Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

I have come to love Sundays. Well, guess I kinda always have. Fridays and Sundays. Fridays because the weekend is starting and I know that Byron will be home the next day (usually) and it is just a fun day. Sundays are fun just because, well - I don't know yet. I will tell you if I figure it out.

Warning - my head is full of snot and thoughts are 1-800-scrugglin' anyways due to preggo brain, but now I am really hurting on composing complete thoughts.

Let's back up to Wednesday night. I started feeling poopy. You know, the old head cold in which your nose runs and you cough and just cannot hear properly and then every time you swallow your ears crunch. Well, that continued on into Thursday and into Thursday evening when I so un-fortunately pulled an abdominal muscle, wait for it......coughing. Oh my gosh. How embarrassing is that? It was for me, especially since when it happened I was in immediate pain and I was screaming and stuck on the bathroom floor (I was puking at the moment too, gotta love pregnancy). Of course Byron wasn't home - he is on one of the worst services right now in which he leaves at the crack of dawn and then gets home just a few hours before the next crack of dawn. No fun. So - I am in the fetal position on the bathroom floor (well, as fetal as you can get 9 months preggo) and I cannot move. At all. I am crying and shaking because honestly - I was scared. I asked Louisa to go grab my phone so that I could page Byron to find out when he was going to be home. I N-E-V-E-R page my husband. Maybe once in a while when I really, really need him....and this is why. My phone rings back almost instantly and I am speaking not to my husband, but to one of the OR nurses. They are always super sweet - but I cannot stand to have my business hollered across the OR for everyone in there (besides whoever is being operated on, I hope) to hear. I of course was not fond of saying, "Oh, I was just coughing and puking and I think I have pulled a muscle in my stomach and now I am stuck on the bathroom floor." So, instead...I am crying and trying to compose myself and tell her that since Byron is scrubbed in that I just need to know how much longer before he comes home and that I will be fine. Then she says, "Honey, you are crying right now - are you sure you are okay? You aren't having that baby are you?" And then I thought, hmmmmm.....if I say yes, will they let him break scrub and come home? Shame, right. But, I didn't. Instead I told her, "Ummm, I don't know?" because honestly I didn't and when I found out he would be just an hour and a half longer I figured I could do the bathroom floor for that much longer and just wait it out. Well, just to let you know...he walked in the door 3.5 hours later. Of course, Murphy visited the OR. But, as I see I just went off on a tangent, the point of my going into this was that the last few days have been rough. Not only do I risk tinkling my pants every time I cough or sneeze, I also have a shooting pain straight up my stomach due to a sore muscle. There is no glory in it anymore. The grunting is at an all-time high - but I am still good to go. I am just fine letting BBN cook a bit longer. We will be full-term this week, so the countdown really begins. I have a feeling 38 weeks is the magic week, just have a feeling...and the dates Feb 5 and Feb 10 are ringing a bell to me, but we shall see. If BBN behaves with the Otolaryngology schedule, it will either be the 4th or the 11th as Byron told me the other night, "The ideal situation is for you to go into labor on a Friday around noon so that I don't have to take the time off and get it covered." You see, paternity leave is not something that is really given. A day, or 2 at most, if you are lucky. Redunkerous...right? Oh the joys of residency. Anyways, here is BBN in his glory at 36 weeks. Check out the belly button that now pokes out and that sweet brown doggie asleep on the couch in the background.

Byron and Louisa made cookies yesterday. He is so good with projects such as these because I don't venture into them very often. Mostly because I cannot bake. The other part just has to do with messing up the kitchen. Admitted. Guilty. But, there is nothing better in Lou's world than to have some pink icing all up on whatever kind of cookie it is.

And you know, moderation really isn't her thing.

Back to the shenanigans. The whole nesting craziness has been in full force lately. On Friday, even though I was supposed to be taking it easy (not something in my vocab) I decided that I had to clean big-time. Baseboards, toilets, tubs, etc. I mean, I had this panic moment that, holy junk. This needed to be done right now. It probably wouldn't be done again until maybe summer-time or so? So, I got to it and ran out of steam quickly...and left the rest of it for today. Well, let me just tell you. I love my labradors. Love them. You all know that. I post pictures of them all the time. But I am so over fur right now I could scream. I mean, it is cold outside...WHY are they shedding like crazy? Just makes no sense at all to me. So, I lug the big-ole vacuum out to get the sofas, cushions, pillows, etc. and just when I was putting it all back I come to see this.

And I almost go postal. This cat and her obsession with laying on things I do not want her laying on drives me nutty. I JUST hollered at her to get down and pretend-chased her with the vacuum to scare her off. Or so I thought. And you know, she just stares at me. The closer I get...the more horizontal her ears go and then right before I am close enough to grab her and holler at her again, she disappears. Probably asleep in the baby's crib for all I know right now. Ugh. And then, I walk into the front room to grab the other vacuum to put away and I see this.

Okay, this is Brownie...and we all know he has special rules in this house. So, I decide to just let it go. I mean, he looks so comfy, right? Those sweet puppy paws. So, I have decided this. I am done for the moment in the battle of animal fur. I have put up my white flag. BBN will have it all over him, just as Louisa did and everything will be fine. If you come to my house, either don't sit on the furniture - or wear play clothes. :)

Speaking of play clothes, how about this lovely ensemble.

In the voice of the fairy godmother on Cinderella, "Goodness gracious my dear." She didn't go to church this way, phew. But - she did don some brown boots with the fur for a trip to Lowes with Byron later. As I said - look out Betsey Johnson.

Back to the nesting - I did the big "no-no" and moved the sofas in the den to vacuum underneath and LAWD have mercy. Nasty-ness occurred. I found all sorts of things. Including - but not limited to: a pickle, a cherry (that was from last night...I know for sure because the melt-down that occurred when it dropped is still fresh in my mind), what looks to be a shriveled up cherry tomato maybe?? (I haven't bought these since early summer, yikes), one of those plastic things you put in the plugs to keep kids fingers out (I find those EVERY where, except when I need them), raisins (gag), dog toys covered in dust bunnies, crayons, Phoebe get ready for this one....a piece of a Polly Pocket and what appears to be a pine cone?? I mean, gross. Ewwww. How did my house get so filthy? Must be since the maid quit. Guess that is what happens when she doesn't get paid. :) Just look at the fur - and this wasn't all of it.

And just to update everyone on the hair cutting incident - I still have no confession. She is still holding strong to blaming it on Murray. That dern cat. :) But, as with another rite of passage...see what I found on the wall today.

She took the blame on this one. I was honestly thinking she would try and pass it off, but she took it - and it all but broke my heart to see her face when I saw it because she knew instantly it wasn't the "right" thing to do. Bless that sweet, wild thing.

Off to more shenanigans for now. Byron is cutting tiles for the kitchen backsplash and I feel the need to get in my sewing room before I lose the gumption. :)

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kosekcasa said...

I have your same vacuum woes...Macy gets on the top of the couch the chair, whatever and squishes all the stuffing down...ugh! Leaves fur everywhere and leaves a dog smell that is so annoying. And if macy is not sitting on the cushions they r on the floor for kate's gymnastics practice.

We also went through the whole don't draw on the brand new walls thing (that cost an ungodly amount of money to paint) with Jack. Thank goodness for the magic eraser!

Can't wait for new little man to arrive!!