Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice is Falling From the Sky...

and since the ice is falling from the sky, and this home-girl is not a fan of anything below 60 degrees - I will blog.

So, this post is probably gonna be all over the place, but I think it has been a while since I have done that to you, so maybe it is due time. Everyone needs a little stream of consciousness in their lives.

First of all, Lucy Goose knows how it is.

This is what we have been doing today. Well, this is what me, Lucy, Mallard & Murray have been doing today. Lazars. Lazy-fest. The toddler is up and running around like a banshee does and my husband is working on the kitchen...just a sneak.

What are those - yep, concrete counters. Whoop, whoop. Hopefully we will soon no longer be battling the 50 year old white laminate counters that are stained beyond belief. I am super excited. Mostly, because twice now I have come home from the grocery to see this:

I am almost scared in a way to go to the grocery again. But hey - what makes me happy is this is the LAST (yes, I said last) leg of the renovation of our house on Cowan. Hooray. Now, I am ready to put it on the market and move. On a side note...the sink is out, the counter tops on one side are off and my husband just said to me (who is in pajama pants at the computer) "So, what's the plan in here Amy?" Oh crapola. I thought you knew.

The day started off fantabulously. Our sweet Louisa Kate was baptized. This was a morning that had so much meaning to me that I don't even know if I can begin to talk about it. I don't even know if I can find the words. I do know that while I feared the worst - such things as my water breaking while standing at the front of the cathedral, or crying like a baby in front of everyone, or Louisa trying to put her hands in the Holy water, or blowing out the Paschal went off beautifully and Louisa was an angel. She took it all in and didn't make a peep. And I realized when it was all over and done, I didn't cry. At all. I figured for sure with the moment and the hormones I was a goner. And, I am not one of those people who can "pretty cry." No mam, my eyes get red, I get splotchy and all that fun jazz. It was amazing. It was a moment that I will never forget and always keep in my mind. Louisa was so proud as well, you can just tell and that absolutely made me swoon. This little girl really has the sweetest soul there is. She is a wild one, and she is sassy and full of spunk - but she has a heart of gold. And I love that. After the water was placed on her for baptism, the sign of the cross was made on her forehead out of Chrism. She keeps asking us if we can see the cross on her head - and I told her earlier that we couldn't see it, but that Jesus could. She beamed and then said what I knew was coming, "Mommy, we hab to make sure not to wash it off." Well, I think I can indulge her on that for a bit...there could be worse things, right? Now for her first communion, I really didn't think we would have any problems with this as we have been talking about it all week. And we didn't, she did great. When we got back to our pew I asked her to kneel and say a prayer with me and she melted me in an instant and said, "Dear Jesus. Dis is da best day eber. I am so happy I finally got to eat the cracker and I will remember dis day forebers." I almost lost it right then and there. :) But, before we get all mushy-like...let me cap it off with a perfect dose of Louisa. When we sat down I asked her what she thought of the communion, and she looked at me and said, "Ohhh, I lubbed the wine." Whoops. Mother's child. Loves her forever.

So, when we got home we decided to bundle up and get cozy and since MS department of transportation advised us to stay off the roads, we got lazy. I got in my favorite spot up on the couch with my favorite snuggler and we watched movies. I think that Mallard enjoys this pillow also known as baby boy in my belly. I think that little boy likes Brownie too. It seems when Mallard lays on my belly, little boy moves over to him. Sounds weird, but it happens. I love it. Byron and I always joke that we have "teams" in our house. I am hoping that baby boy will be on MY team. Byron laughs that it will be me, Mallard & baby boy. Mallard and I are peas in a pod. We get each other and no one else seems to "understand" us. Whatevs. See how happy he is on his pillow with his new BFF? PS - I love this picture. I think I may frame and put in boy's room. :)

And then on to the other couch, also known as "Team Byron" consisting of Byron, Louisa, Murray (not pictured, hehe) and Lucy.

As for baby boy and the whole name situation. I don't know how I have failed to blog about this yet. I say that he doesn't have a name. And he kinda doesn't. But, when we were preggers with Lou we said that if we were having a boy it would be Tucker Kit. Love the name. So, we just figured this one would be little TKN for sure. Well, that was BEFORE my 3 year old had a love life. Her "boyfriend's" name is Tucker and she has been completely turned off by us naming this baby Tucker. I mean, she is down-right adamant that we not. So, it has almost been a joke. Then, the other day when we realized that we had thrown out the name we had been holding on to for a while and were back at square one, we thought...let's re-visit the whole Tucker thing. Still didn't go well. So, I was telling my OB about it at our last visit and he looked at Lou and said, "You know, Tucker won't always be your boyfriend. You will probably have others." And Lou all but jumped off of her seat, she rolled her eyes, got hands on the hips and said, "YES he will. We are in lubs and we are getting married." Then, she refused to look at him for the rest of the visit, didn't want any candy from him and proceeded to cry for about 30 minutes in the car. Oh dear me on the teenage years. But, with all this said...we got her on board for naming him Tucker, FINALLY. And as soon as we did...Byron and I fell off board. Hehe. Typical. So, back to the drawing board. And I think I know what it is going to be, but I am almost afraid to commit! Scared I will change my mind again.

Okay, the ramblings have continued and I am slowly getting tired of sitting in this chair and I have a date with the tow-head to play "village" in her room. So, I will end things with this wonderful photo. Pay no mind to the plywood backer-board. We have exciting things in-store for that.

One side in. Holy junks, loves!!!!!


Amy S. Norris said...
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lnichols said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! Very cool. We have about 3 inches if snow right now in Atlanta. Hey, Emmie turned 2 yesterday and I think she woke up, got out of bed and had a new attitude. And it wasn't my favorite. Did Lou suffer from terrible twos? I am asking myself, how in the world does it start so instantaneously.

Rachel said... the kitchen! B is such a handy man! and i don't want you to move. boo. makes my stomach hurt. but i know i WILL visit! so i feel a little better! love you!

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

if you don't move to atlanta (or a quick drive from) I am going to fed-ex my child to you and you will have a newborn, a toddler fire-cracker and a breast-feeding firecracking twin to LKN... I'll be waiting!

p.s. tucker was my numero uno choice if we had a boy. Ross said no but whatever.

beki said...

Congrats to Miss Louisa!
I am loving your countertops!! You'll have to share more. I've been wanting to do this to our kitchen, but all the DIY stuff I've read about it says don't do it. Hmm, there has to be a way.