Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prove It.

I am about to let all of you in on a little secret.

My child, Louisa is strong-willed.

Whoever would have known. Now that you are all giggling knowing full and well that was NO secret I will indulge you on some of her latest. Just look at this face.

This, this my dears is what I deal with on a daily basis. And what makes it so hard is the fact that we are JUST alike in the whole attitude/personality/strong-willed/stubborn/must have the last word/short fuse kind of sense. She may not look like me, but by golly - the child can hold her candle to me in the behavior department.

Now, one would think that since I realize this and know that she must be learning from me, that I would change. No way. That would mean that I was letting someone else (like a personality that had some sense) tell me my business. And for anyone that knows me, I cannot STAND to have people tell me what to do. How I EVER made it through 12 years of school, 4 years of college and then another 3 years for nursing school alive is beyond me.

Anyways. If I didn't feel the need to argue with my 4 year old I think things would be quite peachy at the Norris house. But I refuse. :) I will have the last word. And it will be on my terms. Geeze, who is the 4 year old now?

Take for example, the other day. I had asked Lou about a bazillionk times to clean off her craft table. Well, she did everything but for about 30 minutes. Then, when I went over there and started to clean it myself (ie. throwing stuff in the trash that needed to be see, my child has a slight hoarding problem...something I can assure you did NOT come from me, unless it pertains to fabric, then guilty as charged) she flipped her lid. I mean, the eyebrows turned red, all rationale went out the back door with two labradors that were so excited to be out of the middle of it. She screamed and she pitched a fit and she grabbed the trash bag from me, etc. Finally, I sent her to her room and told her until she could calm down she needed to stay in there. Well, off she went stomping and screaming at the TOPS of her lungs the whole way down the hall. Then I heard it. She slammed her door. Oh NO she didn't. Here is where my maturity level began to slip.

I opened her door and told her that she was not allowed to slam her door like that. I told her it was not acceptable and that she would not behave that way. She needed to stay in her room and think about her behavior. And, I closed her door and walked off.

Then, she opened her door, stuck her head out and said, "I am not gonna fink about my behabor. You are NOT gonna throw away my collection (ie. the crap on her table)" and with that she slammed the door again.

Oh hells to the no. I went back in there and opened it and told her once again she would not slam her door and that I am the boss and I made up the rules and she needed to follow instructions or she wouldn't be getting a star on her chart. I closed the door and walked off.

Then, she opened it back and said, "you are NOT gonna talk to me that way and I want you to leaves me alone!" and slams the door.

Do you see the cycle here? It is quite vicious. I try my best to count to 10 and cool down, but with both of us having to have the last word it gets quite out of hand. I thought at this point if I opened her door this time, what would I say? She needs to know she cannot talk to me like that but are we even getting anywhere right now with the two of us being hot-heads? No, we aren't. So, I let it go. I walked out into the den and sat down and tried to calm down and think of how we were going to address this later. She is 4 Amy, and she is going to test her boundaries. And I need to come up with a way to realize not to take it personal yet to guide her back on the right path, with the key word here being WHEN my head isn't so hot so we get somewhere instead of standing outside her door opening and shutting just to get the last word in.

This parenting, it sure is tough. Especially when you have such a strong-willed child. She came out of her room later and put on her charm and we had a talk and all was right in the world again. At least until the next meltdown...which for you mother of toddler girls know good and well it was only like an hour later.

And for a more humorous story about Louisa. We were eating dinner the other night and she was not eating very quickly and instead stalling and talking and carrying on (like every other toddler I am sure) and Byron said to her, "Louisa, if you don't hurry up and eat your dinner I am going to take away one of your stars from today." And do you even know what that little cracker said in response?

"Prove it."

Yes, you read that correctly. I thought I was gonna fall of the sofa (yes, we eat in the den in front of the tv, judge not). I was waiting for Byron to fly the coop with the look on his face. I quickly said, "Byron, I don't think she knows what that means!" And he asked her and she back-tracked and you could tell she quickly realized that she didn't know what she had said, but that she had used it in the correct context and it wasn't very nice. Wow. I was speechless for quite some time after that one. Prove it. Lawdy.

And now, after all that drama. How about some of my sweetness, because I just couldn't stand it!

Until next time hot heads...


Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Oh my lordy! Ames- too funny. This week in MOPS daycare, the worker looked at me and said "I've never seen a 10-month-old who is so, how do we say, strong willed?" Great. at 10 months. At 4 one of us is going to be in jail.

Leah said...

Ok. Truth be told..I stalk your blog! I am good friends with Amy Sumrall in Columbus. I laugh hysterically reading your blogs. I have two gives me a BIG run for my money so I completely know what you are talking about! Keep writing so I can keep laughing and reading!!!

Amanda Wells said...

So funny! I have two little strongwilled divas and it kills me on a daily basis, but is really hilarious when it's all said and done. Love that sweet little face!

Monika B. said...

Love your blog and your pictures are amazing!