Monday, October 3, 2011

What Baseboards?

So, I am just gonna go ahead and throw it out there. A cleaning lady is worth every.single.penny that you pay her.

I mean, I think she is. I have never been blessed with the luxury of being able to pay someone else to clean my house, and honestly...I don't even know what they cost. But, after spending the last 3.5 hours cleaning baseboards, tubs, toilets, moldings, ceiling fans, floors, etc. I am O-V-E-R cleaning my house. And the worst part, I am only half-way done. Ugh.

However, I will have to say that I was glad that I moved one of the sofas to see this poor, pitiful "mango" (that is what Lou calls flamingos) that looks as if he has a broken rope-leg trying so hard to get that popcorn morsel that has probably petrified itself under the sofa.

I mean, he could have choked on that thing! Phew.

And you know what...usually it doesn't matter. I have quickly let go of the need for my house to appear as though no one lives in it. Good thing too since it appears VERY much so lived in. I mean, it is my house. This is where we LIVE. It is gonna be messy. But, pretty soon that will not be okay. Pretty soon, this will appear in our front yard.

And once it does - my house will need to stay forever clean.

That single fact above puts me into the need to have a panic attack. The last time I lived in a house that was on the market, it was fine. I only had 1700 square feet, 2 dogs and a cat to worry about. I now have 2400 square feet, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 kids and a home-based 'business' to boot. Holy junks. Are you having heart flutters yet? Because I am.

For alone I have spent 3.5 hours cleaning and I couldn't show it like it is. So, what in the WORLD am I going to do when the time comes?

Never fear, I have come up with 3 options to ponder. Here we go...

Option #1 - sell the house before it hits the market. This is my option of choice. You see, this really is the better option out there. There will be no competition for anyone so no one will be out there driving up the costs (I am secretly giggling as well all know how pitiful the market it). Then I don't have to worry about keeping the house show-ready, dealing with phone calls, trying to photograph it, etc. Oh, and I might even throw in some brownie-goose if that seals the deal. Hehe. Not kidding here, people...

Option #2 - save up some of my brownie-goose money to hire a maid during the time in which the house is on the market. This will allow me some basic help and 'baseline' cleaning to keep it show-ready? I mean, right?? And this option makes me laugh since I fear that I am the sort of person to clean before the maid comes. And in all actuality, I am a house-wife. Isn't that my job anyways? Why do I have such a hard time finding the time to do it?

Option #3 - find a place to live while the house is on the market so that it stays clean. Wow, what a fab idea! I wonder which is cheaper...Option 2 or Option 3. Hmmmm...

Well, at least I have options, right? :) With that said, my maid is being extremely verbally abusive right now and holler obscenities (can you even imagine? the nerve...) about the need to get my booty up from the computer to finish what I started before my husband comes home to find not one, but THREE vacuums in the middle of the floor (his biggest pet peeve). Also, it is about time to stop getting stink-eye from a certain striped kitty who has almost buckled herself into a car seat in the middle of the living room floor (you see what I am working with here?) from her fear of one of the 3 vacuums.

So, are you ready to present me a contract?


Kosek Landing said...

Ha! Selling a house with a family is no fun, but for me, the best method, was maintain some order at all times, then when you knew you were about to show it. Put the kids in the car, in their seatbelts, ready to go...then go back into the house and do a clean sweep with a laundry basket taking all your findings to the car with you. Have a clorox wipe in the other hand and just wipe surfaces that seem obviously dirty...then run out the door. The run through usually took me 5-10 minutes, and the kids would just be chillin' in the car listening to tunes. It's not fun, but your house is adorable and I think it will sell quickly!

Brad, Amy, Bes and Mae said...

So I broke down and got me a cleaning lady. After the house didn't get dusted for like 4 months (seriously) and I didn't forsee it getting done in the near future I just bit the bullet and did it. I know that this moment is only temporary and I have no shame. I am a stay at home mom/housewife and I have a cleaning lady. She comes 2x a month at $65 a time. Well worth every.single.penny.