Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Under-Arm Green Beans Anyone?

It is no secret to you readers out there that I love animals. I mean, I named my business after them! One of them even walked me down the aisle. Oh, and have I mentioned that one has had knee surgery and a brace?

Yes, love my furry babies. More than anything. Hint, this is a post about animals - if you don't like may not find this blog as irresistible as I do. :)

Mallard - my chocolate lab, aka R.O.T.T.E.N with a much-capitalized R. But, he gets away with anything and everything because he is my baby. I got him when he was 6 weeks old, therefore we 'get' each other. He is on my team. And so is baby Nash. In this house, we are known as "Team Cool." Haha, Byron I bet you didn't know that did you have to come up with a name for your team that consists of you, Louisa, Lucy and Murray. :)

As rotten as he is, the dog loves to beg. If you are eating it, he wants it. Well, he has learned to stay close to Louisa when she eats as she 'drops' things all the time. And lately, he has learned if he stays near his team-mate Nash the same thing happens. He doesn't even care that it is un-seasoned, un-salted cold green beans that he is begging for. And Nash just giggles. And babbles and smiles. See for yourself. I mean, who needs baby wipes for food mess anymore?

Excuse the out of focus blurry photos, I just couldn't edit them out...they are part of that story. Cuteness. And Nash has recently started doing this face when he gets tickled or wants to laugh where he scrunches up his nose, closes his eyes and grins from ear to ear. The child could be eaten when he does this.

And just so you don't think I am being biased towards my is a photo from this morning of 'the other team' snuggled up (minus Lucy-who was still asleep and Byron-who was at hospital, imagine that) watching Mickey Mouse.

Love all my chirrens. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life's a Beach

Before I talk about our fab-a-lous vacay to the beach, I must first address some issues at hand.

Yesterday, I failed as a Mom. All you Mommas out there reading, you know that feeling. It is the kind of day that when you finally crawl to bed, you just want to cry because you know you lost. I fought the battle of a stay at home Mom, and I lost. The day didn't start off bad, so I am not quite sure when things went south. I know for sure that suicide hour came about 2 hours too early, and it hit not just for Nash...but Lou too. By 5 pm, we were all crying. It was not fun or pretty. I felt all I did for a few hours straight was yell and discipline. And I don't like that feeling. At one point, I got my feelings hurt by my 4 year old. Never thought that someone so young could do that, but she did. This is what happened.

L - Mommy, I fink you need to remember that Jesus is watching you be so mean to me.

A - Lou, I am not being mean to you I am simply telling you that I need you to follow the rules and listen to Mommy.

L - Well, he sees that you make mean rules and that is mean to me.

A - Lou, just because you don't like the rules doesn't mean that they are mean.

L - Ummmm, yes it does. Jesus and Santa Clause are watching and they would prefer that you be sweet to me and make the rules how I want them. Sometimes you are just being the mean mommy and not being sweet.

A - How could I be the sweet mommy then?

L - By listening to what I say and letting me pick the rules.

Ugh. See. I knew we weren't going to get anywhere...but it still hurt my feelings that she was calling me mean and telling me that I wasn't sweet. Almost to the point where I wanted to give in. But I remembered, if I gave in...I would win the award of the 'sweet mom' at the moment - but she wouldn't take me seriously down the road. I need to stick with it and be consistent. But it is so hard when your little one thinks you are just doing things to be mean to her. Ouch. And how about bringing Jesus and Santa Clause into it? Geesh. Guilt-trip anyone?

So, when I finally got in bed last night with a heavy heart and feeling defeated and just beat up I remembered a quote I read in a book one day.

"There are days in which you feel right in line with who you want to be as a mother, and days that you fail miserably. But, the importance is that you get up the next day to try, try again."

And, so I knew that I needed to get up and try again. But, those days are so hard and they really hurt. Being a parent is way harder than anyone can prepare you for. It is the most rewarding thing ever, but can suck the life right out of you sometimes.

So, I got up today with a new attitude. I can do this...I can be a good mom and set rules at the same time. But before it was even 8 am I had already: fought with a 4 year old about what shoes she was going to wear, fought with a 4 year old about how she was going to wear her hair, fought with a 4 year old about what she was going to eat for breakfast (see a trend here?), cleaned up doggie varmit off the floor, fed a cat that had a bowl full of food but was still walking in and out of my legs tripping me the whole time, crawled under my car to retrieve a paci that fell out of the car and bounced on the garage floor, backed into the garage door (this is a repeating offense that is all my fault) and gotten halfway to Lou's school only to realize her bag was still in the stroller in the house.

Needless to say, my coffee date with a good friend that always makes me laugh could not have come at a better time. She brightened my day and lifted my mood and we are trying it all over again. However, I will have to say that I am definitely looking forward to this afternoon and nap time and hopefully an afternoon thunderstorm so I can walk into my sewing room and get lost in fabric and design.

Now, for the beach trip. Let me just say...I could totally live at the beach. I grew up there, and really feel that I belong there. :) It just melts away any troubles. The funny thing is...I cannot stand the sand, but I love the beach. Ironic, isn't it?

We took off for a week in Destin. It couldn't have come at a better time for any of us. We had the most perfect condo that let us bring our sweet doggies (if anyone ever needs a place there, please email...I highly recommend where we stayed) and wild hooligan chirrens. We did nothing. Well, let me correct that...we sat on the beach, we played in the water, we read books, we played in the pool and we slept. It was fabulous.

Louisa had a blast. Twice in the week at dinner she actually said she was tired. This child never admits to being tired. She was beat. She played hard. She loved the water, she loved the sand and she even loved to chase the eagles (seagulls). Of course she loved the boiled peanuts. Her and Byron would spend hours in the water searching for hermit crabs. I think she could live at the beach too. And the child tanned through layers and layers of spf 50...and don't get me started on how white her hair is now. Little Coppertone baby.

My baby Nash loved the water. He was not a fan of the heat. That poor child sweats like it is his job. He loved to splash his hands in the water and grinned and grinned and grinned. He is not, however a fan of a wet bathing suit which shouldn't surprise me in the least since the child prefers not to wear clothes. I call him my little baby Jay (naked as a jay bird). He also enjoyed all the attention from his Mimi, Gan-daddy and Guinee. Rotten little thing.

I will now bombard you with beach photos...

Back to the real world...we have a TOOTH, finally! Poor sweetness has been 'teething' for months now. And now, at 6 months he has his first little one poking up through the gums. It is so funny, because by the time Lou was like 5 months she had 4 teeth. It really is funny how different they are. I joke all the time that he cannot sleep through the night or sit up on his own (poor baby has a head the size of his big sis) but he can sure escape his bouncy seat and take off his clothes. Pure boy. So, the new thing at our house is to watch how Nash 'escapes' his bouncy seat. It is inevitable. Turn your head for 5 minutes...and poof. Here is proof:

Louisa started pre-K on Monday. She goes 5 days a week and I am still trying to accept it. She of course loves it and even told me the other day when I picked her up that "soon I am gonna be so smart that I will be in high school learning algie-bra." Don't remind me she is on her first day.

Why do my chirrens feel the need to grow up? Don't blink. It is crazy how fast it goes...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wizardly Friends

So, guess who is back? Or maybe not the exact one...but a friend?

Yep, that guy.

And of ALL the rooms in the house, the poor soul picked Louisa's room. This is him on her ceiling. Now you see, she has been telling me for a few days that there was a wizard (I refuse to acknowledge that she calls them lizards now) under her bed, but just like most things that come out of her mouth (you'd be amazed at how she NEVER stops talking) I just kinda half-processed it and went about my day trying to concentrate. Well, tonight as I was cleaning the dishes and Byron was putting her to bed I heard him call for me to come in there. And there he was. On the ceiling.

Now, I am beginning to think that the Norris house is reptile central in the summertime. Remember Cedric the snake in the garage last year? If not, update yourself here and here. Lawdy, I haven't forgotten him and I swear I will never feel safe in my garage again. Well, so far this year I haven't seen him...but instead we have this lizard/wizard that I feel needs a name whether or not it is the same one.

So, of course Louisa is cowered under her covers and I am threatening her not to scream like I know she wants to so she doesn't wake Nash and Byron is standing on her rocking chair trying to get said wizard to jump on an opened book. Well, believe it or not, it worked. And he handed the book to me. However, that moment is when the wizard decided to get all fast and sneaky like, and remember in the previous post how I talked about how I don't like when they do that? Well, I jumped and he fell off the book and I watched him scurry back under the bed. Shit. At that point, Louisa asks anxiously, "MOOOOOMY did you get him?" And I looked at Byron (who also saw the wizard crawl under the bed) and said, "Sure did. Let me go take him outside real quick." And with that, I held the book close and left the room.

Okay, so yes...that was dishonest. But, let me defend myself. I HIGHLY doubt that that poor wizard is gonna crawl up into her bed tonight. He probably is gonna hang out under her bed until Murray finds him. However, I just didn't have the energy to fight the battle that I knew would come in saying, "Oops, no...he went back under your bed." There would be no sleeping going on in Lou's room if that occurred.

If you know my would've done the same. I know it. No judging here. :)

So, I am anxious to see how it all unfolds. I just came up with the perfect name for him...from here on out, he is Merlin. Here's to wondering if Merlin will let us all sleep tonight or if he is gonna terrorize Lou. And I've already come up with a Plan B to activate if for some reason Merlin shows his face tomorrow.

Blogging about 12:30 am, wow- this is my life. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

lizards, wizards & shoes...oh my!

Yes, we are still alive and kicking. All of us...well, save maybe a lizard - but you will read more about that later.

Spare time lately has been devoted to my new line for brownie-goose. It is by far my most favorite yet and I am afraid that I may not be able to upstage it with anything else here on out. But, regardless, I am loving it and it is taking every spare moment when the chirrens are dry, fed and content. So...this poor, pitiful neglected blog.

I will start off by talking about Louisa's new-found FEAR of bugs. And I mean...fear. She has never minded them by any means. Granted, she is not fond of them and you would never find her picking them up or befriending them. But lawdy, she has taken it all to a new level now. Take for instance, the other morning I was actually able to shower. Stay at homers, you know what I mean and how precious a shower is. I was just about to wash my hair when I heard Lou scream bloody murder from the den. I am not kidding, my heart stopped and my blood ran cold. I grabbed my towel and my phone, preparing to call 911 because I was sure someone was in my house by the way she was still screaming. I run down the hall dripping water and shampoo all over the place to find Louisa safe and sound, and alone. Phew. Except for the roach that had her all in a tizzy. Once I was able to start breathing again and get her to stop screaming, I told her it was fine and that it was just a roach and that she had probably paralyzed him with her scream. Well, she wasn't going to be okay until I picked it up and disposed of it. Mind you, I am still soaking wet disposing of said rodent. Now, growing up in Savannah (the home of roaches that fly and are 2 inches long) I am not afraid of these things. I don't like them...but I mean, you live in have roaches/palmetto bugs. Well, I get Lou calmed back down and back to coloring and start walking back down the hall to continue my shower only to find that Lou's bloody murder screams have now woken Nash. You see...this is why a shower is so precious. Shaved legs are a luxury. Make-up is a has-been and deodorant is sometimes an after-thought. Getting dressed in something other than running clothes, just a bonus. Fixing your hair - now you are just showing off.

So, I was not surprised one bit the other day when I heard the same bloody murder scream, followed by, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMYYYY there is a wizard (she corrected me the other day and told me that they are actually called lizards, but I prefer not to let her speak correctly and therefore refer to them as wizards) in the tub!!!" Now, mind you - these wizards are famous at our house. They come out in the summer and hang out on the windows and fascinate the crud out of the striped kitty, Murray. They are these almost transparent gecko-type things that sometimes unfortunately wind up inside the house. I am sure it is more to their detriment than ours. So, I go and look and sure enough, bless his heart...he has found himself in the tub. I grab a cup to scoop him up and put him outside and don't you know that little booger tries to crawl straight up my arm. Now, I don't have anything against wizards. In fact, I think they are cute...BUT I do not like ANYTHING that moves quickly and sneakily and gives me the heebs. Well, that one finally cooperated, got in the cup and found a new home in my purple grass in my urns on the front porch.

So, as I was coming to bed the other night (no doubt in the wee hours as I had been crazy in the sewing room) this is the sight I saw next to the vent when I took off my shoes. Pay no attention to all the fur and dust and goo on the floors, our maid ran off with the yard man and I haven't seen her since.

Now, this thing scared the MESS out of me. However, I didn't scream...but instead jumped and almost peed my pants. He couldn't have been longer than 3 inches. Just presh. Well, he tolerated me staring at him for a while, then got shy and scurried under the baseboard.

Well, I noticed after I got my j's on and washed my face and all that jazz he got curious again.

So, I went to get a cup to save this little fellow too, and then I came back in the room and found this. Oooops and uh-oh.

So, I went on about my going to bed and fell fast asleep. Only to wake up about an hour later to Murray making her howling noises that she usually does in the middle of the night when she finds a bug or clean piper (pipe cleaner) or qth-pick (q-tip) or something interesting to play with. I was just about to get up and go set her straight when she quieted down. I was excited and drifted back off to sleep. However, she started again. And this was louder and I realized sleepily that she was now on me in the bed making the noise.

Well, any of you readers that have cats or live with cats, etc know exactly where this is going. Yep, she had the wizard and had brought him to me and placed him on my chest while sleeping. I caught a glimpse of it lying on me and I brushed that thing straight off my chest and into the darkness of the bedroom. Bless it. I have no clue if it was still alive or not when she brought it to me as a gift or what...but I can almost be assured he was no longer of the living wizards by that point after being flung across the room. Lawdy. You see why I am always tired? Hooligans at my house. Up to no good in the wee hours.

Speaking of hooligans, let's talk about my little sweetness for a bit.

I just could eat this child up. And he knows it. Rotten as they come. Well, a new sewing friend of mine sent some of the yummiest shoes that she made from my fave fabric designer. Other than the sushi-booties (hehe, remember that one?) he has never worn shoes. So, I put them on him and they occupied his attention for a good 10 minutes. It was precious. So, you know good and well I grabbed the camera to catch it all.

Ohhhh, love that child. Have you missed us?