Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stick a Fork In Me

because I am d-o-n-e.

Not really....but getting close. BBN sure has gotten a lot closer to being ready than his momma. Can you see how much he is dropping and growing?

He is a restless little booger now-a-days. Methinks next week is the golden week. But, I have been known to be wrong before - it just doesn't happen often. Ha. Wow, that is the feisty-ness speaking. Honestly...I am feeling great. Don't get me wrong - at the end of the day I am uncomfortable as they come and have a hard time sitting, or leaning over, and I have just given up on bending over for anything at anytime of day (this is where it is VERY helpful having a toddler) and I grunt and groan and my uterus contracts and BBN puts more pressure on my pelvic floor than I would like - but I do feel good. Now that I am over my sickness, I have gotten little spurts of energy that are keeping me going. I don't know where they are coming from since I surely am not sleeping at night anymore - but I won't question them. I am trying my hardest to get everything set to go in case he does go ahead and come on and then I can honestly say that I am ready. Ideally...I want another week at the least. I could be just fine with more time!

But today I got down to business. I got to doing laundry so I could get our bags packed. Funny story - when I had Louisa...this is what I packed in my bag. Pre-maternity clothes. Yes, have you fallen out yet? I had NO clue that once you popped baby out everything didn't just go back to normal. And, I was in denial of all 39 lbs that I had packed on. So - basically I wore the same pair of pj pants every day. It was awful. I was so depressed. I wasn't prepared for that AWFUL jiggly feeling that your belly has post-partum. Ewwww, it was disgusto. So - this time I will be prepared. I am ONLY packing pajama pants and my Danskos. Well, I will have shirts too, have no fear - but nothing fancy. No makeup, no "real" clothes...nothing. So - if you come to see me, don't expect much. And don't come all fixed up because my post-partum hormones might make me need to go postal on you. Be warned. I may cut you.

So, I did laundry (well, it is still in the process...we all know I am not the most-efficient-laundry-doer, which is gonna be trying come see further down in the post as to something that I am trying out new with BBN that REQUIRES you be diligent at laundering) and will hopefully have bags packed by end of night so in case BBN wants to grace us, I will have clothes. While I was doing laundry - I giggled because I thought about how funny it is how sweet it is to do a baby's laundry BEFORE the baby arrives. I remember the same feeling with Lou. I mean, look at the sweet clothes.

They are so small and smell so delicious washed in baby detergent, I can just eat them. And I might - my appetite is back. But with that soon as baby is delivered - that laundry is no longer fun. Why is that? And speaking of sweet smells....the next two pictures are things I could and have gotten high on.

Johnson & Johnson (this is one of those like Saran Wrap, it HAS to be name brand) bedtime bath & lotion and baby Pampers. Holy shiznit. It is such a sweet smell. Don't judge if you find me bent over with my head in the diaper drawer sniffing. Do, me and send me straight to Whitfield if you catch me doing that same thing in the diaper pail. Thanks.

Oh, and how fun is this guy? I made him as a baby gift in my plush-manic-stage, but I cannot part with him. Whoops. Hope BBN loves him like I do. If not, make sure he is packed in my bags for Whitfield. :)

As I said earlier - I am not laundry queen. I suck at laundry. So much, that my husband does his own. Yikes. But...with that said - I am going to change soon. Know why....maybe this drawer of colorful yum-ness will give you a hint.

Cloth diapers - not what they used to be. No more huge pins and rubber pants. I will be trying out the cloth once we get over the early newborn stage in which baby poos every time I breathe. I am still learning all the ins-and-outs of this system, and am so thankful to have so many friends that are holding my hands through it and learning me on all the vocab that goes with it all. I can now talk AIO, pockets, covers, pre-folds and PULs like it is my job. I will be doing another post about this later on once I get more learned on the subject because I think it is something that needs more press. I am really, really excited about it and totally, mind-boozeling obsessed with it right now. And, while talking with a friend one day...she happened to say the dirty words, "Amy - you could SO make those." And you know how my mind - now you know I am obsessed with the patterns and fabrics and such as well. So - more to come later on the cloth-diapering. IF I can manage not to ruin them all in the wash. Oh, another funny - I JUST learned that washers had different cycles with different temps. Whoa. That's fancy stuff - not so fancy though since my dinosaur doesn't have half the cycles they talk about on cloth diapering sites. Interesting....

And time for panic. I did just that when I did this today.

Oh holy junk. Oh holy moles. Oh holy where did all the room in my car go batman. I outgrew my beloved Remy within minutes. Sadness. I just need an additional like 10 inches between the front seat and the back. Thank goodness for being poor and having an addiction to having a car that is paid off or else I may have to find myself at various car lots lugging around both car seats to put them in and try it out. We will make it. We will be tight in the car and will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be traveling (there is NO way possible - for remember...I don't leave my labradors anywhere, so the entire back of my SUV is already accounted for). At all. Lawdy.

But, to make things happy and shiny again as I walked inside defeated from learning my sweet SUV that I love more than anything was too small for it's own good - I spied the Fed-Ex man and almost tackled him in my front yard. Why do you think? Oh, only the ONE thing that I have been dying for for this baby.

Wahooooooooooooo!!!! Who needs an SUV when you can travel like this? Sure helps with the losing of the lbs. :) I hope.

Oh - and before I finish. Just a splash of Lou. Today when I picked her up from school her teacher informed me that while on the playground she overhead Lou asking Tucker (the boyfriend) if he liked her hair better "rumply (curly), straight or crinkly" and if he liked the "manature (manicure)" on her nails. Lord help me. I am thinking all-girls school for sure - but then I think back on the boy-craziness that went on at the one I went to. Oh dear. BBN - I look forward to you balancing out the drama that your sister creates. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Until next time...


WackyD said...

Does Remy have a trailer hitch/when is Byron putting the trailer hitch on Remy? I have a happy little tray deal that rides in the hitch and lets you put some luggage/cooler/random stuff outside (and in a waterproof bag as needed). Owned it for who knows how many years and have not once used it. So there you go - instant room. :)

kosekcasa said...

So funny Amy!!!! You are so sister is scheduled for her section next wednesday. Babies, babies, and more babies, I love it!

Also, love the octopus...I think the Caroline doll needs a friend.

kosekcasa said...

So funny Amy!!!! You are so sister is scheduled for her section next wednesday. Babies, babies, and more babies, I love it!

Also, love the octopus...I think the Caroline doll needs a friend.

Mandy said...

Ohhh, can't wait for the cloth diaper post! I've been researching and it is so overwhelming with all the options and brands! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Baby girl #2 is due in early May!!!