Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stay Safe, Warm and Sane

Those are the words of encouragement I gave a friend earlier on what looks to be day 1 of 3 for snow days this week. While I should probably be way more concerned with the first 2, we all know better. Sanity is hard to come by as a mother. In my case, it is almost a fantasy. Throw in a few snow days where everyone is confined and there really is no going anywhere and let's just prepare ourselves for Momma to fly over the cuckoo's nest.

Last night when the announcement was made that school was closed today I must confess. My first thought was relief that I didn't have to wake up early. I don't really function before 7 am. It just isn't pretty. So, I poured myself another glass of wine and settled in with my book. I had visions of a sweet snow day with my adorable children and making crafts and everyone riding the get along bus. 

This, instead is how it went down:

It isn't even 10 am and both children are in their rooms in time out. One is already on strike number 2, the other is currently laughing at me as I discipline. It was in that moment that I realized my visions of what is so NOT my family anyways had flown the cuckoo's nest as well. We could continue on the path of destruction or accept that attitude adjustments (or as Nash said, "latitude justmens") are in need for everyone as we are probably going to be stuck inside together another 2 days. So, I cranked up the Golden Oldie channel on Pandora and jumped in the shower. By the time I was dressed the kids were dancing in the hallway (with no arguing) to some Smokey. Motown is the cure-all, right?


I am not the first to say motherhood is hard. And I won't be the last. And I wont be the only one to survive it. See how optimistic I am being? I am so unbelievably lucky that I get the opportunity to stay home with my children. I know my husband would never believe it, but I adore having my kids home with me. Yes, they drive me bat poo crazy, but they do have their moments. Like these.

Thankfully, these moments do happen. And I find they are impeccably timed. You know, right as you are about to lose your ever-living mind you find them doing something to surprise you. Now, don't get me wrong. In another hour we will all be at each others throats again. Such is life in the Norris house. We don't dress it up here or try to make it what it isn't. We are a house full of hot-heads and strong personalities. I already have the Carolina beach music station ready to go for the next "latitude justmen" period. I just wish I was joining Phoebe Cates on a trip to Myrtle Beach in the 60s.

Murray, clearly isn't phased by it all. But I may say that if I laid in bed all day long I would probably be numb to it all too. Tough life for a lazy tabby.

Back to the snow - well, Sonic ice cubes in our case today.

The kids are super excited and have been watching it fall from the windows all day. Oh my word, I just realized they are holding hands in this picture. See, what was that I said about timing? I was just about to lose my patience because Nash clearly isn't napping (AGAIN) upstairs.

Lucy is pulling a "reincarnated brown dog moment" (I will have to blog about that soon) and barking at it falling.

 And I am trying to muster up the excitement I felt a few weeks back about the snow. I just am not feeling it this time. According to the weather, the worst is yet to come and maybe it is more fear that holds back my excitement. Or, maybe it is because I am so stinking OVER the cold weather. I think I got my feelings hurt after this weekend. It was so pretty. I put the finishing touches on Nash's birthday teepee while Lucille stood guard in the driveway. It was in the 60's. And then I started to strip furniture. These are things I love to do and I cannot do them when it is cold. Darn.

Whiny Amy, party of 1 here. I probably should have a hang tag that says "for optimal growth place in full sun with toes in sand and keep out of cold weather." On that note, I think it is time to hit the fabric store. And maybe the grocery if I am feeling all responsible. And who knows, I might even get crazy enough to visit the outdoor gear store to see if they have replenished their inventory of waterproof gloves for kids so my kids can play in the snow with the absence of grocery store bags tied on their hands. Wait a minute...I think I am trying to get a little too fancy there.

Until the next snow day, here's to everyone's sanity! Especially in the presence of this one right here...


kathy said...

oh Amy, I love you. You always make me smile! Pour another glass of wine and go join Murray in a snooze.


PS Don't forget that God invented PBS kids for a reason.

Abidha Basheer said...

I just love reading your posts...it makes my day...
Love your babies!! :))

Jenna said...

Amy, Where did you find that orange and white polka dot fabric (or who makes it even)? Thank You!!