Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Head Over Heels

Do you remember back when I first found out I was having a little boy? I do. I was scared to death. I don't know boys, I knew girls and I knew that I wasn't really into change. I kept wondering if the next ultrasound it would show that baby was a girl, etc. I was scared.

I had numerous mommies of boys tell me that as soon as that little boy got here I would be in love. I would be smitten and never again wonder about having a little boy.

Oh, I doubted these girls. You see, I really, really thought that I would be the exception. That I wouldn't really jive with a boy. Well.....

2 months later and I am smitten. Head over heels in love with this little boy. He can do no wrong and he has me wrapped around his finger like no other. It's almost embarrassing. This face right here

makes my day. He knows how to work his Mommy. I am mushy when he looks at me and smiles that toothless grin that I could just eat. Now that he is talking and cooing, I swear I could squeeze him. Just eat him up. It's bad. And you know what - although I know he loves his Mommy, methinks I know someone he loves just a smidgen more.

Louisa. He is SMITTEN with her. If he is awake, and he hears her voice he is suddenly looking all over for her. Loves her. He just grins at her and she can do no wrong. Yesterday, I had him on his little mat playing and Louisa was down there with him singing to him and teaching him animals in a book. I almost lost it. I became that uber-emotional-prideful mom that teared up. Watching my 2 kids playing together almost made me high. Is that weird? I never, ever in a thousand years thought I would be that emotional Mom. But, my heart soared and I was on cloud 9. I just couldn't stop looking at them. They are as different as night and day, but they look just alike. Watching them interact gives you that feeling in which you want more and more and more...then you think about 3 years down the road when they will start fighting too. And then you think, hmmmm....Norris party of 4 is just fine. But I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with these kiddos so that I can witness moments like that. I wish that I could make a part of my brain this memory-safety-deposit-box in which I can store times like that and never, ever forget them.

Okay, enough mush for me. But really, how can you NOT love these two? Look at those noses, exact replicas of one another!

Until next time when there will be no mush...but a DIY for how to make concrete counter tops from my guest blogger, my hubs! :)


Nikki said...

Amy- i will admit that your blog is the only blog on my favorites list and one of the very few that i follow but its because of your awesome ability to tell a story and i must say Louisa makes me laugh VERY hard! They are just adorable! i know that exact feeling you are sharing and experienced one this morning while the girls just got out of the bath and madison was holding charlee while they sat in their bathrobes watching toons! i felt so happy and thought to myself that i hope i always remember that moment! so NO you are not weird at all and are very lucky to have such a beautiful family!

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Lizzie said...

so sweet

Lizzie said...

so sweet

Jessa said...

boys are just delicious!