Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time Flies

Wow...does it ever fly. On this day last year, this was my sweet little family.

Louisa got baptized. Such a sweet day on the Norris family journey. I remember it was cold as ice outside, literally. Like I remember driving downtown to the cathedral and seeing icicles on my rear view mirrors. This girl doesn't do cold weather. I also remember standing at the front of the cathedral trying my hardest to focus on Lou's baptism instead of the panic I was feeling while I was humongo preggers with Nash having contractions scared to pieces that my water was going to break right there in front of everyone. Well, we all know it didn't. Nash had impeccable timing and waited for his actual due date. But he sure did give me scares along the way.

It is funny how just 12 months later...this is what I have.

Still an amazing miracle of life that blows my mind. PS - check that last picture, he was totally after my Blackberry. He loves that thing. Quite possibly the reason it doesn't work too well anymore. :)

On a whole other note, I am pretty sure my child has cankles. (no spell check...I didn't mean candles, sheesh)

Don't you agree? I mean, he can't help it. And his momma could just eat them up. The boy loves to eat. I mean, check out him stalking Louisa while she is feeding her Baby Alive. He doesn't understand why he doesn't get to eat too.

I promise I sat down to blog with purpose and it has completely escaped me now. Oh well. Must not have been more important than cankles. But happy baptism anniversary sweet Louisa Kate. That single day and moment in the front of the cathedral meant more to me than you will ever know. Christ's own forever...


Joanne said...

What cool pictures! I was just blog hopping and happened upon your blog. Your son is adorable!
Blessings, Joanne said...

I love your blog! Kathryn (from the last pic) shared the link with me. Your kids are darling.