Tuesday, September 4, 2012

spray foam, toilets and mountains, oh MY!

This picture right here pretty much sums it up as of late... 


Exhaustion. Flat out exhaustion. School has been kicking Lou’s booty. That poor child is so tired by the time she gets home it is all she can do not to grow horns. Cannot say that I blame her though because to be honest, after I get out of carpool line I am beat and ready to grow horns too. Seriously. Some people may tell you that I actually DO have horns by then, but I wouldn’t trust them. Just FYI.

The renovation has been going great. And knock on wood (or studs if the framing is done) we are all still alive and breathing living and residing through it. Now, I would totally be pulling your leg if I told you that the dirt, dust, disorganization, mayhem, etc. wasn’t driving me just slightly batty. But, all in all, I still cannot complain. I think I might really miss all the company when it is done. I mean, I see these guys day in, day out from 8-5. They are like extended family now. :) 

Today, however…the first animal mishap happened. The guys have gotten pretty used to Lucy barking her absolute head off at them until she realizes that I know they are here and they are actually supposed to be here. Bless my 120 lb ADT system. I think they are slowly getting used to the brown dog barking at the wind all.day.long too. But today, my striped kitty got out. Now, I cannot blame anyone really because I know that if the guys had known that Murray was on the screened porch they would have been cautious – but they didn’t, and a striped kitty without claws that is strictly an indoor kitty got a taste of freedom today. I came home from Nash’s check-up to find she was gone. To say I panicked is a slight understatement. I believe one of the carpenters (later when we were laughing about it all) referred to the moment as one of those “frothing at the mouth” moments. I was so scared. I couldn’t find her anywhere. And it was my birthday.

I was basically walking up and down the street about to varmit all over from feeling sick. But, this story has a fabulous ending for as I was walking and panicking/frothing, I heard this sickly/scared meeeeeewwwwwwwlllllllllooowwwww coming from some bushes. Thankfully for me and everyone else involved, it was the so-called striped kitty, scared to death that she was actually outside. Bless her. She was shaking all the way back home and then she slept in the same spot for a few hours straight. Poor kitty was beat. Phew, anyways – disaster averted. Kitty is home safe and the sweet electrician that I love to joke around with is safe as well. Lou refers to him as the guy with the ponytail on his chin. It is quite amusing, especially since we have him and Santa Claus is our plumber. No kidding. Just ask Louisa.

Anyways – spray foam is up (here’s hoping to the last of the $350 electrical bills), framing is done, sheetrock is about to begin (dear Lord, please help me to not have an all-out meltdown, hissy, freak-out over all the dust) and hardwoods will be going in soon. (dear Lord, again…protect me from the snakes in my head when the sanding of the wood floors begins. Amen)

It is looking amazeballs and I seriously cannot wait for it to be done. I also seriously will have a hard time not going to rob a bank so we can go ahead and renovate the main floor too.

 I don't know about you, but I read in the latest This Old House that it is now trendy to sport a bathtub on your front porch and a ceiling fan on your living room floor. I usually am not trendy, but go me!

On another note, have I told you how much I love living in Athens? Well, if not – I am about to get crazily annoying. I love it here. I love the climate, I love the people, I love the funkiness of the town and people, I love the college kids (I may be one of the few people here that say that), I love the size, etc. I could go on forever. However, before I become an absolute brat I will complain about one thing. The hills. They slay my shins when running. That’s all.

Anyways – if it isn’t awesome enough to live here – we are only 1.5 hours from the Georgia mountains. Now, ladies and gentlemen, my heart belongs to Tybee. Don’t get me wrong there. But, I love the mountains. And so this past weekend we took advantage of the proximity and took a day trip up to Helen. The place is gorgeous. I cannot wait to go back, sit my happy self in a big pink tube and relax along the ‘hootch. We had the most fun. The cold temperature of the water not only soothed those poor shins I talked about earlier, but almost brought clarity. I made Byron take this pic of me, and I really am glad that I did. I love it.

A moment of clarity when throwing my hands up I surrender. I give up world. Right here in this moment is everything I want to be. Still, and surrendered to the beauty of everything around me. Okay, enough corn for me.

The kiddos had a blast too. After a brief worry of hypothermia with the hooligans, we decided to let go and let them have a blast and just keep eyes out for blue lips.

Back on the homestead, Nash and his chair are still up to no good. That child loves the toilet. I hope this means that he will be a breeze to potty train. However, Lou was a breeze. I don’t think you get lucky twice, right?


As you can tell from the pics, I love to peep tom on that boy. He is always into something. This time it turns out that he was just simply watching Ariel be rescued from the scary blue monster by the brave tugboat. Duh.

On that note, since it is my birthday, I have some wine, a book, and the screened porch calling my name. Let me get on before it starts to cuss and raise its voice at me. :)