Friday, August 12, 2011

Wizardly Friends

So, guess who is back? Or maybe not the exact one...but a friend?

Yep, that guy.

And of ALL the rooms in the house, the poor soul picked Louisa's room. This is him on her ceiling. Now you see, she has been telling me for a few days that there was a wizard (I refuse to acknowledge that she calls them lizards now) under her bed, but just like most things that come out of her mouth (you'd be amazed at how she NEVER stops talking) I just kinda half-processed it and went about my day trying to concentrate. Well, tonight as I was cleaning the dishes and Byron was putting her to bed I heard him call for me to come in there. And there he was. On the ceiling.

Now, I am beginning to think that the Norris house is reptile central in the summertime. Remember Cedric the snake in the garage last year? If not, update yourself here and here. Lawdy, I haven't forgotten him and I swear I will never feel safe in my garage again. Well, so far this year I haven't seen him...but instead we have this lizard/wizard that I feel needs a name whether or not it is the same one.

So, of course Louisa is cowered under her covers and I am threatening her not to scream like I know she wants to so she doesn't wake Nash and Byron is standing on her rocking chair trying to get said wizard to jump on an opened book. Well, believe it or not, it worked. And he handed the book to me. However, that moment is when the wizard decided to get all fast and sneaky like, and remember in the previous post how I talked about how I don't like when they do that? Well, I jumped and he fell off the book and I watched him scurry back under the bed. Shit. At that point, Louisa asks anxiously, "MOOOOOMY did you get him?" And I looked at Byron (who also saw the wizard crawl under the bed) and said, "Sure did. Let me go take him outside real quick." And with that, I held the book close and left the room.

Okay, so yes...that was dishonest. But, let me defend myself. I HIGHLY doubt that that poor wizard is gonna crawl up into her bed tonight. He probably is gonna hang out under her bed until Murray finds him. However, I just didn't have the energy to fight the battle that I knew would come in saying, "Oops, no...he went back under your bed." There would be no sleeping going on in Lou's room if that occurred.

If you know my would've done the same. I know it. No judging here. :)

So, I am anxious to see how it all unfolds. I just came up with the perfect name for him...from here on out, he is Merlin. Here's to wondering if Merlin will let us all sleep tonight or if he is gonna terrorize Lou. And I've already come up with a Plan B to activate if for some reason Merlin shows his face tomorrow.

Blogging about 12:30 am, wow- this is my life. :)

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