Friday, July 8, 2011

ain't life grand

Yep, pulled that one from the old WSP days. Hehe.

So, to catch you up on weeks of we go.

The Grand. One of my most fave places. Byron's work had a conference there (or else we could never afford a weekend there) and so Lou, Nash & I tagged along. We almost didn't make it there (the chirrens and I left early) as when I hit Mobile so did a very foul thunderstorm that flooded the streets and reminded me of Savannah. I pulled over at one point because I couldn't even see my windshield wipers from the rain, and realized quickly in the parking lot that the water was up to the middle of my tires. I kept pulling closer and closer to the church (it was a church parking lot) so that I would hopefully be on higher ground (no pun intended, peeps). All of a sudden, 2 firetrucks pulled into the same parking lot and I thought, "Oh perfect. I bet they are here to start blocking the streets because they are too flooded." And then I realized that Murphy had come along for the ride as they all jumped out of the trucks and ran with fire-putting-out-things (Kate...please forgive me, is it still a hydrant if it is on their backs?) and ran into the church. At this point I noticed the flames coming out of the roof. Not kidding. So, I was trying my hardest to stay half-way sane for my churn in the backseat while I was slowly losing my shizzles for real. But, like any summer storm it went away as quickly as it came and all was well in the world. I crossed the bay and stopped at a Publix and nearly hugged the worker when he told me that yes, you can buy wine in the groceries in Alabama. You see...we cannot here in MS and it drives me batty.

We arrived at The Grand with everyone else and their mommas (it was a busy weekend there) and settled in to a room with a view. Since my nerves were shot and the sun was about to set, we just enjoyed the room. And I enjoyed some wine. Nash was so in love with this bolster pillow thingy in the room that I would've packed it in the suitcases if I didn't think it cost $300. :) I have no pictures from the beach or the pool since it was just me and both the churns while Byron was in meetings. And let's just was enough for me to make sure all heads were above water and my pina coloda cup never emptied. What? Just kidding...maybe. Pictures would have just been showing off. The kiddos played hard and slept hard.

Once we got back to Jackson, life was normal again. My drinks no longer had slices of pineapple and the Captain in them. Suicide hour was back in full force and on one particular day Momma had had about all she could stand. We were on our daily walk and I was beginning to twitch as I had gotten on to Lou a bazillion times already in the day and she was NOT listening to a word I said. As I was about to fly off the deep-end, she turned around to look at me, with sunglasses on and said, "Mommy...the reason I am not listening to what you tell me is because I am not Louisa. Dis is a disguyst (disguise) and my name is not Louisa. I am Elizabeth." Oh well excuse the pants off of me my deary!! Then later on the walk she was telling me about her favorite books. She said, "And my bery most fabrite is the book called 'not telling people whats to do.' Mommy, you should really read dat one since you are always telling me what to dos and it isn't polite." Now, I am not sure if it was Elizabeth or Louisa telling me that but I counted to 10 and continued to stroll and resisted the urge to lose it in public. Ugh. And oh dear me.

Then we all packed into the incredible shrinking SUV and made a quick trip to GA for the Fourth. A good time was had by all, except in the car. I think I have said it before, but I mean it now...I am SO over the car trips. 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 adults in the same car for 7-8 hours is just NOT a good time to be had by all. Ever. At least I can say that we don't have many more of those trips to make since we are now on the 12 month countdown to Athens!!

Now, today is Byron and I's anniversary. 6 years. And as I told him on Facebook today (yeah, I was that wife that wrote on his wall...that was all the FB-PDA for me though guys) 6 years and 2 kiddos later, I wouldn't have it any other way. Love that guy. I blogged about our wedding last year. If you want, you can read about it here. But, I got up this morning only to find a bag from Anthropologie (he knows me well) and a note saying, "The sitter will be here at 7:30 and dinner reservations are at 7:45." For those of you that know me, you know that I HATE a surprise. I think it has something to do with the whole Type-A/Controlling personality. But Byron knows this and he teases me something awful with surprises. So, I have been begging him all day for hints and drilling all of my friends about who the sitter may be. I got the dinner location out of him (Walkers...double yumms, Redfish Anna here I come!) but still no info on the sitter. Despite my best efforts at playing PI for the sitter...still no luck. Either I am way off or someone isn't telling the truth. Hmmmmm.

Anyways, I have some windows to windex before the sweetness wakes up and all that jazz. I cannot wait for tonight. Although I hate a surprise, I love that my husband surprises me. I like to have my cake and eat it too. :) And speaking of cleaning the house, I have decided as of recent that it is over-rated. My maid came last summer on Wednesdays and that was great. Then, she got "The Green" (what I named the awful morning/all-day sickness I got with Nash) and kinda just stopped coming. Now, if the maid came...I wouldn't recognize her. But I have decided as long as the kids are fed and happy, who cares anymore. So yes, my house is now always filthy. Animal fur is on everything. I vacuum at least twice a week, but you wouldn't know. Out of control. And confession here...when I have spare time like when the kiddos are asleep or content, I no longer WANT to clean. Oops. I'd rather get in my sewing room and have some fun or just play with them. Suddenly, eating off my baseboards is no longer a priority. So, just a warning if you come on over...come on. But please don't judge me from my filthy house. Don't try to eat off my floors or even take off your shoes for that matter. If you want to sit on the sofas, I'd suggest wearing a darker color so all the animal fur doesn't show. Whatever you not run your finger along any horizontal surface, that would be a dreadful idea. Or, if you come over and are mortified for me...hire me a maid. :)

I will leave you with my 2 new fave pics of my churns. Love these two. PS - the sweetness is now rolling over...and my FAVE found his feet. Love him. I think my fave thing is when someone else is holding him, he looks for me. When his eyes find me, the look on his face makes my knees wobble. Oh a momma and her little boy...


Kosek Landing said...

What a sweetie that Byron guys have fun tonight!

Amanda Jones said...

I love hearing the things Lou has to say.....the book thing cracked me up!!

Hilary said...

love reading your blog! I laugh out loud every time! Oh the life with 2 kids! I read about your life and see mine oh so clearly!

Hilary said...

I love reading your blog! I manage to always laugh out loud at something! Ahhh the life with two kiddos...I read about your life and see my life so clearly! Thanks for sharing!

Emeri Sorrells said...

Such a sweet family! And what summer fun!! So did you make Louisa's pants in the first pic? I LOVE knit pants like that and have one MJ pair with dots, but think stripes are way cuter!