Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Takes a Village

Lately, Louisa's newest fun thing to do is thrown an all-out cry-fest-meltdown in which she slowly puts me on a guilt trip. It really isn't cool and I actually was in tears the other day because she had hurt my feelings so bad. But, honestly...what do you do?

Anyways, one of her guilt trip fusses was about how I "neber play princess with her." So, yesterday we played princess. How does one go about that...well, just look.

This, let me just assure you is not a mess. In fact, please don't refer to it that way in front of her because one of those afore-mentioned meltdowns is sure to come if you do. It is, in fact...a "Princess Billage." Yes, a billage...not a village. You see, Louisa still pronounces a lot of her v's as b's and I don't correct her. I know, I am quite possibly a speech therapist's worst nightmare, but it is just too stinking cute and she has the rest of her life to say things like village and seven and over and never, etc. I much prefer billage, seben, ober, neber and my fave....fabrite.

Anyways, as I laid on the hardwoods and was told how to play (I am still clueless) I made some observations. I will share.

First off, the 'farm' is apparently where naked barbies go to lay face down.

I can only imagine the beautiful 'princess dreams' this poor princess is having in this 'bed.' Yikes.

Oh dear purple McDonald's Barbie...don't jump. Just don't do it.

Is there a reason the prince is sleeping with a magic wand? Hmmmmm, I wish to be more handsome and popular when I awaken from my royal slumber. Hehe.

This poor girl has been ostracized by the town. Wonder what she did....

I am not quite sure what is going on here in this house. Scary-old-looking-McDonald's toy girl is in the hot tub on the roof while there is frog in the pool....oh, and it looks like poor twin of McDonald's purple Barbie is thinking of jumping as well. Oh dear me.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The Princess Billage...where drunken-falling-off-her-seat pink McDonald's Barbie dines by candlelight with a woolly mammoth.

Are you as tickled as I was? I mean, had I known playing princess was this much fun I would have joined in long ago! :) Oh and it was while playing princess that we had this conversation that still has me giggling.

L - Mommy, so & so (I will protect the girl by not mentioning her name) pushed me down at school today. (On a side note...we have had 'issues' with this girl for a while, and at least once a week she comes home to talk about something she did)

A - Oh no Lou, I bet she didn't mean to. I bet it was an accident. Did the teachers see?

L - It wasn't an accident. The teachers didn't see, but God did. And, he is best friends wif Santa Claus, so she is in trooooouble.

A - (trying my hardest to not laugh as hard as I can) Oh dear Lou. Well, I am sorry she knocked you down.

L - It's okay Mommy. I mean, I needs to stay away from her anyways since I am allergnic to her.

At this...I just grinned and carried on saving the lives of the poor, pitiful purple McDonald's barbies who were feeling the need to jump.


Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Bad day over here (puppy in his last days :( That blog just gave me the smile I needed since my fire-cracker is in dreamland. Thanks Amy- you had no idea posting about princesses could do so much.

Kosek Landing said...

Love it!

The Treadwells said...

ha ha LOVE this POST !!! i might have to do the same one playhouse day :) with pictures and MY favorite word right now ... Farckles.... "No , mommy, Pink Farckles " yep mine only wants to wear her pink sparkly Toms to school. SO sweet.
Thanks for giving me a good giggle this morning

Nancy said...

precious!! my younger daughter still likes to be the Disney in January for college dance nationals, we still had to eat at Cinderella's castle so she could have her picture made with all the Princesses!!!

on another note mine still hurt my feelings sometimes just have to ignore it..

Clint and Jeri Anne said...

Hilarious. We have something similar called Princess Castle, and purple and pink McDonald's Barbies are always jumping over the edge. And whenever I try to hide that huge piece of plastic junk under Mimi's bed, she yells to me, "Mommy, you neber, eber put away my castle! You go to time-out!" I might try to correct Prissy's tone, but I never correct her pronunciation :)

Anna Newman said...

All I could think of while reading about the princess billage, was TGIF, Last Friday night, I went streaking in the park, skinny dippin in the dark