Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This Momma has HAD it with poor behavior.

The sass coming from the mouth is enough to make my toes curl. The disobedience is making my hair fall out. The manipulation is making my eyes cross. Arguing with a blade of grass is causing my skin to wrinkle. Having to have the last word is slowly making me twitch. Refusal to follow the rules is raising my blood pressure.

And I am not talking about myself. Believe it or not, it isn't me this time. Yes...I do possess all of the above qualities - but let's face it, I am the grown-up...I make the rules now. :)

I am talking about this sweet little thing.

We are having some issues in our house with discipline. It didn't just start with the arrival of little boy sweetness in February. It has been going on since, ummmm....4 years ago. Really. She make look just like Byron, but unfortunately...she acts just like me and methinks that is why we butt heads so bad all.day.long.

But, this...this little $8 investment is gonna turn things around.

Did you ever know how cool magnetic stars are? Well, if you are unsure...come on to my house as I am talking them up like they are $100 bills. We are going to start living by these things. Or else...Momma is gonna go live at the loony bin.

Wanna join me?


Blessed said...

That's very similar to the one we have. I have anything from simple chores, getting dressed, following directions, using kind words, going to bed without whining, etc... It works! NOT all of the time, because well, you know we have a Lou on our hands here too. But, it has been the best thing I have done for behavior. We do 10 stars=$1. The $ goes into piggy bank for him to save for whatever he wants. :) We love it! Good luck!!!

Jenn said...

Where did you get the chore chart? This is a great idea!

Jenna said...

Thinks a 13 month old would follow a chore chart? :-) And on a side note, since I apparently missed all Lou's closet items, when you sell that top can I call dibs? HA! That is the cutest! And I think you are telling lies on that girl. She looks way too sweet to be actin' a fool the likes of which you say!o

breesy*brie said...

Awesome idea ~ I've got a six year old with a mouth on him and a two year old following in brother's footsteps!

kosekcasa said...

Great idea! I'm eager to hear how it works out! I may be making that same investment...or a different $8.00 investment that has "Yellow Tail" on the side of it! Just whichever.

Amanda Jones said...

We just started the smart discipline chart....Holy Moly it is giving me sanity. Your chart looks a lot sweeter than ours. We have no rewards. He gets three warnings and then each X afterwards, he starts losing the things he loves.


X Sandbox
X fourwheeler
X Trampoline

Anytime he breaks one of our five rules...I get to Xing!

1. Obey
2. No Whining
3. No Arguing
4. No Yelling
5. Treat others with love

The first two days....he lost everything and was bored slap out of his mind.

Day 3....lesson learned!!