Friday, March 2, 2012

A Month of Sundays

Okay, wasn't it ironic that my last post (over a month and half ago) was about how time flies? Wow. It sure does and right now is no different. I was told that the last 6 months of residency flies, but oh my word. I am worn out. Since the new year, Nash has turned one (I am still not really okay with this). I mean, he isn't drinking a bottle anymore and I have to brush his teeth. Ugh, where is my baby? We have put our house on the market and just might be able to win the award for most showings without a single offer. Gag. My itty-bitty sewing business has sort of boomed. I have a new collection due soon, I have new patterns to publish and some that are in the works. There are just not enough hours in the day. And my poor little blog, it has been so neglected. I honestly thought last week about just giving it up. I wanted to sort of think on it. And as I sat down and blogged for over an hour the other day only to lose everything blogged when a breaker tripped (the ONE time it didn't save) I almost saw it as a sign. But, when I sat down this morning with coffee and went back to this time last year to read up on what was going on in my life...I realized that wait, I love this blog. I mean, I love, love this blog. And it gets neglected when life happens, but at least I have it to look back at. So, I will continue on and get through this catch up post that will be a conglomeration of all things in the last month with pictures for miles. And in my typical rebel form, I won't even proof or spell check. Taking a walk on the wild side.

Now with that said, I am just going to jump on in there with the randomness from the Norris family in the last few weeks...

Nash turned one. Ugh. My sweet, sweet, little non-sleeping blue-eyed babe is one. His little personality is starting to come out and he just gets more edible as the days go on. I mean...look at this.

He melts my heart in the same way my sweet brown doggie does. I just cannot stand it. But speaking of animals - this child has a heart for them like I do. He and Mallard are fast friends. Partners in crime and always up to no good...I call them PICA buddies since they both have bad habits of eating things they shouldn't. Here they are sharing a close pin. Geesh.

His face lights up when he sees the dogs and he points to them and says, "tee tee." Yes, genius I know. But it is consistent so I know it is in reference to the dogs. :) Just some sweet baby Nash for you.

And his birthday party. For the porky pig that he is...I was amazed he didn't eat more of the cake than he did. Maybe he filled up on goldfish in the pre-party.

Check out how Lou is opening presents and Nash is just steady trying to work his way out of his jungle chair. Not much has changed.

And some random Louisa-moments to make your day. They sure make mine. That girl...
  • As we were packing for a quick trip to Georgia, I decided to let Lou pick what she wanted to pack because I am a cool mom like that. Or just because I wasn't in the mood to argue. :) Anyways - she picked out her signature styles and I asked if she wanted to pack some tennis shoes since she may play in the yard with her cousins. She asked, "Oh, like play baseball?" And I said sure. To which she replied (while looking at me like I was the dumbest person ever), "Oh no. I need my pink patent leather shoes for that silly Mommy. Don't you know they make me run the fastest?" I mean, however could I have forgotten? For my husband's sake...I hope sweet baby Nash is an athlete. Poor Byron is surrounded by girls with a limited knowledge of all things sports-related.
  • We were driving to the park the other day and of course half of State Street was blocked off as worker men were working on water lines. (Not in Jackson, Ms!) Well, we were stopped at a stop light and one of the men was using a jack-hammer on the concrete and Louisa says, "Oh look Mommy - those men are digging for pirate treasure!" Hehe.
  • I bet everyone would like to know that the world is wrong. According to Louisa. In February, we celebrate Groundhog day - but to Lou...this is all wrong. In fact, we need to be celebrating "Hordgehog Day" since that is clearly what the animal is called. In fact, as quoted by her, "WHO calls them groundhogs anyways, silly Mommy."
  • It is no secret that Lou loves Lady Gaga. Shake your head and point your finger all you want, but she does. And one day if she turns out all warped and deranged, I may point a finger at Lady Gaga, but for now it is all fun and games. I am totally kidding here because in case you didn't know, I love the Gaga too. Anyways, one of her fave songs is Bad Romance. Well, one day, completely unrelated (or so I thought) I was doing Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred. I was doing jumping jacks and Lou asked if they were good for my heart. I told her that all exercise was good for your heart and that was end of discussion mostly because I was following Jillian's advice and gargling my own heart at the moment. Well, a few days later while doing Jillian again, out of no where Lou says, "You know Mommy, Lady Gaga should really do some Jillian Michaels." Okay, I had to bite there. I mean, what in the world? So I asked her why to which she easily replied (once again looking at me like I am the dummy she has me pegged as) and said, "Well because she is always singing about a bad heart and I bet if she did some jumping jacks it wouldn't be broken so much." Love it. The cure to a broken heart is some exercise. If we could only be as smart as a 4 year old.
  • Speaking of a dummy Mommy, another time in the car on Lakeland one of the huge army planes was flying overhead and I said, "Lou look at that plane. Does it amaze you as much as it does me that something so big and so heavy can fly?" I cannot even begin to describe the huff and sigh that came from her like she was MORTIFIED that I even said something so stooopid (what in the world am I going to do when she is a teenager??) and she said, "Ugh, Mommy. Don't be so silly. You know it is because of pixie dust, right?" Oh yeah. Duh.
  • I love pirates. Well, not really. I love Captain Jack Sparrow. Oh dear, I love him. But Lou follows suit here since she loves a Disney cartoon Jake and the Neverland Pirates just as much. I am sure you already could tell after reading about the pixie dust and the pirate treasure. Anyways, we have pirate influence here at our house (seriously, have you ever put your Facebook into pirate language? Oh I die every time I do, it makes me laugh so hard) so much that Lou is convinced that vampires are in fact, "vampirates." And just a head's up, don't try to correct her. She is quite stubborn and bull-headed. Must come from her daddy.
  • Another little Louisa-ism...chompsticks. Not chopsticks. Chompsticks. PS - spell check you are killing me here. Don't you know this is Louisa-language?

This picture kills me.

What had happened moments before kills me even more. Louisa was dragging Murray around the house and bothering her and I had asked her to leave Murray alone. Well, not even 5 minutes later there she goes again picking her up and messing with her so I said again that I don't want her messing with her. Well, I had gone into another room and was on the phone when Lou peeked around the corner and said, "Oh, there you are. Don't worry, jes stay there." Well, of course I worried. So, I got off the phone and went into the den and saw she had strapped Murray down in Nash's jungle seat and was holding her down trying to feed her a bottle. Now, in the moment I wanted to run real quick, laugh my arse off and then come back when I was finished and get onto her for not listening. But, she caught me there and all I could do to contain my laughter and actually try and be a disciplinarian in my tickled state was to tell her to go and put her nose in the corner. I mean, she has never heard this and probably doesn't know what it means...I mean, what is it, 1952? Goodness, I should have handed her a dunce cap too! But, she took it literally, and put her nose right up in the corner. Oh it was hilarious. Murray didn't think as much, but I sure enjoyed the giggle.

We just had the exterior trim on our house painted (so come and buy it!!) and Louisa cracked me up as she straight up STALKED the painters. She followed them window to window and just chatted them up. Made me laugh so hard. Caught her in the act and just moments after this picture I heard her trying to convince him that since he was painting her window and since her favorite color was pink that he needed to paint it pink instead of white. She even said that she was sure that "her Mommy wouldn't mind." You see, this child of mine...

Speaking of stalkers...

Okay...kiddos waking up from naps and finishing up quiet time and I think I might like to get them all outside before this crazy weather comes through. So, I am now just going to post pics and shake a finger at myself and make sure I blog more often. Shame on me. I mean, I just sit on the couch and eat bon-bons anyways. Lazy slacker. Oh and please note the concentration in writing the "balentines." She even asked me to be quiet when she wrote the one to her boyfriend that she is "head over shoes" for.

Oh, and the cowboy boots with the hula skirt...because those boots go with everything. I will have to admit, there aren't many things you cannot pair your cowboys with.

Had you missed me?