Monday, April 2, 2012

5 big-fat years

I've been in such shock over Louisa turning 5 that I haven't had the chance to blog. Haha. Well, that and a few other things. But really...was this right here REALLY 5 years ago?

When did she become this right here?

Have I been blinking too long? My, oh my.

Well, at least we celebrated her birthday with a bang. As usual, Byron took her birthday week off and we took a short trip down to New Orleans to take her to the zoo, aquarium and insectarium. Honestly, it was the most fun birthday in a looooooong time. I mean, we had a blast. All week long. On her actual birthday, I took her to a salon to have her toes, nails and hair done. I couldn't have gone more up her alley if I tried!

She had all of the girls in the salon giggling as she sat on a huge booster in the hair chair just talking their ears off like she was 15 years old. This girl seriously melts me. And now, I will just bombard you with photos over the last week because it is slowly getting later and I am afraid I will turn into a pumpkin soon.

Baby Nash looooooooooooooves an animal. LOVES them.

We had to take a break at the zoo to eat snow cones and climb trees to improve morale.

You see Morgan ladies...holding her mouth just right.

And at the end of the day, when you find yourself grumpified and on a komodo just hope he has eaten recently.

And you know...when in Rome...

This was actually only my second trip ever to New Orleans. Crazy since I have been living only 3 hours from it for almost 5 years now. I really did have a good time. That town is crazy. I could write an entire other blog post about it, but as I pumpkin-turning is upon me. I will say this though, in a weird, weird way...I respect it. As a town. And maybe one day I can get back there with a few more days to enjoy the architecture, the scenery, the history and most importantly...the food. But man, you take a boy to NOLA and look what happens.

Instant wino.

This child is crazy. Methinks he is going to be a sneaky little prankster.

Just what I need. A manipulative, precocious girl and a sneaky blue-eyed irresistible little boy. I cannot stand how much I love the snot out of them but at the same time they drive me absolutely hands-down bat shiz crazy. Off my rocker. Here's hoping we aren't foreshadowing here...

But, if this artistic ability continues...

we just might be in trouble. Haaaaaaaaaaa! Shame on you. They are roses! Where is your mind?

Off to turn into a pumpkin. More later. Lots of stuff going on. House selling, getting ready to pack, getting ready to say goodbye to a place that houses memories of my babies and dear friends, and a whole other journey ahead. Time is out of control flying...

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beki said...

ha ha! next time you make it to nola and have a little time, let me know!
Happy 5 to Miss L ;-)