Monday, October 24, 2011


I am ready to run away.

I can remember as a teenager telling my parents that I was going to run away. You know those lovely years when you know it all and have it all planned and then parents and rules just kinda get in your way? I can see myself standing in the kitchen of the house that I grew up in yelling that I wanted to run away because my parents were so unfair. And I can specifically remember my Mom saying one of the three sayings I heard so often growing up:

1. Whatever floats your boat Amy...
2. Go ahead, knock yourself out...

and the ever-famous in the Morgan family:

3. Want in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first. (I still don't really understand this one but have heard it over and again growing up. It originated with my great-grandmother Doris who was a feisty little thing, imagine that.)

I never ran away, let's face it - I had no where to go. And I think I knew they were empty threats and obviously my Mom knew as well as you can see by her reactions. But this time is different.

I am ready to pack my bags and go. I don't plan to do anything real exciting when I go, but I do plan to sleep. Maybe for 36-72 hours straight and then when I wake up all rested and restored I will realize that I miss my kiddos more than anything and come back home with a new perspective, new energy and new Amy to face the world again.

You see, we are embarking on week 4 of sickness in our house. We started with fever in our house the first week of October and it has been consistent in either of my two kids ever since. Louisa started first with bronchitis. Then, Nash got Roseola (well, I am assuming as he has yet to break out in a rash...but he ran HIGH fever for 6 days straight) and topped that off with croup. Then right when I was Lysol-ing every surface and getting the germs out and smiling thinking we were over the hump, Lou got whiny and fussy and told me she wanted to go to bed (that never, ever happens) and next thing I know she has a sore throat and is varmiting over everything. And then I smelt it, that lovely strep breath. Ugh, one penicillin shot later and she was better. Meanwhile, Nash stopped sleeping at night and became fussy and whiny and inconsolable. And this morning, he woke up with fever again after night number 3 of sleeplessness.

So, as I am extremely sleep-deprived and just kinda overwhelmed by it all right now I want to run away. I want a break. I quit - I just don't have anymore in me. I want to lay down in my bed at night and sleep until I am ready to wake up the next morning. I want to throw away the schedules of tylenol and motrin and not look at them again. I want my babies to feel better again. I want normal again.

But hey, want in one hand and crap in the other, right?

Grrrrrr...enough complaining. How about something to make me and everyone else smile. What about the adorable-ness of this.

I can't hardly stand it.

But in true Louisa-style, her 'get-up' for Halloween was not without a meltdown.

I had her dressed in her chaps, her boots, her bandana and her hat ready to go to a Halloween birthday party yesterday. As we were walking out the door it started.

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMYYYY! I don't want to wear these boots! They make my feet feel funny."

Okay, well are a cowgirl - cowgirls wear cowgirl boots.

"But I don't WANT to wear them. They makes my feet feel funny and squishy and I am NOT going to wear them."

Louisa, you are a cowgirl. Your cowgirl boots are kinda pertinent to your costume.

"Well, Mommy I don't know what percanent means, but I am not going to wear them. Otay?"

And with that the pink cowgirl boots (that used to be her faves) were tossed and she donned her red patent leather clogs that live on her feet and I just threw up my hands. Pick your battles my dear. And in a few years, I too will tell her to want in one hand... :)

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riflebird said...

I remember the "want in one hand" quote very well. Grand Momma Doris used it on me quite often. That and "You're old enough that your wants won't hurt you". That one always confused the "filler of the other hand" out of me.