Monday, October 17, 2011

Ask Me Tomorrow, I'll Tell You the Same

This has been a rough, rough, rough, rough, rough (okay, you get it) past week and a half. I am very surprised that everyone in this house is still in one piece. Granted, I have half the brain I started with (not good) and am slightly crazier than I started out (once again, not good) but we are all still breathing. And as my trusty mentor Cheryl taught me, as long as everyone is is gonna be okay.

This morning, Nash woke up afebrile and smiling. I got at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Louisa went to school. Hopefully, we are back in the everyday grind. I got everyone ready to get out the door, fixed some coffee, rolled down the windows and opened the sunroof and we were off to carpool line jamming to Whiskeytown.

I think I have talked before about music and the way it moves me. I find it very ironic that I love music so much but am not in any way, shape or form musically inclined. I mean, I can carry a tune like it is my business when no one other than my children or animals are around. Sometimes the Indigo Girls have nothing on me. But, to keep others from feeling bad and non-talented and to keep them from being jealous, I try to keep my talents to myself. :) But anyways, music does so much for my soul that it is borderline crazy. One song can do so much. It can make me smile, it can bring me to tears, it can transport me to another time of my life, it can inspire my sewing, it can change my perspective, it can give me chills, it can make me fall in love with my husband all over again...but most of all, it can change my attitude. You see, this morning as we drove to St. James, I blared one of my favorite 'make me happy' tunes and I sang along and I danced and all was right in the world again. And when the song was over, I played it again. As Ryan Adams did his magic with the song Mirror, Mirror...I got that warm, fuzzy feeling that everything is going to be okay. It is a new day, a new week, time to get this party started. And right about that time, an acorn fell off the tree above my car, through my sunroof and onto my head. It hurt. Really, really bad. I thought, "Are you even kidding me??" But before I allowed myself to get my britches in a wad and say bad words, I sang along, "Oooooh I'm tellin' ya now, I'm telling you noooooow." And all was right in the world again. Not gonna let an acorn spoil my day.

You see my friends...yesterday was a bit of a breaking point for me. An attitude adjustment was needed something fierce. The sickness that had taken over my house had slowly taken over me. I was DONE. I was OVER it. I was DONE-SO. Yep, done-so. I told Byron yesterday that I was ready to bang my head against the wall. I was at the point of no return in which if I heard Nash crying in his bed one more time I was afraid I may hurt him when I went in there. Now, before you go calling the authorities or thinking ill of me...I would NEVER, and I repeat NEVER hurt my children. However, I am thankful for a somewhat sound mind that tells me that when I get to that point I need to re-think and refocus. But, at that point in time, the point of no return is real. It happens. When your sanity is stretched to the very end, you get there. I remember hitting that point so many times when Louisa was a baby as she would scream I would put her down and walk outside and scream and cry until I had refocused that energy. I wondered when I had become this person that lost it so easily. I think that is called motherhood. It isn't easy, folks. In fact, it is quite possibly the hardest thing I have faced yet.

So, on that note...thank you Ryan Adams. My husband may not like you at all, but I cannot thank you enough. A change of attitude, a smile, a fun morning jam-session in the carpool line...acorn and all. With that, I realized that we are on the mend. Things are returning to normal here at the Norris house.

You see, Louisa is already back to pouting and giving me the stink eye bright and early in the morning because I didn't do her 'brains' (braids) right.

Nash is back to escaping the bouncy seat and that laundry sheet that always happens to be on the floor in photos is still there.

I am back to rescuing reptiles from the jaws of my striped kitty and the tumbleweeds of animal fur.

The striped kitty is back to napping on the pillows she knows good and well she isn't supposed to be on.

Lucy is back to watching and waiting for the mail man,

and my brown doggy is up in my green chair barking at the wind.

Back to normal people, or as close to normal as we get here. I'm telling you's bound to make you smile. :)


Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

okay I am all sad for your week. But I am happy you posted pics of your animals. After hemming and hawing the past week over whether we should adopt the golden rescue we met, I saw this blog. then I emailed Ross. "i want the dog." No one who knows me well understands that sentence and would be flabbergasted. i do not dislike animals. I'm just not all in lurrve with them like you are. Until now. Maybe. When Ross asked what changed my mind, I said one word. Amy. :) xxoo and prayers for your house to be fever free for a long long time!

Allycia Harper Lee said...

Ummm do you live my life?! You posted every feeling I have in me! ALL of it! I have to find a method for myself of "bringing it down a notch"! Motherhood is something serious...