Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tailor in Training

Louisa spends a lot of her time in the sewing room. A lot like her Momma. And her Momma's Momma, and her Momma's Momma's Momma AND her Momma's Momma's Momma's Momma. Or, I could just make it easy and say just like her Mom, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Great-Great-Grandmother. Wow. Legacy of tailors here.

Anyways, she always complains that I don't make her cute clothes. In fact, one day when an order from Matilda Jane came in she said, "Oh, is dis Matilda Jane lady sending me clothes because you neber make me anys?" Ouch.

She is right. She gets to be my sizing model and my photo-shoot model for clothes that she always loves, dresses she gets to twirl in and so on. And then, I take them away and sell them. Poor girl. So deprived.

Well, this time I gave in. She was looking over my shoulder one day when I was ordering fabric (HB Fabrics) and fell head over heels for this one right here.

Bet you never would have guessed that would be up her alley now would you? Hehe. And I caved, just because I had a moment and I also tend to be the slight fabri-holic.

Anyways, the day it came in the mail you should have heard the squeal that came out of her mouth. My ears were ringing for hours. She would walk by it and just touch it and stare at it and that just melted my heart as I, too can spend hours in my sewing room just touching and looking at fabrics. It makes me so happy, so I totally got it.

Well, yesterday I asked her if she wanted to help me make her a dress and she was for sure on board. The excitement in her was out of control. I asked her what kind of a dress she wanted and she said, "a twirly dress wif some blue buttons." So, I told her that she could pick out the fabric and that I would plan out a dress. I figured she would come up with something completely off the wall and we would have to re-figure. I was really nervous considering I couldn't come up with anything off the top of my head that would go with hot pink and red. Well, when she came to me with a yard that I had literally forgotten about my jaw almost fell straight off my face. She matched it PERFECTLY. Like, I don't know if I could have done better.

So, with my pride at an all-time high we both sat down with scissors and I explained to her step by step why I was doing what I was doing and what certain things meant and I was amazed at how well she was paying attention. She was soaking it all in and we were having the most fun. When it came time for the ruffle material I started to sweat though. You see, this material is spandex. That is like a cuss word to me in the sewing room. Add in a toddler apprentice and well, go ahead and label it as the worst of the 4-letters. I was nervous. But you know what, it went without a handle and she LOVED hand-gathering it. She's a natural.

Nash woke up before we could finish it and then life happened and I had to cook dinner, get kids bathed and in the bed, etc. I stayed up to finish it since I knew she would be so excited to see it this morning. Little did I know that she would tear off her pj's in the middle of the den and put it on immediately. She was so proud. I kept catching herself looking in the mirror. It made me smile. I was so, so proud. Then, she told me, "You know Mommy, I could be your helper in da sewing room all da times. I am kinda the best."

And then, while staring into the mirror she said, "Thank you Jesus for making me the most bootiful." Wow. That's my girl.


kathy said...

That turned out great!

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Oh ames- this post makes me cry. What a perfect memory you are making for that girl. That you stayed up and finished a dress for her and let her pick it all out (we won't even touch her talent for picking out fabric)- that is pure love to that child. You are mama rockstar today. She will remember that day forever!!

Britt said...

Precious. Brought tears to my eyes as I am the mother of two little girls.

Kosek Landing said...

Kate and I were reading this post together and kate said, "Louisa looks so pretty, doesn't she?"

Yes, Kate she does.

And her next thought...Well Mom, you should make me a skirt like that.

Frances said...

That dress is adorable! She is a cutie!

Akisha said...

I got all teary-eyed reading this. Super cute dress and super cute model! What a wonderful memory for you and Louisa.

Amanda Jones said...

How precious!! Now that I have a little girl on the way I really want to get my sewing machine out.....the one I used to make ONE pair of pants for Chase and put back in the box...yea that one!

Lynn, Julia and Eliza Grace said...

I'd love to know where you found the fabric!!

angelina_lover said...

What a precious moment between mother and child. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment. I have 2 sons so they don't want dresses but they love to watch me sew and 'help'. I like that she thanked Jesus too! God Blessed he with an awesome mom that takes time for her child :hugs: