Wednesday, January 4, 2012

She's With the Band

Remember that sweet little skinny-jeaned girl in the last post? Remember how I was talking about how she was growing too fast?

Well she still is. But just now as I was putting away all the dishes from lunch I could hear her over the monitor singing. I stopped, turned off the water and listened. She was belting out Journey's Faithfully like it was her job. I had to smile. This is the second time I've overheard her singing that particular song. Now I could listen to music until I turn blue in the face, absolutely love music...and I just think she may be the same way. Swoons.

Well, I decided to sneak back there because I was convinced she was probably twirling and dancing and singing to herself in the mirror since she is also one of those children who are infatuated with their own reflections. So, I tip-toed down the hall and avoided all the squeaky spots in the hardwoods that I have memorized their GPS locations almost while raising 2 light-sleeping kiddos in this house. And instead I saw a sight that literally had me tip-toe RUNNING back down the hall to grab my camera and HOPE that in the meantime Nash (who was 'helping' in the kitchen by re-arranging my tupperware drawer) wasn't putting anything in his mouth he wasn't supposed to or getting into anything else and also that she would still be in the same position when I got back with my camera.

Bingo. She was. And a quick glance in the kitchen showed me Nash was still happy as a clam with the rubbermaid.

And this my how she was belting out Journey. Steve Perry could only be beaming, I am sure.

Steal my heart this child. I tell you. And yes, I probably should be concerned with her standing on her bed in her boots...but what is that about LETTING IT BE. Let her sing her heart out to a fabulous classic standing on her bed. Sweet soul. I think I may go join her.


Britt said...

love love love. I always say "Be still my hearts, for you are growing way to fast".

alicia harrison said...

shutup! That girl is awesome! Hope yall had a great christmas and you must have gotten a new lens because i never have pictures with that great amount of light! Your pictures are so good!

alicia harrison said...

Shutup! That girl is awesome! Hope you guys had a great christmas! Did you get a different lens? Your pictures are so good and i am jealous of all the light you have, my pictures never look like that!

Jessa said...

This. Is. Awesome.

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

i need her. now please.

Margaret said...

LOVE THIS!!!! this is one of those pictures that you need to frame and keep forever!!! :)