Monday, April 4, 2011

"Dad, I Miss My 3's."

First of all, let me just say nap training day 1 is kicking my bootay. It is so hard to put the paci back in little sweetness's mouth while he is sticking that bottom lip out so far and looking pitiful. I just want to pick him up and snuggle. But no, must hold my ground. Go back to sleep little boy. As I type, he is screaming in the background. Ugh. I don't understand how Byron and I produce chirrens with no need for sleep. Chaps my rear. He has slept for a total of may an hour and a half all day. Grrrrrrr. And yes, he is dry and full. Promise.

UPDATE: since it now takes a few days to compile a post (haha) it turns out that my sweet man was screaming because he didnt feel well. :( That mean-ole-unwelcomed fever came & snuck up on us and is making baby sweetness not feel his best...along with some snot & a "post naval dip" (as Lou calls it) cough.

Second of all - Louisa turned 4 last week. How in the hizz did that happen? She actually told Byron one day that she "missed her 3's." It was like the day after she turned 4. :) She is so cute. And so bad. Someone told me that 2's and 3's were bad...but the 4's were so great. Well, unless it takes some time - I might need to find that person and wring their necks. We have seen no change in behavior, if there is any is for the worse. I cannot get over the amount of sass, back-talk and disobedience that comes from her. No matter the discipline. People think that I must just let her walk all over me, but no sirree. We discipline, she just could care less. The child would argue with a blade of grass. Have NO clue where she gets all of that from. Geeze.

Let's see...week in review since I have been so busy twiddling my toes and eating Bon-Bons and not blogging. :)
  • Fondren's 1st Annual Zippity Doo Dah Parade featuring the Sweet Potato Queens. This was way fun. And I think I enjoyed it mostly because we could walk to it. Also, it was really, really nice to see all of the turn-out supporting not only the Batson chirrens hospital but Fondren as well. Louisa was a bit confrused when it came to the Sweet Potato Queens, but I had read a book or two so I knew the eccentricities that would be out and about. All she kept talking about after was a man that was wearing pink high heels. Ha! She fully enjoyed the parade on Byron's shoulders. Nash and I stood back from the crowd mostly to avoid having his eyeball punctured by bead throwing. I also saw some pork-rinds being thrown. Made me giggle. Then I read where the SPQ used to throw sweet potatoes at un-expecting by-standers. Haaaaaa! That would have made my day. :)

This is how Miss Lou does a parade.

And this is how she does soccer.

If she gets my athletic ability, she better make sure she looks nice because the skilllllzzzz might not be there. In fact, one day when Byron & I were swinging in the hammock we asked Lou to run go get something & between you & I, there was about 5% running and 95% sashaying going on, pinkies out and all. Gotta love Lou.
  • Lou turned 4. I am still trying to process that one. Yikes. But she did, and we had a bakery-themed birthday party for her and a few other little girls. The ironic part is....her Momma (who did all the baking) is not a baker. At all. I have a reputation of burning cinnamon rolls and slice and bake cookies. However, I have found a crutch to my ignorance of the oven. Parchment paper. Wow. I actually made cookies without burning them. Watch out Martha, if I ever find time...maybe I will start baking. Nah, never mind. It is waay to easy to go to Campbell's around the corner. She is such a serious child sometimes. This is how she looked when everyone sang to her. Geeze.
Speaking of baking...methinks Louisa Kate may not have a future in baking either. This is her creation. She had to make sure every last square inch of whatever sugary creation is under all the icing was covered by a jelly bean. No, I didn't let her eat. I think her teeth would have fallen straight out.

After the party, we all crashed.

Well, for like 5 minutes maybe until Nash decided that he wasn't really up for napping. Boo! I mean, even Barbie and Polly Pocket couldn't even stay standing!

  • We started cloth diapering the cutest booty in the house. Noo, not mine. Nash is now a cloth diped bebe. So far, I am loving it. It is not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. I think the hardest part was all the research on the front end. However, for those of you out there that maybe thinking of CD'ing, I am gonna make it easy for you as I will be posting a blog ALL about it soon. You know, when I am not eating Bon-Bons and twirling my hair. I have my friends Anna and Lauren to thank as they have helped me out a ton with research, info and a learning curve. I can you resist this?
  • Louisa informed me that my cooking was apparently sub-par. I was getting her dressed and she asked if she could eat at "Deana and Beana's" (our fabulous neighbors) every night. I asked her why, and she cocked her head to the side, put her hands out to talk and said...."Ummm, because eberyfing you cook kinda grosses me out." Honesty is always the best policy, right? And not long after she informed me of this, she began to tell me that it was necessary to remove all the polish from her fingers and toes and re-do them all since one nail had gotten chipped (ah-hem....picked) off. I was half-listening as I tend to do oh so often with her until she insisted that I look, and my dear friends....this is what the sight in front of me looked like.
Oops. Must have a discussion about a certain middle finger and how it is not nice to put it up alone. I mean, how do I back that up to the child that asks why when I ask her to breathe! Oh, and the sassy look on her face - that is like an all the time look now. Grrrr. I know she is going through some adjusting with Nash, but the sass, defiance and arguing is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me. For reals. But honestly, when I am not about to string her up by her toes...the child takes my breath away. Like this pic. I cannot stop looking at it.

  • Tornado season. Gag. I have blogged before about how this little Momma is not a fan. Well, April is always a fun month for these little boogers to creep up. And Byron is NEVER home when they tend to come. But, on Monday I knew we were supposed to have bad weather, so I went ahead and had all flashlights and pillows and blankets in the hallway as well as Murray's carrier since she FREAKS when weather gets bad. Well, I was sitting on the couch feeding a little boy when I heard them. Those sirens. Ugh, just thinking about the sound makes my skin crawl and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I wasn't expecting this so quickly - and I have learned before, when you hear the sirens...don't play. Get your bootay in the hall. So, I am running to grab Murray to put in her carrier, corral the labradors off the sofas & a toddler who "UGGGGHHH MOMMY I am NOT finished wif my stickers, otay!" all the while with said infant in arms and a bottle propped between his mouth and my chin. (For all those in health care, forget I just said I had the bottle propped, I've got this, okay?) Well, we all get in the hall and I am shutting doors (only a select number of doors in our house actually shut, one doesn't even have a doorknob, hehe) and asking Louisa for the bazillionth time to sit down and be quiet. And I get my tv set up so I can watch the radar and all is good to go until I realize, crap - what do I do with a newborn? How do I duck and cover him without risking suffocation? Shizzles. I hadn't prepared for that! So, I ran and grabbed his car seat and just happened to look out the window and almost fell out when I saw all the trees in our backyard swaying like they were pieces of pine straw in the wind and buckled him in and sat him in the hall. I figure, these seats are supposed to with-stand automobile impact, certainly this will work now??? I get him all settled, figure out how I will prop pillows over the handle and sit down and let my blood pressure begin to fall just a bit as I listen to the wind howling outside...and even worse, the sound of my house rocking in the wind. It is the eeriest sound ever. Well, I happen to look over at little firecracker, and she is rocking on the floor. Shit. I ask the dreaded question. "Lou, do you have to go potty?" Of course she did. And she had to go RIGHT then. Well, you know that our bathroom has a window (of course) and you KNOW that she decided to take her sweet time while I am on the verge of a slight panic attack. Ugh, after a few hundred times of her whining and telling me she was bored, the sirens stopped and the bad weather had passed. Thankfully, oh so thankfully without throwing off any tornadoes. Geeze. It was for shizzle beer-thirty then.
Speaking of beer-thirty...ha, just kidding it is only lunch time but I just heard the washer stop and I must get on it all before Nash wakes and I am unable to do anything without sweet bebe in arms. He does love his Mommy. :)

So, stay tuned for a cloth diapering post and also some FABULOUS hand-made note cards that a sorority sister is making that you MUST have. Trust me.


B said...

I think Louisa is my little sister...who was also a blonde headed, tiny little fireball that was and still is 1000% all girl! She was an angel in public and at school, but at home she was a mischievous and wild little sassafras :) Strong-willed was her middle name! But as much as my mom worried that she might get into trouble later on with all that spunk, she actually grew into a super perfectionist (which is a prob sometimes), very "good", extremely smart and dedicated girl (or young lady now, actually). She will still give you her opinion of something in a heartbeat and she doesn't like to loose an argument - it's that strong-willed, hard-headed attitude shining through!

And can't wait for your cloth diapering post, as I'm actually thinking about it now.

Leah said...

ok, i must confess. i read your blog all the time. i am a friend of amy sumrall here in columbus. your blog makes me laugh!!! the 4s must bring out the sassy, i am too-grown, gonna argue with everyone attitude in most kids cause mine has for sure found it too! and he is a BOY! your kids are too cute!

kosekcasa said...

I can't stop looking at that pick either! Breathtaking!