Thursday, April 7, 2011


Okay, I promised last post to share with you some awesome stationery that I got in the mail from an old sorority sister. I almost fell out when I opened it. I loved it. And then I saw she did them herself and I loved them even more. You know me, I am a crafting dork. Anyone that takes the time to make something from the heart just melts me. Well, then I, this girl is awesome because not only does she have a newborn but 2 other kiddos at home! But she says this is her creative outlet and something that she enjoys doing so she makes the time. Good girl. With that inspiration...I am gonna try my darnedest to get up in my sewing room today!!

These notes are awesome. They are hand-crafted, hand-stamped, hand-colored and amazing. She pays so much attention to detail and they even come with matching stamped envelopes! I haven't put all of them up here, but I had a hard time choosing faves. I even told her that I plan on framing some to put in his room! She said I wouldn't be the first.

Well, I was way happy when she agreed to let me 'advertise' her because these are waaaay too cute not to have. She says she does all different designs and with her custom-making each and every one, I am sure that the possibilities are endless!

I mean...look at these! I want to eat them they are so cute (and I am staaaarving, must eat lunch soon)!

Here is her info. If you know of someone having a bebe soon, or a little one needing some stationery, or if you need some...give her a holler! You will be so glad you did.

PS - photos taken on my concrete counters that I am in lurve with that my hubby did all by self! I have had so many people ask about them and how to do, etc....he has agreed to write it all down so I can blog it. Wahoooo! Yay for DIY blogs. :)


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

I am in love with not only the countertops but also the stationary!!!!! I will be hitting her up for an order for myself and the girls.

riflebird said...


Let me know when you post the instructions for the counter tops. Katie & I need to re-do our kitchen counter tops & we are seriously considering concrete. Yours look great & I really need some instruction on them. I cannot find any instructions on line.

Thanks -

riflebird said...


Let me know when you do the counter top instructions. Katie & I need to re-do out counter tops & we are seriously considering concrete. Yours look great & I cannot find any instructions on line.

Thanks, Harvey