Thursday, December 8, 2011

All in a Day's Work

So, we have officially left the "Velcro Stage" of infancy. Crap. This is the stage that I refer to when your baby stays where you put him down. Maybe a little roll or two, but usually if you walk away you can guarantee that said babe will still be where you placed him. Not anymore. Nash has finally picked up on the whole crawling thing (my kiddos are late bloomers when it comes to being mobile, which is quite okay with fact, I kind of discourage the whole mobility thing). Now he is not quite into everything yet...but it is coming. I feel it.

Take for instance the 5-7 minutes yesterday in which I attempted to make lunch. Yes, I had my camera ready so that may have added a little time on to it, but I knew one day when my sweet baby Nash was all big and not wanting to hang out with me I would want these pics. This is how it all went down. PS - please note how the brown dog and baby boy already seem to be partners in crime. Oh, that should make me nervous, but instead it just makes me super happy!

Okay, I placed baby Nash on his play mat in the den and walked into the kitchen to make lunch. I watched through the big opening from the kitchen to the den (it really is a great feature, it should make you want to buy my house, seriously) as he crawled his way to the kitchen to find me. Well, he got side-tracked, at the ever popular dog bowl. Check out the look of "Oops, I was caught." And excuse any out of focusness that occurs, this child is getting more difficult to photograph.

So, I sat him down on the floor in the breakfast room (which by the way I think I may rename the rotunda, it just sounds all special-like and might make people want to buy my house more) with a little toy and got back to my mad sandwich making skills. That is, until the temptation of the dog's water bowl called a certain little bald baby. You see this face? This is after I told him no a few times.

And then, I get back to my sandwich artist self with my back turned and then hear the water. Little cracker.

And so, I get him up, dry off his hands and place him on the other side of the kitchen with some bowls and a spoon to play. Well, this is where Mallard comes to be a bad influence on my sweetness. The brown dog decides it is a fine time to drink water. Well, that is just too much for little Nash man and here he goes...towards the water bowl again.

I absolutely adore that pic of him in the bowl with Mallard right there. Stick Byron's face in there somewhere and we have my fave boys all in one pic. Well, after I got him out and dried him off again, I put him in front of the refrigerator to play with magnets thinking he needed something more fun.

But honestly, what is more fun than the water bowl because before I could even set down the camera to get back to my turkey and he comes again.

And busted...oh snap.

Wondering about this little face?

Believe it or not (knock on some SERIOUS wood) she has been fairly well behaved lately and no Louisa-worthy stories to tell. Can you even believe it? I hardly can. I will have to say though that I got a good giggle from this when I walked into her room the other day. She may not look like me, but the child does have some of my tendencies.

Don't get it? Perhaps a closer pic will give you a clue.

Or maybe a picture of MY tree will help.

I mean, WHO puts ornaments on the Christmas tree anyways? Hahahaha. That's my girl!

And just a few from bath time last night. The cheeks, the Alfalfa-sprout hair and those eyebrows. Oh dear this boy is the end of me!

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Amanda Jones said...

He is getting so big! What a cutiepatootie!!