Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Basking in the Rays

Okay, before I go any further...looky at what I got to wear.

Yep. On Mother's Day I was allowed to wear the macaroni necklace. And I wore it all day in fear I was never allowed to wear it again. Excuse the poor photo as I was taking it of myself in the mirror and my maid hasn't shown in like 6 months, and you know...mirror cleaning isn't on my daily agenda. Or, I could just say it is an antique mirror and that it is fuzzy. Yes, that is it.

This blog is random. I am supposed to be showering, or sewing or cleaning and instead, I grabbed another cup of afternoon coffee and sat down to blog since I know that nap time is almost over and there is no sense in starting something that I can't finish, right? Confession - I think I drink way too much coffee, but whatever. Between the coffee and Diet Coke, I think I get my 8 glasses of water in somehow. :)

But, I want to talk about one of the best inventions ever. This guy.

The baby monitor. Whatever would you do if you were not allowed to leave the house when babes slept? Don't get me wrong - I don't go anywhere, haha...that sounded kinda bad. I mean, when I am at Target and the kids are napping, I take the monitor....haha, just kidding.

But, if there is one thing I enjoy...it is sitting outside in the sunshine. I get it honest. Growing up, Mom would pack an entire day's worth of stuff and we would pile up in the car and head to Tybee for the day. And not because we lived far away, we were only 15 minutes from the beach - but she enjoyed staying all day. And I get it. First of all, the kiddos are entertained AND they get worn out so they will sleep that night. Second, toes in the sand with sunshine in the sky. There is no other drug like Vitamin D. I remember playing in the water and seeing the sky get dark for an afternoon shower and watching all the other beach-goers pack up and leave. Not us. Mom would huddle us under towels so we wouldn't get pelted by the raindrops and say, "Oh, it's passing over." And most of the time it did. Then, we would have the beach to ourselves. And there is something to be said about the beach after a rain, it almost gives me chills.

Well, I am not 15 minutes from the beach and never again will be - but I can improvise. A beach chair, baby pool, Pandora on the Blackberry & some sunscreen and I head out in the backyard. It is quite nice. I miss the ocean breeze...but I can sit in my chair in my bathing suit not worrying about what is jiggling or not looking great due to a very high privacy fence. I also don't have to worry about the sand blowing on me which puts me in a bad mood VERY fast. And I tote the baby monitor outside with me. And I sit and I enjoy the peace and quiet of nap time while I bask in the rays of the sweet sunshine. Nothing like it. It is time where I can gather my thoughts and figure out what to do and how to manage the chirrens the second half aka Round 2 of the day while soaking up some rays. The labradors join me, and Mallard always tries to get in my chair. He is so sweet. Oh, the joy of nap time. The monitor shown is Nash's. I don't even bother to bring Louisa's outside since I know she isn't napping, and if she needs me...she will come and find me I am sure. In fact, after nap time this particular day this is how I found her. Granted...she went to 'sleep' in regular clothes and managed to tell me that Nash woke her up.
She is just so darned cute that I cannot even get mad. I mean...the tulle tied up her legs. That girl...

Later that day, she told Nash, "You know buddy, I hope dat one day you will be as bootiful and smart as me. And a good drawer like me, oh and a good singer. And a good kicker, and a good painter. Ooooh and a good puzzle putter together...." Yes, I hope he is also as modest as you are you little cracker. :)

As I said...random blog - but there it is. I can hear over Louisa's monitor, "Mommy, I am frew wif my nap now. Why don't you come and get me? Mommy? Hello??" And with the volume of her voice, I know she is holding the monitor's receiver up to her mouth like a microphone. That girl...


Phoebe Ray said...

Mommy and bb your smoobies are ready!!!!

The Treadwells said...

ahhhh your speaking to my heart. with 2 kiddos over here, there is nothing like waking up and seeing the sunshine through my curtians,knowing that maybe, just maybe, ill get a chance to sit,listen to the birds and the quiet sounds of nature, feel the warmth of the sun on my face and enjoy a book (or people magazine)while my beautiful girls rest thier little eyes for a short afternoon nap. ohh and formula... similac Alimentium (LIFESAVER), $$$ but well worth every penny :)