Friday, January 31, 2014

back from the non-blogging world

i have been gone for almost a year now. while i would love to think i was completely and totally missed - i know all too well. let's face it...the irony of the title of my last blog post is out of control.

"trenches of motherhood"

is there any other way to put it? while i was in the trenches, so were each and every one of you (unless there are a few readers out there that haven't found those trenches yet). so, let's be honest with one another - we would have loved to miss each other, but we had no time.

so, a lot has happened in a year. a lot that honestly was totally blog-worthy. and maybe i will find the time to catch up on it all. i spent a lot of time last year deciding whether or not to continue my blog. clearly, it didn't win in the end. but then just recently, i found myself having the best time sitting at the computer with the kids going through photo albums on facebook. i have neglected facebook as far as photos go recently, and until the other day i didn't think i missed it. i think i am with almost every other person on facebook - there is a huge love/hate relationship there. however, it is essential for my business and i must say i do enjoy all of my sewing groups because i am a nerd like that. but, the kids enjoyed it as much as i did, and considering how often byron sits down with them to look at the blog books he has made me, i asked myself, why the hell am i not doing this? i LOVE this. yes, it takes some extra time, but i need to be honest with myself...this is time worth spending.

so, let me reintroduce myself. although, not much has changed about me. i am now almost in my mid-thirties (oh my word) and i have a 6 year old and an almost 3 year old. that latter one is about to make me pull out every inch of my underarm hair, and i must say i almost did a little dance in my car this morning after i dropped him off at preschool. 

don't let that sweet chunky face fool you. he deserves an entire post to himself. maybe one night when the wine is flowing after the whine is going. i am still fortunate enough to have one of the best other-halves and partners in crime in byron. yes, we have to go to chuck-e-cheese to get a photo of the two of us. and i must say i am now giggling at my choice of magnets. aaaahahahahahaha!

unfortunately, i lost my very best friend in the whole wide last may.

 i had 11.5 years with my brown dog, and i miss him tremendously i still have not gotten the nerve to even write about that one, the wound is still too fresh. but, with that said, i am so glad to still have my sweet lucille, who is quickly coming out of her shell and showing us that she was in fact the alpha dog all along each and every day, but with that said - we are forming a girls-only bond that we didn't have before and i must say that now i have a little (ahem, 130 lb) black shadow that goes with me everywhere. we still have the striped kitty too, and she still sleeps 23.5 hours of the day. 

the norris family - revisited. here goes nothing. i make no promises to anyone, but am holding myself to keeping this up for memory purposes. because one day when i am all empty nesting and wondering what in the world to do with all my spare time and quietness, i am sure i will pick up one of my blog books and miss this. isn't that how they say it goes?

it snowed this week in athens. 

we live in the south, this doesn't happen often. and i hesitate to even call it snow, for it is more ice than anything. but, we still had it and the kids loved it. this was nash's first snow and he took to it like he had been playing in it for years. for the first time since i was a kid, i was actually excited about the snow too. however, the first time spending 30 minutes getting each kid dressed almost evaporated some of the excitement. you see, you have to get creative down here. because when you go shopping for waterproof clothing in a southern town the day of snow, you don't find much. so, you layer, layer some more and add plastic bags. and viola, you are now equipped for snow.

my lucy loves the snow. it brings out the inner spaz in her. which is quite funny, because not much brings that out anymore, besides our neighbor katie. she used to always act crazy and wild but after blowing both of her knees, she isn't as spunky. and i must say, there isn't much that is prettier than a solid black dog in white snow. 

so for 2 days straight, we played and played and played some more. i did more laundry than i should admit (granted this is coming from the girl that only does laundry every 2 weeks). we broke out the pizza sheets and cookie pans to sled down the hills in the neighborhood, because when you wear plastic bags on your hands you cannot get all fancy with a real sled. besides, the one store in athens that keeps 2 sleds in stock was out. imagine that.  we made snow ice cream and giggled about yellow snow.and of course, made a snowman. considering we aren't a very tall family, this one fit in just right.

oh wait, busted. that is a real sled. since our yard had one of the more popular slopes in the hood we were grateful that sleds were left for everyone to enjoy. have i ever told you how much i love this street?

is there anything better than a sweet, gently giant of a labrador with kids? i think dogs with children are reserved a very special spot in heaven. 

but, at the end of the day after coming in and taking off all 283 layers and wiping noses and putting kids in their underwear on the couch under a huge blanket to thaw, this is how we should do snow. my grey goose has the right idea.

on the couch under the blankets and from the inside. it is oh so pretty to watch.

so, with the first post back under my belt, here's to keeping it up.  
welcome back norris family. :)


tbl182004 said...

Soooooooo glad to see you back! You and your family highlight my day! And YES you had to take time for YOU and your family! Nash is almost THREE?!?! WOW!!! Sorry about the loss of your Sweet Puppy! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Jenn said...

Excited your back! Nash is 3? So hard to believe. I'm sory about your loss.

We Enjoyed Snow in Loganville GA this week. Kids were thrilled!

Meggie said...

Yay!! So glad you're back! Excited to keep up with your family again!! =)

Katie Ryan said...

You made me laugh and you made me cry! We all miss that sweet Brown Dog. Love that you are back!! xoxo

Abidha Basheer said...

Welcome Back!! :) :)
Glad to hear from you again!! :))
Loved this post....Keep it up!!

Lauren Saini said...

I am so glad you're back! As a fellow resident's wife in a city that doesn't (and I don't think ever will) feel like home I loved keeping up with your family. Even though I know so many people go through it was always a highlight to read about someone else's residency journey too.

aimee jones said...

So sorry about your loss. Check out this blog from an Athens girl.