Tuesday, November 15, 2011

confessions of a blog neglector

this is brownie thinking, oh where, oh where has the blog lady gone, oh where oh where can she be???

i mean really. i should be ashamed of myself. note to self....never, EVER take this much time off from blogging. geesh. when i take too much time i realize that when i actually sit down to blog there are so many things i want to write about but feel overwhelmed so i just blabber on and on.

ready for blabbering?

let's see...where did i leave off? oh yes, the horrible sickness that blanketed our house the ENTIRE month of october. lawdy it was rough. i cannot tell you how much tylenol and motrin we went through...not to mention antibiotics and all that other hoop-la. thankfully we all recovered and i just now have everyone somewhat on a sleeping schedule again. whew. knock on wood.

and then came halloween. call me a party pooper, but i am just not a fan of halloween. i don't know why - but it could fall off the calendar and i would be just fine. awful, i know. so, it kind of crept up on me as i was busy wiping noses and chasing fevers. i asked lou what she wanted to be and she said a princess, which would have been the 3rd year in a row. so, i was fine with that...we already have a costume - good to go. then, she changed her mind and said she wanted to be hannah montana. not quite sure where that one came from...but i had to nip that one in the bud real quick. not ready for her to grow up just yet. so, she changed her mind again. now, you see - this should have been a sign for me. but in my defense, i was still highly sleep deprived and working off of a few very fatigued brain cells. so she wanted to be a pink cowgirl. i got excited. i googled pink chaps to get some pictures so that i could plan out a costume. word of caution...do NOT google pink chaps with your 4 year old around. don't ask why, just don't do it unless you want to explain why "dat lady forgot her panties mommy!" seriously. once again, remember...very few brain cells. so, i made her a pair of pink chaps with furry cow-skin and pink fringe. i thought they were way cute and i was super proud to be able to make a halloween costume. and she was excited, and cute as can be and looked all pink cowgirly like this (yes, repeat pic but since it has been 6 years i thought you may need a refresher)...

and she wore this to a birthday party with a halloween theme (not without the signature louisa meltdown though, geesh..remember that?). good times. but, when halloween rolled around, she changed her mind again. surprise! i should have known. she picked a witch costume out of her box of dress-up clothes and decided that she wanted to be a witch instead. now, i fought with myself long and hard on this one. do i force the issue of NO MAM i made this costume for you and you are going to wear it? or do i just let it go? i honestly wasn't hurt too much, maybe because deep down i knew that she was going to change her mind??? who knows. what i finally decided on though was to tell her that i was disappointed since she didn't want to wear the costume that i made for her. i thought maybe i needed to keep it fun for her and not make an issue out of it (so that maybe down the road she wont be a halloween party pooper too), but to let her know that i did have my feelings hurt. in response, she just said while placing her hand on my leg and cocking her head to the side, "awww, it's okay momma. you can make me one next year." so...my point was lost.

at least there was no battle with my sweetness (imagine that) and his costume. he got the left-overs from lou's closet and was a little duck. and i cannot even tell you how much i could have eaten this child up in this costume. he refused to smile while in it...but instead started puckering his lips. oh my the cuteness of this fat little baby in a duck costume.

now, check out this one of baby lou in the duck costume (a pic of a pic)...good grief my kiddos look alike!

i thought you may all want some humor in your life before i begin on my monologue about selling a house and a house hunt. the other day i made my way into lou's room for another cleaning before showing the house, and you know how i always seem to giggle in her room. and i will share.

looks as though we may need a sign warning people not to feed the alligators. ouch.

i am wondering if this incident has anything to do with the time that i ran over louisa with the buggy in the grocery store. yikes, is she harboring resentment? eeeks. oh, and lou...if i have told you once, i will tell you a thousand times - do NOT leave your baby and purse unattended!

feed yourself baby! and be careful not to choke on the whole egg or the hot dog. ummkay?

this one made me giggle...royalty driving the mac truck.

i mean, who doesn't have a voodoo doll sitting intheir baby's toilet? you WILL potty train or else, don't cross me sally!

and sweetness, co-sleeping at it's best. :) blue mustache or not.

so, back to house cleaning and selling. we still own our house. crazy. i mean, we don't even have a sign in the yard and haven't marketed it yet. WHY, i ask, hasn't anyone bought it? ugh. but we are going this weekend to house hunt in athens and to say that i am excited is a severe understatement. i mean, right now...i could go and be a realtor in athens. i have it all memorized. crazy. and unless our house sells asap we cannot make a move. which is really, really making me crazy since we all know how i tend to fall head over very easily. this is what i foresee going on:

i walk into the house that i have already decided is my fave, fall in love but cannot buy it. then, someone else buys it and when i finally do move to athens i find i will never be able to like that person living there since i will hold some resentment but cannot control myself from driving by it daily and wondering what it. immature, maybe? but i think if you admit your immaturity it isn't near as bad. okay? so, to avoid any possible resentment and bitter issues (and maybe some stalking charges)...just come and buy our house. i mean, it is a really cool house and if you have been with me from the beginning - you have had a first row seat in the renovations. think of all that time you have vested in it. but just give me like 24 hours heads-up to clean. sound good?

okay, now to bombard with pics over the last 6 years since i have blogged. no captions - only because i have about 30 minutes of nap time left and i still have laundry to fold since my cleaning lady STILL hasn't shown. shame.

except that one...oh dear. i found this one day while he was playing and immediately had a moment of oh my holy goodness wet my pants why is he bleeding from the mouth???!!! until i realized he was chewing the stain off of basket. okay then, phew...carry on.

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