog is also my “journal” (please use that term lightly) since I don’t scrap-book or write in baby books, etc. I share it with the world, ha! Well, we were at Red Arrow getting Remy’s (my SUV) oil changed and it is one of those places that does a free car wash as well. So, when I saw Remy coming up, I grabbed some cash out of my wallet and asked Lou if she wanted to hand it to the guy when we got our car. She cocked her head to the side and said, “Whys wood I do dat?” So, I told her it is how we say thank you for doing such a good job washing out car, and she looked and me and handed me back the money and said, “Oh, well den I will jes gib him a hug, and dat will be our fank you.” Adorable. But, for those wondering…we paid the guy; don’t think he would have appreciated the “hug” form of payment. :)

So, yesterday the maid came. And she showed up looking like this.

It has been a while since she has actually done her job, considering she lives here 24/7 and doesn’t have an “official” job (defined as one she has to dress up for and leave the house…trust me, BG totally counts as a job to me). I mean, what is her deal? Besides being totally fashionable in the tight-rolled scrub pants, she just doesn’t clean anymore. Let’s face it. This bad maid is me. I confess….I have fallen behind on my house-hold duties. brownie-goose keeps me crazy-busy and somehow the dusting, toilets, bathtubs, etc fall by the way-side. But, not anymore. I am taking this maid by the horns (yes, she has them…especially when she hasn’t eaten) and making a schedule that I am going to tell all of you about not because I think you care, but because it will help me stick to it more. I am awful, I mean awful when it comes to self-discipline about some things. I wish I was better, but we can’t all be awesome, right? Well, Wednesdays are the day that the maid comes. BG is put on the backburner while this is the main attraction.

And then how about getting all organized-like and super cool?

Well, I cleaned and I cleaned and I cleaned. And I did laundry…and do you know that all 5 of the loads I did yesterday got folded AND put away. This is HUGE for me as our dining room table is our laundry station. That is where you go when you need your clean laundry. Not anymore, the whip has been cracked on this maid and she has GOT to pull her weight on Wednesdays. Or else, I will steal her super-cool tight-rolled scrub pants.

Let’s finally get around to talking about the AMAZING transformation that went on in our master bathroom. And, for starters…let me say that Byron finished this a WHILE ago. It did not take him this long to get it done; it has however taken ME forever to blog about it. Remember our nasty green bathroom that I blogged about here? Gross, just looking at the pics makes me want to hurl the bag of chips I just finished off. Well, it now looks like this.

No, you are not looking at a picture of a hotel bathroom….ha, just had to say that because why is it you always hear about the wonders of hotel baths? I have never been impressed, but maybe you have to spend more than $150 a night to get an impressive bathroom. But, back to OUR bathroom, I LOVE it. It is so amazing and bright and CLEAN and NOT green that it just makes me smile. Byron did it all….save the plumbing, and I am gonna brag on him for just a bit. I know I have told you before how great I think he is. Well, he really, really is. By day…he works WAY too many hours to speak of training in his ENT residency to become one of the best ENT surgeons there is (I know this because he never half-does anything….perfectionism doesn’t even begin to cover how diligent he is, I mean sometimes I wonder how I made the cut!) and then he comes home and becomes a landscaper and most importantly, carpenter. And bless him; this house doesn’t know the definition of square or level. Thankfully it is structurally sound, which is a lot to be said here in Jackson, MS, but it is just a house that when you begin something….you always uncover issues and surprises and such. But then again, I guess all renos are like that. Builds character, right? Anyways, Byron did this entire reno all by himself. I didn’t lift a finger to help mostly because this was right around the time of our miscarriage and let’s just be safe and say I was a bit “out of it” during that time. He laid the marble, he leveled the floors, he laid the tile in the bath surround, he put up the bead board and all the trim, he put up the lights and ran the electrical, etc, etc, etc. He is awesome, and he is mine ladies…so don’t go getting any ideas. :) So, it was a long haul and I blogged/complained about living through a reno here. But, it is done and it is the most wonderful room ever. I can finally soak in a tub that has a slanted back and be comfy and drink wine and read books. This makes me happy.

Next subject, please. Our last minute camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. We heart some camping. Byron and I used to go every summer before Lula Kate came around. But, this time we took her and she loved it, thankfully so now we know we can continue to go. We went to Jellystone Park which is a Yogi Bear themed campground just 30 minutes down the interstate from us. We were thinking we wanted something close since if she didn’t like it…we weren’t far from home. Well, this place was PERFECT. There was so much to do and they had a gi-normous splash park with waterslides which were right up the tot’s alley. Here is our campsite all set up. If you are wondering, our tent is waterproof…but the tarp overhang is the best thing to do. For a few reasons. Mostly it gives you a “porch” to hang out on when it rains so you are not confined to the tent. But most important, I don’t care how “waterproof” your tent is….you will still have wet stuff inside if it rains. And this makes camping NO BUENO. So, deal with the tarp and all the 4-letters that come along with it first off and you will be a happy camper.

Unless it super-duper summer storms like it did this night. We put Lou in the car to eat some food our sweet neighbors had made us before they jumped ship to avoid the nastiness that soon came.

But, all in all it was a way fun time and most importantly, Lou loved it. She wants to go again, and I say bring it!

Oh, and another trip. We went to Perdido Key a few weekends ago for an ENT conference that Byron had. Thankfully we beat the oil (I cannot even get started on this subject because it makes me so ill and chaps my rear-end and makes me think of all the animals and I want to cry…yet I drive an SUV that I am not sure how, but I think it requires oil, so I feel almost at blame for some of the disaster, do you ever feel this way?) and had a great time. Byron was in conference MOST of the time, but I was able to catch a few shots of the Lula Kate playing in the sand. Note to self….although it is the beach, when it is just you and your toddler, don’t bother bringing a book or a bevo, because NEITHER will be enjoyed. Instead, put your big-girl bathing suit on and get in the sand.

PS - if your little girl owns this ballerina suit for the Target...word to the wise, it doesn't play nice-nice at the beach. We are STILL finding sand in the tulle. Gross. It is like the beach trip that keeps on giving.

Okay, I know that there were tons of funny Louisa-isms that occurred on these trips and such, but since I was such a slacker I have just summed up the stories as quick as I could. Booooooring. I know. Maybe the maid can help fill in next Wednesday.

Until next time…