Friday, September 30, 2011

Yellow Light

This Momma right here is in dire need of a yellow light. Not a red, and certainly not a green...but a yellow. Meaning, I need to sloooow down. I feel lately that I am spinning and spinning and spinning and days are passing by and I just am sort of floating in this space of feeding kids, bathing kids, taking them to some sort of sporting event, sewing, emailing, website work, etc. and I honestly am not sure how I am managing to put one foot in front of the other to keep on. I am very surprised that everyone is still breathing. It has just been a little nuts. I mean, if you aren't this sweet face...(oh and I simply cannot talk about how grown-up she looks here)

or this one...

or even this...

I haven't had time for you lately. And I am very ashamed of that. I will have to say that brownie-goose, although a large time-consumer hasn't eaten me up like it used to. Thankfully I found a balance and am good there...but with this last week with the first upload of my new line it has been kinda nutso with all that goes into it. I am super proud of it and am amazingly humbled at how fast it all went. Funny how 5 weeks in the sewing room was gone in 5 minutes. :) Kinda makes me blush. Well, either that or it is the wine.

But in reality, it is crazy how you can get so wrapped up in daily life. And I kinda laugh at my own self here, because this is just the beginning. If I think the schedules are crazy now, what about when they are both in school and both playing sports or participating in other events. I mean, the day is coming when I will be living in my car going from place to place to place. And let's just hope by then I will have figured out one that is big enough to not only lug all of our crap around but also large enough to where all that crap stays out of my line of sight so that my OCD doesn't make me twitch. At least I know if I ever get hungry I am sure to find a small meal on the floorboard in the backseat. Geesh.

But really...back to the yellow light. I am ready for a slow down. I want to drink my coffee in the morning not feeling rushed. I want to eat lunch leisurely and not while answering emails. I want to lay on the couch and snuggle with my brown dog. I want to hug my husband for the whole 5 minutes a day that I see him. I want to tell my kids to stop growing up. I want to sit in my green chair in the living room with a good book and a large glass of wine. Why is this whole "running of the household" so difficult? I swanny I have no clue how people with more than 2 kids function. In the evening, by the time all kids are bathed, all mouths are fed and all are in the is all I can do to pick myself up and put myself in the bed. Forget the sewing room, forget the book and wine, and sadly forget that hug from the handsome hubby. It just gets wild. I promise I am not bitching or griping here, just a vent-board. I just don't know how some people do it. Oh...and let's not EVEN go there with house cleaning. Mine is F-O-U-L right about now. Bad, bad.

I will have to be honest the end of the day, what I was just talking about earlier when I finally lay my own self down to bed and close my eyes and thank Jesus for everything that I have...I feel high as a kite. Before you write me off as a lunatic, think about it. No matter how good/bad/otherwise the day was, how wonderful is it for me to have the option of staying home with those two ADORABLE kiddos that melt my heart just as often as they drive me nutty. Doing something to bring out Lou's belly giggle or just looking at Nash and watching his smile start in his eyes...I cannot even begin to describe that feeling. It is like crack. And that, my dear why we do what we do. It is why we drive and drive and drive through all those green lights, avoiding the reds and yearning for the yellows. That glimpse of a smile or the humor in that giggle. We need it. It keeps us going.

So before I go on and on about how crazy but wonderful life is, let me just give you a peak into ours for the last few weeks. I would say that I may shade out for a few to find that yellow light...but I think we all know better. I am a very shady lady anyways, and we all know I tend to shade out from the blog recently. :)

So, I wrote a few posts ago about how Nash likes to escape his bouncy seat. We are still enjoying this phase and yes, I did say enjoying. It absolutely cracks me up to walk into the den to find him smiling ear to ear somewhere on the floor. Or, as I did this time...

about to be there. When I caught him this time, he got soooo tickled and giggled and squealed until he eventually wiggled himself down to the ground completely. This child melts the snot out of me.

A few weekends ago I traipsed up in the attic and got down the super attractive foam floor mats and all the baby toys to set up a play area for Nash. I think Louisa was the most excited. Well, her and Murray. The cat LOVES to lay on the play mat. And she could care less if Nash is on there too. Well, Nash just so happens to love Murray and loves to touch her fur, pull her feet and chew on her tail. One would think Murr would get up and get on...but no, she doesn't. Instead...she sits there, pissed off at the world with horizontal kitty ears. I love it.

Louisa started playing soccer this fall, and let me just tell you...I never thought a sport could be cute, but oh my word. I could eat this child on the soccer field.

ESPECIALLY when she starts to play like her Momma. :) Yep, here comes the pouting.

PS - I heart that picture of her. :) And this is how baby Nash does soccer. Hehe.

Nash has now moved up in the world and eats in his high chair. He thinks he is big stuff and it makes me laugh. His personality is starting to come out and believe it or not, the child is even more irresistible. He is definitely more laid back than anyone in the family (except sweet Lucille) but methinks he is going to have a wild, silly streak. Well, I can all but eat him and his little triangle fingers chasing puffs around the high chair.

And we cannot forget Brownie, the built-in wet vac.

And my dear Lucille.

My calm, gentle giant. She is having surgery on Tuesday to have this massive growth taken off her right eyelid so say some doggie prayers for her during her surgery. We are taking the dogs on Sunday to Blessing of the Pets, and I always giggle that Mallard needs a confessional. Haaaa.

When taking pics off the camera, I just couldn't resist the kitty whiskers and a kitty all snuggled up in a blanket. Had I known where the yellow light was, I may have joined her. But I am sure at the moment I had fire in my britches and had to move on to the next task at hand.

And now it is getting late and I am sleepy but must head to the sewing room to try and come up with something for my chirrens to wear for photos tomorrow. What is it they say about the shoe-maker's kids having shoes? So, I will just throw the rest of these pics in.

Until next time my peeps...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Takes a Village

Lately, Louisa's newest fun thing to do is thrown an all-out cry-fest-meltdown in which she slowly puts me on a guilt trip. It really isn't cool and I actually was in tears the other day because she had hurt my feelings so bad. But, honestly...what do you do?

Anyways, one of her guilt trip fusses was about how I "neber play princess with her." So, yesterday we played princess. How does one go about that...well, just look.

This, let me just assure you is not a mess. In fact, please don't refer to it that way in front of her because one of those afore-mentioned meltdowns is sure to come if you do. It is, in fact...a "Princess Billage." Yes, a billage...not a village. You see, Louisa still pronounces a lot of her v's as b's and I don't correct her. I know, I am quite possibly a speech therapist's worst nightmare, but it is just too stinking cute and she has the rest of her life to say things like village and seven and over and never, etc. I much prefer billage, seben, ober, neber and my fave....fabrite.

Anyways, as I laid on the hardwoods and was told how to play (I am still clueless) I made some observations. I will share.

First off, the 'farm' is apparently where naked barbies go to lay face down.

I can only imagine the beautiful 'princess dreams' this poor princess is having in this 'bed.' Yikes.

Oh dear purple McDonald's Barbie...don't jump. Just don't do it.

Is there a reason the prince is sleeping with a magic wand? Hmmmmm, I wish to be more handsome and popular when I awaken from my royal slumber. Hehe.

This poor girl has been ostracized by the town. Wonder what she did....

I am not quite sure what is going on here in this house. Scary-old-looking-McDonald's toy girl is in the hot tub on the roof while there is frog in the pool....oh, and it looks like poor twin of McDonald's purple Barbie is thinking of jumping as well. Oh dear me.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The Princess Billage...where drunken-falling-off-her-seat pink McDonald's Barbie dines by candlelight with a woolly mammoth.

Are you as tickled as I was? I mean, had I known playing princess was this much fun I would have joined in long ago! :) Oh and it was while playing princess that we had this conversation that still has me giggling.

L - Mommy, so & so (I will protect the girl by not mentioning her name) pushed me down at school today. (On a side note...we have had 'issues' with this girl for a while, and at least once a week she comes home to talk about something she did)

A - Oh no Lou, I bet she didn't mean to. I bet it was an accident. Did the teachers see?

L - It wasn't an accident. The teachers didn't see, but God did. And, he is best friends wif Santa Claus, so she is in trooooouble.

A - (trying my hardest to not laugh as hard as I can) Oh dear Lou. Well, I am sorry she knocked you down.

L - It's okay Mommy. I mean, I needs to stay away from her anyways since I am allergnic to her.

At this...I just grinned and carried on saving the lives of the poor, pitiful purple McDonald's barbies who were feeling the need to jump.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Little Jay Bird

The Birthday Suit

We all know what it is...and some of us love it more than others. However, I am not sure anyone I know loves the birthday suit more than my sweet Baby Nash. My little jay bird. The child loves nothing more than to be naked. Bless it. Boys will be boys...

He figured out a few weeks ago how to take off his diaper, and since he usually just wears a diaper while we are at home...once the diaper is gone, he is happy. He has even figured out how to unsnap a onesie and get to his diaper from there. Wow.

Thankfully, he has yet to figure out how to get out of a diaper that I have been keeping him in just the Fuzzibunz and BumGenius dipes that have snaps. Well, today as I was finishing up diaper laundry - I had him in a Thirstie cover (he SO has these figured out) only because I knew it wouldn't be for long. Well, little did I know...

I left him in his little bouncy seat (that little Houdini has also figured out how to escape from) in the den while I went into the dining room to fold some clothes (since our dining room table is laundry central) and talk to my friend Phoebe on the phone. I heard nothing out of the ordinary...Lou jibber-jabbering away and hollering at Mallard and Nash just giggle-squealing. However, when I walked back into the den...this is what I saw.

Yes, he escaped the chair and the diaper. I mean...note how far away the diaper is - it is like he slings it as soon as he gets it off. So proud of himself. I just had to laugh and keep snapping away and he continued to giggle and enjoy his birthday suit.

Oh that sweet little naked jay has my heart...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Got the Blues...

My 'Dear John' letter to my fave blue jeans...

To my dearest designer jeans, especially you...Sevens and Citizens,

I am afraid our love affair is over. I think this has been coming for the past 2 years...but it is finally time. We must part our ways. I don't even think we can stay friends.

I must say that my time with you was wonderful. I have known you since my college days in Athens. You have been with me through many times whether they were fraternity band parties, field parties, oyster roasts, low country boils or just one of those nights at the Georgia Theatre. After college, we stayed together and endured many things, including meeting the man of my dreams.

You even helped me through 2 pregnancies while I all but defied your limits with a rubber-band tied around your button.

But, the time has come. This will not be an easy part, and I don't feel we can ever try to re-kindle it either. On Thursday, I tried to give you one last chance as I walked around the house doing lunges and squats trying to make it where I could wear you and still breathe. It just didn't work.

Please don't fret - I promise I will not replace you with 'Mom Jeans.' I just cannot go there. But, as a mom...I can no longer afford you first-hand and no longer have the time to search for you second-hand. I also can no longer try to squeeze my baby-birthing hips into your sleek profile which I have loved for so long. Thank you, for making me and my hiney look fashionable for the last decade, but I feel it is no longer good-looking when my back-straps and love handles pop over the top in the much un-desirable 'muffin top.'

You will be missed tremendously not only by me, but also my numerous pairs of danskos, flip flops and my cowboys boots that love you almost as much as I have.

XOXO forever,

Can you tell how put out I am with blue jeans? Ugh. Coming from a girl that lives in them, I am seriously depressed. Looks as though I will be in the market for new jeans this fall. I have to face the fact that no matter how hard I Jillian Michael, run, etc...I am now blessed with hips. Hips that were not there before...and hips that wont fit into my beloved blue jeans. Ugh. What are your fave brands? I still like a wide-leg. I know that it probably isn't 'fashionable' anymore...but neither are my Danskos that I refuse to ever give up. Gross...anyone want to come jean shopping with me?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Save the Drama...

Two days in a row...getting crazy on you.

I am not blogging about doggies and under-arm green beans today, but instead about the dramatics from my 4 year old. This is a topic that is nothing new to this blog, but I just feel this one is blog-worthy.

We have had some behavioral issues over the last week or so. Coincidentally, she just started 5-day a week school as well. I honestly and truly want to believe the 2 are related and she is just tired. I mean, it has to be...right?

Let me just start at the beginning of today's mega-meltdown. It happened when I picked her up from school. I was talking with her teacher and trying to get her book bag off her back to put her in the car. I went to grab a folder from her to help her into the car and she snatched it back and in a very grumpy-whiney voice said, "NO do NOT snatch it from me." I leaned down and told her that she could drop her attitude off on the sidewalk as we were not going to take it home with us. She apparently didn't get that the attitude sure enough came home with us.

Once I got her in the car I told her that before we went home that I had to drop off books at the library - and just happened to have to drop them off at 2 different libraries (that is a WHOLE other blog in itself) and she melted. In that same grumpy-whiney voice, "NOOOOOOOOO I want to go home right now and I DON'T want to go with you to the library. And you are NOT allowed to return my books. I don't want you to, they are MINE and I neber said you could return them!"

I turned around (as I was at a stop light) and said, "No mam. We are not going to act this way today. We are going to have a good day. This won't take long and we can go back to the library another day to get you more books."

To which she responds, with a humph and crossing her arms over her chest, "Well I saids I don't want to do that."

I ignored that one, honestly because I wasn't even going to go there with her right then. About 5 minutes later I smiled because Nash was so sweetly cooing and babbling in the back seat and I looked in the rear-view mirror only to see he was staring adoringly at her and talking to her. And so I said, "Awe, Lou...look how sweet. Nash missed his Sis and is telling you all about his morning!" And she turns the opposite direction in her car seat from him him and grumbles, "Well I don't feel like talking to him anyways."

Now, this is when I got mad. I can be grumps-a-lumps to me, but don't you dare be ugly to Nash. So, I pulled the car into a parking lot, turned around and told her that she was in dire need of an attitude adjustment and that when we got home she was not going to watch her Sprout show and that as soon as she got done with her lunch she was going to take a nap. That made her really happy as she, screamed at the top of her lungs,

"I CANNOT STAND HOW YOU ARE SO MEAN TO ME AND YOU DON'T LOVE ME AND YOU ARE ALWAYS BEING SO MEAN TO ME. UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH." And then she proceeded to cry, like really cry the entire rest of the trip. I ignored her until we pulled into the garage and got out of the car.

We go inside and I tell her to go and sit in time-out until I tell her to come out. I fed Nash his lunch and prepared for the talk that we were about to have. I could tell it wouldn't be fun, she was very fragile and going to melt about anything and everything and I was not looking forward to it.

So, I get Nash happy and then go and sit down with Lou and ask her why she is so upset and if something happened to her today at school to make her upset. This is how she responds. And mind you, it is all coming from within sobs.

"Well, I don't fink that you understand that I need to watch the Sprout show so I can grow up and be big. And I can only change my attitude if you let me watch tv and not have to follow the rules. If you weren't so mean to me then maybe I wouldn't have a bad attitude and maybe I wouldn't have to yell at you and make you mad."

So, I responded calmly, "Louisa - watching tv is a privilege for when your behavior has been good. You have not shown me today that you are a big girl. Mommy and Daddy are the grown-ups and we make the rules and you, as the child need to follow them and follow directions. Did something happen today that got you upset?"

Wailing commencing..."Well, you snatched my folder and made me mad and then you gave back my libary books wifout asking me first and then you never play with me and you don't love me and you don't take care of me or care about me."

My heart was breaking at this point because it really does hurt when a 4 year old says things like this to you. And so, I tell her that I love her very much and do a lot for her and am sad that she doesn't understand that I love her. With this response...the Louisa came out.

"I mean, Mommy...if you would jes let me make the rules and have you follow the directions then things would be jes fine. You wouldn't have to yell at me or put me in time out. And the next time you mis-behaved like by not buying me toys or doing things that I ask like letting me watch tv I would put you in time-out and maybe you would then learn your lesson. I fink that if you jes listen to me and let me do what I want then we wont have any problems."

Oh, silly me. I mean, it is all so simple...right? Geesh. This new round of behavior and defiance and cry-fests and guilt-trips is making me wonder where in the crap her hormones are coming from. I mean, she is 4. I remember throwing these sort of fits at like 15 and stuff, but my WORD. Oh wait, I know. They are coming from the milk and eggs and chicken. That's it. Crazy hormones. Kidding here people...

All I know is that I swanny the person years ago that wrote the little tale about the girl with the curl that when she was good, she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid had a Louisa.

To end this whole dramafied cry-fest, I put her on my lap and said to her, "Louisa, you know that Mommy loves you very much. You are my Lou-bear and I do everything I can to make you happy and care for you and make sure that you know that I love you and how special you are to me." She looked at me, cocked her head to the side and paused. I thought I was going to get a heart-felt answer here or an 'I love you too' or something...but instead she said, "So does that mean I get to watch tv now?"

And this entire time this hoop-la is going down...sweet baby Nash is just bouncing in his chair and grinning. Bless him...he has no idea.