Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!

Wow, I have a lot to catch up on. For reals.

WARNING – novel ahead. Get comfy, grab a cup of joe, wine, bevo or whatever makes you happy and bear with me, I didn’t edit or proof.

It has just been kinda nutso here. When I have a spare moment, I try to either catch some much-needed z’s or load dishwasher, run vacuum or laundry. You know, all that fun stuff which is even more fun with a newborn that doesn’t like to be anywhere but in Momma’s arms. I mean, anywhere. It is flattering, for sure – but sometimes it is nice to have 2 hands back! I love nothing more than to snuggle with him all day, but since the maid hasn’t shown in a few months – the house tends to get unruly. And while I talk about unruly…anyone else’s Labradors shedding like it is 100 degrees outside???

But, on to my sweetness. Nash. He just can’t help but to be so cute. He still smells so good I could eat him, and he loves me. So, bonus points to him. :) Yay for Team Amy!! Speaking of, I am typing this with said sweetness on my chest, so please excuse any errors.

Well, I got what I wanted. I do so like to get my way. Kinda a bit of a character flaw for me, but I so enjoy things working out the way I want them to. Maybe like waking up on your due date only to find that your water broke in the last few hours. Rock on, I say! Granted, I was supposed to check-in to the hospital later that night for induction, but I beat it. Thanks Nash, here’s hoping this is my cooperative child!! However, let’s just visit with Murphy for just a bit. The night before, so Tuesday night…Lou decided to start puking. This was fun. My Mom was in town to help, which worked out for me…but my Mom has never been one for puking. And Lou puked all over her. Whoops. But I will say, she took it well and cleaned it up as I was trying to enjoy soaking in the tub one last time for the next few weeks. Well, I ended up awake with Louisa, pukes and fever all night on my last night to really “sleep” for quite some time. So, when I awoke in the morning to find my water broke – at first I thought I had just been sweating after sleeping next to an inferno all night. But nope, it was my water. Time to get the ball rolling!

So, Byron and I headed off to the hospital to have a baby boy. I got checked in, hooked up to monitors, all that fun stuff. Here I am before I had to don the lovely gown that just lets all modesty out the window.

Now for the birth story. It was much, much shorter than Louisa’s. However, I spent more time without an epidural than I did with Lou, which was not fun. I am not afraid to ask for an epidural! Those contractions hurt. Especially when Pitocin is on board. Me no likey that drug. Not one bit.

Of course you know, when I got there I was having contractions (I didn’t even feel them, I have had worse ones before) but they weren’t regular and they weren’t getting my cervix in shape at all. So, they started Pitocin about 12:30 in the afternoon. You know I was already staaaaaarving, and the ice chips were not doing the trick. Grrrrr. But just par for the course. Things were rolling along just fine. The contractions started to get closer and closer and more painful with each one. This is what kept me company

as I sat in a bed that I just couldn’t get comfy in anxiously waiting BBN.

Did I mention that we actually packed the name book and were discussing names while I was in labor. For real. So, for everyone that thought we had a name but were just being secretive, TOLD YOU we didn’t. We were going back and forth between Nash and another name that I will keep to myself (hehe) and just couldn’t settle on a middle name for Nash. Finally, we came up with Butler. No family ties or anything, I’ve always liked the name and it flowed well with Nash, we thought. So, most of the day he was Nash Butler. But then we had name #2 still on the burner and nothing was set in stone.

Around 3:30 I started to get very uncomfortable. So, I got some Stadol. It was quite funny, as I could feel each and every contraction with this med, but I was so drunk it didn’t matter. I remember thinking, “Ha, here comes another one” and just sitting through it. Crazy what meds will do. I also remember my OB coming in and me announcing to him that I was drunk as a skunk. Nice Amy. Wonders what some narcotics will do to someone (this also serves as an apology for anyone that visited in the hospital while I was on a Percocet-induced high, wow). The Stadol stayed and I layed in bed ‘drunk as a skunk’ and having a good time while my cervix continued to be incompetent and not dilate even with steady contractions. We were beginning to think this was gonna take up way into the wee hours.

Around 5 I decided it was epidural time. By this time, the Stadol was still on board, but wearing off enough that I was completely aware of the contractions, and I was starting to mind them. To the point where the pain started to get out of control. My brain was foggy, but pain receptors were not. I remember the anesthesiologist coming in and getting prepped and I remember the needle in my back, and the next thing I knew I was in an oxygen mask with bed in Trendelenburg position. I was quite confrused and Byron was not in the room (they had asked him to leave, how odd…he was allowed to stay in GA??). The nurse told me my pressure kept dropping and I remember getting pressers in my IV – and then after a while my blood pressure started to behave again and allowed me to not be upside-down in bed with O2 mask. Then, the beauty of an epidural. It is amazing watching contractions on the screen but not feeling a thing. Crazy. So, we waited and waited and hoped that my cervix was cooperating.

8:45 pm’ish I remember the nausea hit. And it hit hard. I got sick, but couldn’t throw up but felt AWFUL. I remember telling Byron, “I’m done.” I honestly felt so sick that I was ready for it all to be over. I could barely focus I felt so bad. Right after I said that, my OB walked in and took one look at me and joked, “Guess you aren’t drunk as a skunk anymore?” Ha. No, I wasn’t and kinda wished I was! But turns out, I was sick as a dog because I had finally, finally gotten to 10 centimeters. I was ready to go. I started pushing at 9:15. I remember thinking it was odd because they didn’t turn off my epidural like they did with Louisa, but I had a hot spot in it so I could feel the contractions in one area of my uterus, so that helped to know when to push…but it was harder to push this time I thought because I just couldn’t feel as much. But, turns out I was doing it correctly….because about 4-5 pushes into it, I felt that wonderful feeling when your uterus is finally without baby. You other moms know that relief that you feel when baby comes OUT! So, at 9:36 pm…..BBN was born. My OB put him on my chest and Byron and I at the same time said, “He is a Nash. He is not a (insert other name here).” And so, welcome to the world Nash Butler Norris. :)

So, all in all…labor was not as long. I still had many recovery issues due to a large baby – but I was so glad that I didn’t have to push for 2.5 hours. I honestly don’t know if I could. I was beat. It is amazing how exhausted your body gets with pain. AND I had drugs.

The next few days were a blur. Between pain and fatigue, they kinda all roll in together. However, I was just as excited about Louisa meeting Nash as I was to meet him myself. It was so strange, I got nervous. I wondered, “will she like him?” It was a crazy feeling plus I was missing her and so was just super excited when Byron brought her to the hospital. Looking back at pictures now, I come to tears in an instant. I am so glad my friend Phoebe was there to capture these moments, because I will cherish them forever. I know that sounds super-gay and you know me and mush, but the feeling that comes over me looking at these pictures right here….

I cannot even begin to describe. I cannot take my eyes off of them. Especially the look on my sweet Lou’s face. I just melt. I was so worried at the last minute about bringing another baby home and what it meant for my relationship with Lou and everything that the look on her face eased it all. She has been just amazing with him. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this girl?

She has been the biggest trooper the last 2 weeks. The weeks have been rough, as I said with recovery-related issues, nursing problems, engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis (which for those that have never had this, it was worse than Swine flu, I honestly thought I was going into septic shock I was so sick. I couldn’t move, it was awful. Moms that are nursing…keep those boobies unclogged! You don’t want to get mastitis!!) and a tongue-tied little boy that thankfully we know some awesome ENTs that were able to hook us up with a frenulectomy – but Lou has been a trooper. I tell everyone, she has her moments…but honestly I do too. Her attention-seeking behavior has started in the last few days, and I am still trying to figure out how to handle that – but she has done way better than I ever thought she would. She LOVES him. Cannot keep her hands off of him. Is such a huge helper to me and is very understanding. I wanted this transition to be as normal as possible for her, but in the mean-time I forgot how strong she was. She is my big girl.

Now, with that said…there have been some times. We all knew they were coming. She is very interested in the whole diaper-changing ritual, and honestly I try to keep her our of it as much as possible because I am still not ready for the anatomy talk yet. And we all know Louisa, she is going to ask questions. She mentioned to me the other day when I was bathing him, “Oh Mommy, there is still someping ober on dat thing of his that you forgots.” She was referring to his plasti-bell from circumcision that hadn’t fallen off yet. I quickly covered “dat thing of his” and changed the subject.

I made our first outing as the 3 of us the other day. I was SCARED to death. For real, my blood pressure was probably 300/200. Haha. I had to go to Target and I made sure I had everything, and I mean everything all packed up and ready to go so that when Nash finished nursing we would hit the door. Of course Louisa insisted on dressing herself, a battle that I rarely pick anymore and with her outfit she HAD to wear her red patent leather Danskos that are about 4 sizes too big.

I told her before we left to change shoes since she wouldn’t be able to walk in them once we got to Target and I needed her to keep up in case Nash woke up, etc. Well…..when dealing with this one

you sometimes just let things go. So, we got to Target, I was already sweating and went to go and put both Lou and a sleeping bebe in carseat into the buggy. Of course, Lou wanted to be in the front – so I obliged and so I put Nash in his seat in the back part. So, we start to roll up to the lovely store and Lou loses her first shoe. In the MIDDLE of the road with traffic everywhere. Enter meltdown #1. So, we get shoe back on and get into the store and the other falls off. At this point, I tell her she needs to get in the back of the buggy to avoid any other shoe fallings offs and she melts. With all the screaming, I am not only embarrassed, but scared that she will wake the baby. Well, we get everything all swapped around, I get the few items that I need and we are ready to head out. Nash is still asleep, thank goodness and I have to get Lou out to walk so that I can put the items back in the buggy so they wont fall out in the parking lot. Well, mistake for me. I am not even going to tell you how many times she lost her shoes in the parking lot between the store and the car. Oh dear me. And my sweet little Nash slept through it all. I had promised her a milkshake if she was good, and I was trying to figure out if Sonic would add rum to their cherry limeades to help with my anxiety!! :) But, I feel good with the first trip out of the way. As long as I can plan for Lou disasters…methinks we will be good?

Okay, novel here. And wouldn’t you know it has taken like 2 days and I don’t know how many times I have sat down to write this? Hopefully I wont go as long without blogging again. I don’t even know if I covered all bases or not. Oh well, done and done.

Now, we are at the 2 week point. I am feeling better, getting more confident and we have good days and bad days. Today has been a bad day. I was up with little man from 10:45 last night until 4:40 this morning with him crying. I was having flash-backs of Louisa as a baby. And she didn’t let him out-do her last night as I was up with her 3 times as well. He hasn’t stopped fussing still today. I am really, really, really, really hoping it is just gas or a bad belly because I am honestly not up for it right now. All I want is maybe an hours nap! Neither child is cooperating today – I think this will be the case for the next few years. So, guess I will just adjust and pour another cup of coffee. :)

Since I am over writing this blog post, I will just put a bunch of pics together without captions. Forgive me, and come back…promise I will get more organized. Maybe. Haha.


Jessa said...

beautiful beautiful and beautiful - the whole lot of you!

kosekcasa said...

Oh Amy...your family is just precious and you look amazing! Way to tackle Target on the first outting...maybe a walk in the park next time?? ha.

Nash is precious, and the pictures of Louissa seeing him the first time made me cry! Such a great idea to have a friend there to take pictures, the lighting is so nice in those pics.

So happy for you all. Kevin and I enjoyed reading this blog together and please tell Byron we said CONGRATS to him too.

B said...

Nash is a doll! And I LOVE the sweet pics of the new family of four and the big dos with her baby brother! Of course I was dying laughing about the "drunk as a skunk" part and also picturing your target run.

And mastitis is awful!! I got it around week 5 - went from feeling perfectly fine to having the worst stabbing/burning pains in both sides. And the internet lied when it said it was unlikely to be in both sides at once. They also lied when they said once starting antibiotics, one should get relief within 24-48 hours - yeah I took almost a month worth of antibiotics to finally get rid of it. I don't wish that nonsense on anybody.

Taryn Yager said...

Congrats on your new little one! Love following your can see your fun personality through your writing...your photography is fantastic too! :)

Amanda Jones said...

Oh how I love a birth I'm ready for baby #3!! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!!!

Lindsey said...

amy, sweet family pictures. hope things are moving along a little more smoothly. i can only imagine adding #2 - which i just found out is coming early. yikes.