Sunday, January 2, 2011


Brownie most certainly has the right idea in this photo.

Okay, so as I said on Facebook earlier...if last night (which also happens to be the first night of the new year) has any indication as to how the rest of the nights of the year are going to go. I am done. Out of here. Wowsers.

I am running on maybe 2 hours sleep. I know people do it all the time, I have seen my husband go in to operate on even less sleep. So, who is whining? This girl is. This pregnant momma who is tired. So, excuse any typo's, bad words, etc.

Last night was bad. Bad, bad, bad. In fact, I turned OFF my alarm this morning and have absolutely NO recollection of doing so. That never happens. Let me just give you a run-down.

Lou's sleep and her night terrors/no sleep are cyclical. We have yet to pin down what triggers, when it will happen, etc. But she woke up with a runny nose, so maybe a sickness is on the way - and we do know for sure her sleep is a bazillion times worse when she is sick. But then again, who's isn't? Well, we had been on a pretty good stretch the last week or two in which I would only hear her once or twice throughout the night. We can handle that. But last night brought me back to the days of daycare and when I worked. Roughness. I came to bed around 10 or 10:30 and so did Byron. Just as we laid down, she started. Byron got up with her then and went in there and got her calmed back down. Then, we both finally started to doze off. Byron fell asleep and I was at that awesome point in which you feel your body drifting off and you are all nice and relaxed and then I hear her. Screaming bloody murder. Now, for those of you out there not familiar with night terrors, they tell you not to wake the child. However, I have learned with Louisa that sometimes when I go in there I can sense if she is deep into a terror that will continue for quite some time. This was the case when I went in there around 1045. This is when I will wake her. Mostly because if not, she is going to continue to scream for the next 30 min to an hour in the same fashion. Well, it just happened to be one of those times that I just cannot wake her. She is in such a trance it is scary. I have her get out of bed and walk around and she is STILL in her terror. Well, I get her calmed down enough and go back to bed. 15 min later, I hear it again. So, I get up and go in there and try again to wake her and am successful this time. She asks that I lay down with her for a little while since she is so scared, and I oblige. Remember - this is my non-snuggling child. And before anyone shakes that finger at me for getting in bed with my child - you do this and see where you end up. So, I lay there with her from about 1100 until 130 am. During this time, she is up and screaming and squirming and crying every 30 minutes and I cannot get her to get out of her trance. No fun. Then, at 130 she rolls over with tears from her last screaming episode and says, "Mommy, your big fat belly is in my way. Can you please go get in your own bed?" And, so I leave her room - sleepy and with big fat belly and head off to my own bed. I slowly start to drift and am awakened by my bladder. So, I get up to go potty and right before I crawl back in bed, I hear her again. This continues about every 30 minutes throughout the night. Around 330 I crawl back in bed with her only because I am so tired of walking back and forth and climbing in and out of beds. After about 20 minutes, she tells me again that "my big fat belly is inneruping her sleep" and so I go back to my own bed. Again.

In the meantime, let me talk about Lucy and her ordeal for the night. She is having these laryngospasms or something that basically sounds like she is choking. She is fine, and they pass and she acts okay throughout them - but it scares the mess out of me. And so between Louisa and Lucy - I am wide awake at this point. I am laying in bed and realize that I have fire rising up my throat and if I breath or goodness-forbid burp, I might set the room on fire. Crap, I have forgotten to take my second Zantac of the day. So, I lay there and wonder if I should get up now and go take one or just try and drift off to sleep and see if I can ignore it. Well, I slowly start to drift and then I hear this beeping. I lay real still and listen, and I hear it again. I wait until I have heard 3 beeps before I wake Byron (he is a sleeping BEAR and is not a fan of being awakened) and ask him and he says, "Oh I think that is the smoke detector telling us battery is bad." I offer to get up and take care of it since I am already wide awake. So, I pull a chair into the hall and reach up and take the battery out of the smoke alarm at 4 in the morning and while I am up there wondering if we have any of the 9 volts anywhere in the house I hear the beeping again. I am confused not only because I have the battery IN my hand, but the beep isn't coming from the smoke detector at all. I wait for a few more beeps and then call Byron. He says, "oh I bet it is the carbon monoxide detector" and pulls one out of the closet. I am super confrused at this point because I had no idea this thing existed. So, it beeps - almost piercing both of our eardrums and he hands it to me and walks back to bed. So - I am standing on a chair at 4 am in the hallway re-installing a battery into the smoke detector and reading the back of the carbon monoxide detector trying to make sure it is in fact the battery and not alarming because we have dangerous gases (other than the fire coming up my esophagus) in our house. Well, the "chirping" on this thing is so loud that I don't even understand how they qualify it as a chirp. So, I take out the battery, go look for more - of course we don't have any of the right size and head back to bed. While I lay there and panic that we might all die of carbon monoxide poisoning since our detector (that I never knew existed) is not functioning I ask Byron if we are going to be okay and he jokes, "maybe a little carbon monoxide will help us all sleep." I am not laughing at this point and try to convince myself to go to sleep and since it is already 430 we will be awake in a few hours and all will be fine. So, I lay back down and try to doze and then I remember...the fire-breathing dragon in my throat. Ugh. Well, Lou starts screaming again at this point so I just get on up and take care of her and then head off to the kitchen to take some meds.

The last time I looked at the clock it said 503. I am assuming I finally fell asleep after that. I certainly was asleep when the alarm went off and I shut it off. Byron said Louisa woke at 650 am and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I just don't get it.

So, that was a glimpse into our first night of the year. Certainly they wont all be this way, right? It just scares me with the coming baby because I wonder how in the world things are going to work. I know for the first 3 months no one will be sleeping, but after that...will he have night terrors too? Is he going to be plagued with this awful sleeping disorder like Louisa? Will he wake Louisa up at night? I mean, the reason Byron and I waited so long to have another, and quite frankly before we even decided that we could do another was because of Louisa's sleeping. So, I am just getting nervous in the count-down. When I became a mother, I was gifted with ears like well, something that is known for good hearing, I cannot think of anything right now. I hear every.little.thing. I don't even have a monitor in our bedroom because I don't need it. I hear her. So, as I enter into my 34th week of pregnancy, I am having a slight anxiety attack over the idea that I may never again sleep through the night. I have gone almost 4 years doing so, and I have adjusted to it all - but how much longer? I know I really should not complain and count my blessings (hence the last post) but I just wonder. Are there any readers out there with children that suffer repeated night terrors...any suggestions? And please don't tell me to go and sleep in another room where I cannot hear her, because I simply cannot do that as her mother. But, I will totally take my husbands advice that he told me this morning. "Amy, rest. You are a stay-at-home mom, you are finished up with brownie-goose for the moment, the nursery is done, PLEASE rest for the next 6 weeks." I think I will. I certainly wont have the chance once baby boy (still without a name, and in fact...we are back to the drawing board as we have nixed the name we thought was perfect) gets here. It goes perfectly with my new year of wanting to "slow down." Let's just see if this little fire-cracker is on board.

Just a rant, vent, it what you want. However, while I vent - I also know that things could be so much worse. So, in a way - I feel bad about complaining. But this is our journey...and I guess this is part of it. Regardless, I am calling a house-wide nap at the Norris house-hold this afternoon. No if-ands-or buts.


Jenna said...

Holy Cow! Bless your heart! I have no advice as I don't have a child that suffers from night terrors, but I can't even imagine how sad/frustrating/tiring that is. Here's to hoping 2011 is a year of restful nights at the Norris household!

Anonymous said...

:( I wish I had some advice that would help you. Caroline also suffers from these same problems but unlike Lou, she is a MAJOR snuggler. I usually wrap my arms around her and pull her into my bed and rock until she calms down. On really bad nights we take it to the living room recliner and that ALWAYS does the trick. I hope that she gets more restful sleep soon :)

LeeAnne said...

Oh heart breaks for you! I used to think that I could understand (since we had such a hard time with Emie) but now I see that there is NO comparison! I bet that little boy of yours is going to be a champion sleeper! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!