Sunday, June 5, 2011

Begging Darlin' Please

So, now that all of you are singing one of Eric Clapton's best, let me just say why I am begging. Total blog slacker. But, instead of apologizing every time since methinks this isn't the only time it will happen, I am going to do a blanket-umbrella-type apology for the rest of my blog life. Ummmkay?

Life gets crazy with two. Throw in a small home-run business and a husband who's job requires him to spend almost every waking moment at the hospital, and then it just gets nutso. But, we survive, wouldn't know it any other way!

Just a run-down on the crew.

Nash is still my little sweetness. Child is SO sweet. Oh dear. Had we had him first, I might have had like 20 other kids. I mean, edible. He is so quiet too, in fact...I straight up FORGOT him the other day. Went out for a stroll on the street with Louisa on her tricycle and Byron and realized a few minutes into it that my other child was inside all by self. Geeze. No worries - no babies were harmed. As soon as I flew in the door panicked he was still just a talking away at the monkey on his little bouncer seat. Phew. Sweet thing. With that said...he is a talker. So, I have another on my hands. Lawdy.

Louisa is still my hooligan. I think she always will be. But, she makes it so fun. She just took swimming lessons and while not Olympics material,

she is doing better than last summer. She will actually put her head UNDER the water now. Amazing. Also, amazing what some pink 'wobble-gobbles' will do for a hot mess. I mean, check out the form. Ha.

She is still busy telling everyone their business like it is her job, watch one day she will be like a CEO or something then it really will be her job and she will get paid for it. :) I can just hear it now, "SEE mommy, tolds you." With hands on hips, of course.

Instead of catching you up on weeks of sweetness and hooligan-ness...I will just let the pictures do the talking.

First of all, you know it is summertime when...

Your bathroom floor is littered with 'babe-ing soup' pieces and parts.

Nothing brings pure joy like a water-slide when it is 100 degrees outside.

You enjoy a cantaloupe picnic on Daddy's lap. By the way, melting of the heart is about to happen. Love this photo.

The stoooooooooopid fruit flies take over your kitchen and multiply no matter how many attempts to kill the crackers. If you are wondering, the bowl they are all perched on is their bait, uncooperative little jokers let me tell you.

You jerry-rig it so that little sweetness himself can enjoy the kiddie pool. By the way, I will go ahead and post this disclaimer that needs to follow from now on for the blog. When I have both chirrens in a photo, they will NOT always be looking at the camera, looking happy or having a good time. I give up. :)

Speaking of this face he makes.

And still, by far, my fave...

So, for the rest of it all...just a few of what the Norris family has had their hands in.

More organized post next time? guarantees. :)

And just to keep in theme with the randomness. Hehe.


angelina_lover said...

You have such a beautiful Family!!! I wish one of my children would be so quiet, one is close to quiet but not quite there LOL!! The photographs are awesome. I so need to invest in a good camera and try to take better pic.

Kosek Landing said...

great pics!

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

LOVE Nash's outfit in the pic with hm and Lula. Best dressed children this side of the Mississippi!

Jessa said...

what fun. what fun.