Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not Intended for Children Under 4

Mommy Brain

Ever heard of it? Or do you in fact have it? Urban Dictionary defines it as:

The phenomenon known to mothers where their brains become useless piles of goo after being around their children for too long.

Well...sign me up over here. My poor brain is just S.T. all the time. (By the way, S.T. is short for S.T. Rugglin') I sometimes wonder if people think I am just absent-minded, ditsy, blond or just plain stoooopid sometimes.

I mean, I am not. Promise. I consider myself a smart girl. I made really good grades all through school and graduated salutatorian. But nowadays, I am pitiful. Straight up S.T.

For example - tonight. Poor Lou is not feeling well. She keeps getting plagued by a fever that comes and goes as it pleases. Soon as I think she is better, those poor cheeks are bright red and the babe is burning up again. The cough has set in too and is keeping her up at night, which in turn is keeping us all up at night (which may explain some of the brain issues). Bless it.

So, Nash and I decided to make the trip to the drug store to get Lou some cough medicine since gone are the days of shopping in the sample closet at the pediatric clinic. Sigh. Also, we had kinda been booted out of the house since we were failing to maintain quiet during the football game. Anyhoo, we get to CVS and I knew exactly what I wanted so I walked straight over there and picked it up. I grimaced at the price, so I also picked up the CVS brand and turned them over backwards to compare ingredients and was trying to focus and pay attention despite the noises coming from a certain 7 month old loud enough for the world to hear. Then I read the words "not intended for children under 4."

And this is how the thought process went.

"Well crap. I just gave this to her last night. Wait, I know that she can have this. Hmmm, I think it used to just say not intended for under 2, did they change it? Oh wait, I bet with all the new rules and hoop-la about all the cough meds that they had to up the age to 4. This is fine, right? I mean...I used to recommend this to moms. Shoot."

And this went on for about 10 minutes while I allowed my squealing 7 month old to eat my keys while sitting on the floor. Need I mention my pony tail that had half fallen out of the rubber band, the bobby pins holding up the remains of the front of my hair that didn't make the rubber band list, the flip-flops thrown on with my uniform of gym shorts and an old t-shirt that also happens to now have carrots and green beans on one of the shoulders. If I could have seen myself I bet my brows were furrowed and my ears were red. I also may have wondered if I am ever embarrassed at how I go in public.

But, I checked out anyways and soon as I got to the car I texted my trusty friend that still works as a peds nurse. And this is what it said, "I can give Lou Delsym right? She is about 27# isn't it 1/2 tsp?" And she texts me back saying yes that I can. Okay, phew. I thought so, I am not totally crazy. Then, I texted her saying, "Thanks. I got all freaked out because it says not under 4. Haha." And SOON as I hit send it hit me.

HOLY CRAP. My child is 4. AND a half. Oh my gosh. WHEN did this happen? I mean, I know that she is in pre-K and starts kindergarten next year and just had her 4th birthday...but in my mind she is still 2. Not 4 and a half and certainly not old enough for cough meds. Laws. I ask again, WHEN did this happen?

Was it possibly in the time that I sat in the cough and cold aisle at CVS wondering if I could still give my child a medicine since she was under 4? Geesh.

It is a wonder that at the end of the day everyone is still breathing. I swanny, I used to be really smart. Makes me wonder...have I ever had a blunder like that that I totally didn't pick up on?


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