Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

Yesterday was one of those days. And that would have just been fine and dandy if the day before hadn't been as well...and the day before that. Ugh.

My little sweetness has not been living up to his name. Something must be going on for him to act such a fool. He has not wanted to sleep or be pleasant. Maybe teeth? Who knows. I think today was better. Slowly getting back to the sweetness that is this.

Back to yesterday. Towards the beginning of suicide hour I had the idea that we needed to get out of the house. Since I had already gone for my run and had the kids in the stroller for about an hour, we couldn't repeat that part. So, I thought we would go to the library (where else should you take a fragile baby and toddler?) and get some books for our upcoming trip. So, I grab my book list and start getting ready to load everyone up in the car when all of a sudden a gust of wind hit that literally almost took Louisa with it. NOT kidding. It had such force and the trees were swaying and it was so loud that I had a panic moment that we were about to have a tornado and I wasn't prepared. So, I ran back inside with all kids and checked the weather real quick and by the time I had done all that...it was gone. But still, we were under a severe thunderstorm warning...so I thought it best to stay home. So, I resorted to the rocking chair with a fragile baby.

What happened next still gives me chills just thinking about it. I was rocking Nash and could feel someone pushing me as I knew that the little bit of rocking my feet were doing wasn't giving me all the momentum that I had. I just figured it was Lou. I could almost see her little shadow behind me on the wall next to me so I wasn't worried. Then, I got real cold. Like...chill bumps from my head to toes and the hair on my neck stood up. About that time, Lou walks into the living room (where I was rocking) from the hallway on the OPPOSITE side of the room that I was on.

Now, let's talk about ghosts, spirits, ghouls...whatever you want to call them. I was born and raised in one of the most haunted cities in the South. Ghosts and their stories are nothing new to me. In Savannah, you are raised to respect the ghosts. I am not saying there was a ghost rocking me in the chair...but I have NO clue what it was. Creepy. Still getting creeped out and it's been over 24 hours. I mean, what in the world?

So, once I had chills run straight up my spine and out my ears - can I just tell you how I was not excited when the power went out about 15 minutes later. Thankfully, Byron was home and the storm wasn't bad (seriously all we had was that one gust of wind) and I eventually got over the rocking-chair-pusher. But, power outages at dinner/bath time/bedtime are not so cool in a house that is dark anyways. So, this is how we improvised.

We pulled the red out of our necks and we fed and bathed Nash in the doorway of the front of the house. I think he actually enjoyed it.

Then, Byron and Lou went to the corner grocery (hehe) to pick up some white bread and chips for a fancy dinner of tomato sandwiches and Lays with french onion dip. Fab-a-lous. I had the house (haunted or not) all to myself with sweet little Nash who was slowly fading off while drinking his bottle.

Now, have you ever realized how quiet a house is when the electricity has stopped? I never had until last night. I sat there and I smiled. After the few days that I had had...the quiet was nice. There was no hum from the air conditioner, no pollution from the TV, my blackberry was dead and couldn't charge...so therefore no noise from that. It was nice. It was still and I just sat. Once I put Nash in his bed I went outside to sit more. It was gorgeous. The wind was blowing and the temperature was perfect and it was just still. I breathed a sigh of relief as I slowly let go of the tension of the last couple of days.

Then, I dined by candlelight with my sweet husband and my fireball. It was almost 9 by this time, and the power company said it would be 3 am before power was restored. So, once we got Lou down, I smiled. A big, silly, sneaky smile. I had tons of emails to respond to, some sewing to work on and a pattern to finish writing. But, you know what I did instead? I walked back to my room, light on my feet and put on my pj's. I crawled up in the bed and grinned. Not a care in the world. It isn't often I get to turn in early without feeling guilty of what I need to do. Then, I giggled as Byron walked into the bathroom and flipped the switch. :) You never realize how accustomed you are to the electricity until it is gone.

So, for the first time in a while...at the Norris house, all was quiet. It was nice. It was needed.

On a side note, my little firecracker took her first tumble/gymnastics class today. She was so 'nerbous' all day long. I was so excited for her. I mean, we are short...we are limited to the sports we can do. Her short, stocky build is perfect for some gymnastics. Her 'nerbousness' faded away almost instantly, and methinks she enjoyed herself.

Don't you think? Oh, and just a little blog-face-time for my sweet Lucille.

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Ashley said...

It's crazy how God is so amazing. Clarified statement: Its crazy how God can use the exact same things for different people. Perfect example is that wind storm. He used it to calm your life down for a second for a moment of quiet rest and reflection. For us it was a bad omen and a very clear warning; Justin even said, "something is very wrong. Something bad is about to happen.". He never says stuff like that. He dwelled on the "eerie wind" for so long and wouldn't let it go, so when that Incident happened, I was almost expecting it... I think I was ready for it somehow because of the wind. Craaaaazy crazerson! Love your blog. I don't know what made me read it today (because I rarely read blogs anymore bc I get sucked in for hours), but I'm so glad I did. I remember thinking, "surely God wouldn't send a wind warning just for us...it can't be." but look how he used it completely differently for you! I'm just praising Him today and reveling in His mercies!