Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 3 of 3...right?

Day 3 of 3. That phrase is a good phrase. It brings back fond memories of my days on the floor at the Children's Hospital. No matter how bad it got, usually day 3 of 3 you knew you would survive. You most likely had the same patients back and most of them you had gotten squared away and figured out. Haha, yeah right. Well, at least you knew the next day you weren't coming back. The next span of 24 hours was all yours. 

Well, I am not busting it on the floor now a days. But, I am halfway through snow day 3 of 3. And so far we have all survived. There have been moments in which my sanity teetered on the dangerous edge, but it is quite familiar with that edge and feels comfortable teetering. I am cool as long as it doesn't fall off. Methods to the madness. The children's My saving grace has been having Byron home. Thank you ENT of Athens for closing up clinic these 2 days. I mean it. 

I blogged about snow day 1 in which we had Sonic ice cubes falling from the sky. It was true. Straight up crunchy ice from the sky. Just ask Byron, he said it made for a great companion to Scotch. Well, day 2 we woke up to a nice thick layer of ice topped with more Sonic ice cubes. I am talking lots of ice. As my sister in law said, the kind that when you play you wind up with skinned knees and busted tail bones. She is so right. But the snow began later in the day and it didn't stop. It kept on and on and on. It was wild. The streets were covered and you could no longer tell what was the grass and what was the street.

Is it ironic that I was worried that a bathing suit package was in here? Turns out since the government is shut down it is all delayed. Thankfully I don't need to don the swimsuit as my mailbox is frozen shut anyways.

At the end of day 2 I was amazed at how much was actually still falling. Most of it was snow by this point, but it kept coming and coming. When you are from the South this is not something you are accustomed to at all. Snow day 3 was announced and we all got excited about sleeping in again and I kept my fingers crossed our power would remain on overnight.

Thankfully we woke this morning not only to a BEAUTIFUL blanket of white snow on West Clover but also to power and a warm house. I am so thankful for a gargantuan gas furnace with floor registers in the cold. After breakfast and appropriate snow day lounging around the layering of the clothing began again.

 I heart this child.

PS - check out Nash's waterproof gloves. I have the best neighbors ever.

This snow was good snow. Granted, it sat on top of about an inch or more of solid ice...but it was the good snowball kind of snow. The kids took full advantage of that. Pay no mind to the plumber in my front yard. Hehe.

Of course we all took advantage of the slopes on the side of our yard too. Byron got brave and attempted some snowboarding. Thankfully he got up in one piece. Phew. Remember what I said earlier about things being so much easier with him?

Again, Lucy loves the snow. Or maybe she just loves to be included. I know one thing, she sure was mad at me when I made her go inside halfway through the morning. She just now started speaking to me again. Ouch.

 You can always tell her tracks...

It looks as though she has a pirate with a peg leg walking alongside of her from how she drags that back leg (the ACL that we didn't have surgically repaired).

Speaking of tracks - I still cannot get over the amount of snow. 

I've talked numerous times before about the abundance of children in our neighborhood. It really makes a difference. It was SO MUCH FUN today because kids were out everywhere. We maxed out this sled's capacity to head around the corner to a steeper slope.

Once there, we had the best time watching the older kids FLY down the hills. Thankfully our kids were too interested in the water flowing under the sheets of ice (and cheesing) to worry with the steep hill. My blood pressure thanks you kids. Promise. 

After a few hours of play the little wolf had expired, as he usually does. So, it was back to West Clover to remove all of the wet layers and thaw out. Now the sunshine has come out and it is all quickly melting away. I will say it is sad to see it go, but I am ready for it to be gone. It has been a lot of fun and thankfully we have all managed to survive. I know these sweet kiddos sure had a blast!

Goodbye snow...I plan to get some good waterproof gear soon so I am sure I will see you again once it is all outgrown. :)

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kathy said...

you may be going stir crazy but it does look fun, too!