Thursday, October 13, 2011

Momma Louisa

Holy moles...if I thought I was S.T. in the last post, I don't even have words for now. It has been a week. I mean, a rough one. I don't know if I have ever chased fevers like I have this past week. Not even when working at Chirrens Hospital. Oh my word.

I said it this morning on Facebook, with 2 hours of sleep under my belt today I am officially STOOOOOPID. I should not be allowed to make decisions, operate machinery, drive or visit Etsy. The brain is in slow-mo. In fact, this morning when I woke and was making myself some coffee and Nash a bottle, I poured his formula into my coffee without even blinking and put it in the microwave. It wasn't when I pulled it out to drink that I noticed it, not even when I put it to my mouth. I even took 2 sips without it phasing me. However, it was when I went to put a clear bottle in the microwave (yes, I microwave my bottles) that I wondered, "Wait...where the hell did the formula go?" Oh yeah.


Anyways, last night was a rough one with baby Nash. Lou is finally on the mend and feels great other than having cabin fever. Now Nash is the one with fevers. I know for sure I have blogged before about how I hate a fever. I really do. Every time I say the word 'hate' I hear 2 things. The first being my Mom saying, "Amy, hate is a very strong word and you should not use it" and then I hear Louisa screaming, "You can't say that!!!" (since she thinks hate is a 4 letter word). Well, I respect both of those opinions...but I still HATE a fever. I am very scared of them. I remember one day working at Chirrens Hospital and having a Mom call me and tell me she thought her little boy had fever again. Since he was admitted for febrile seizures, I made sure to head down there. I took the thermometer off the wall and placed it under his arm (yeah, not so accurate...but she didn't want a rectal) and watched as the numbers rose. When it continued past 104.6, I started to freak out mildly. I tried my best to stay calm as I couldn't even watch it raise anymore because I was about to varmit on the floor and told the mom, "Let me go grab him some medicine." I walked out of the room in a slight panic, and soon as the door shut I RAN to find my trusty Cheryl and quickly fell apart and wondered if there was any way possible I could push some Ibuprofen into his IV. And then the seizure came. I think this episode is what spawned my fear of fevers. kitchen counter looks like this

and has for a week now. And my bathroom trash can looks like this.

Why Lou chooses to place her tissues on the floor beside the trash is beyond me. But I guess one day I will clean it up. Just not today. Oh, and the back of one of our bills looks like this.

So, as I am S.T. Rugglin' to function today I walked into Louisa's room to open her curtains and found some humor. It may not be funny at all, only to me who is slightly deranged and demented thanks to deprivation. But, thought I would share anyways.

Take a look into what might be when Louisa is a momma.

Looks as though the apple doesn't fall far, her kitchen is a mess too.

And this poor baby, asleep on the ironing board and being held in place by a hat. Or maybe her eyes are covered since they don't close? Oh the imagination of a 4 year old.

Need I mention this child? Fat, happy and about to fall out of the highchair.

Should I mention to her now that you shouldn't leave your baby and your purse unattended at the grocery?

But this one takes the cake. Momma Dog is dressed and ready to go. I was wondering where those shoes were.

Think I could give Momma Dog my grocery list? Or better yet, can I trust Louisa to babysit while I try to catch up on some zzzzz's?

Hehe. Maybe I should have should change the afore-mentioned Facebook status to:

"I said it this morning on Facebook, with 2 hours of sleep under my belt today I am officially STOOOOOPID. I should not be allowed to make decisions, operate machinery, drive, blog or visit Etsy."

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Nikki said...

LOVE the pic of the dog! hope everyone feels much better soon!