Monday, April 21, 2014

For the Love of Lasagna Child, Say Cheese. Please.

Do you ever wonder why I post many, many photos of this sweet little child sleeping?

Is it because he sleeps often? HA. I almost fell off my chair on that one, children don't sleep. Neither of them. The only sleepers in this house are Momma, Daddy, Lucy and Murray. And Murray the striped kitty has it down to a science. That cat sleeps 23 hours out of the day. Not kidding.  PS - when I just searched for pictures of Murray, I'd say 3/4 of them are her sleeping. The other 1/4 her ears are flat and she is mad at a kid. Haaaa. Rough life, tabby cat.

And quite possibly my all-time fave...

No, I post photos of this child asleep because taking photos of him awake is equivalent to poking out my own eyeballs. First of all, as the mother of any boy will understand, he doesn't sit still. Ever. Louisa I can bribe for photos, and I actually have to do that on a regular basis for brownie-goose. She doesn't love it, but at least she half-way cooperates. Nash on the other hand, no. Just no.

Take for instance this one day. I really wanted pictures of him in his "gophers." The child has the fattest Fred Flinstone feet known to man, so shoes for him are a struggle. Never judge when you see my child wearing Crocs to a black-tie event, okay? So, when I saw these adorable little loafers and found I could actually stuff all that foot-fat in them, I was so excited. And believe it or not, he loves them. Granted, he calls them "gophers" but you know this Mom never corrects. ;)

So, here is a recap of the photos and what the patient annoyed crazed lady behind the camera had to say.

Nash - look at my camera. Like look with your eyes into the black circle.

Fail. Oh good, you found my camera. Keep looking at it but not so intensely. Now, Nash smile so I can see some teeth. 

Well, good job showing me your teeth, but this time look happy about it and form a big smile.

Ummm, well that is close, but you look angry. Try to be more excited.

Yeah, that's not it either. And then he was just done. Stick a fork in this one.

Now, every now and then (read blue moon) I can get a halfway decent, cute shot of him. But, it never fails that it winds up in a very non-photographically-pleasing-place. See below.

Cute face, but lunch is in the way.

Now, photos of both of my children. Lawsy. I almost need a drink to write about it. 

The other day both kids were playing Legos together so sweetly that I almost ran away for a while. Just kidding. Maybe. They built a throne for Captain Morgan (he has a story and I thought for sure I have blogged about him but cannot find it, he's been with us since we got married and his head falls off, just a minor character flaw) and were so proud they wanted me to come and take their pictures with it. I thought, awesome. Certainly they will cooperate for photos. I may or may not have thought about changing their clothes to get a good picture and photoshopping the Legos out later for next years Christmas Card. Well, thank goodness I didn't because this is how it all worked out.

Enough with that one. Louisa (who looks way too old for my liking in this photo) refused to get her hair out of her face, and Nash...well, I don't even have the energy to go there.

Take 2 of both kids together photos. Have another glass. I thought for sure the other day at church when they looked halfway decent (this was before the above photo shoot with Nash and his gophers, I should have known) I would snap a few outside of church. Well, that went over swimmingly.

The most decent one I got captured both of their personalities. Nash, as always has this grin that makes you wonder what in the world he is up to. We should probably be afraid. And Louisa, well...never underestimate the personality of a precocious little girl that learned how to pose from Aurora at Disney World. I clearly cannot thank Sleeping Beauty enough.

Now, with all of this said, I must confess. I used to work for a pediatrician who is quite possibly the smartest person ever. He seems to always be right in that way that you almost don't want to ask his opinion sometimes because you just don't want to hear the truth. Anyways, there is something he repeatedly tells me as I raise 2 hooligan children. He says, "Amy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." And you know what, darn that man...I am afraid he is right again. See evidence below.

I mean, good gravy people. Thou shalt not bring your "no mam" finger out on church property. And one should hide the booze from Daddy before photo shoots. Just kidding y'all. There was no booze or reprimanding involved in this photo shoot (disregard evidence to the contrary), only a 7 year old hooligan behind the camera. ;)

On that note, say cheese everyone!

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Nancy said...

davis is so hard to photograph..perpetual to jump just as you get ready to take the picture..etc but on the other hand baby girl(now a 23 year old 1st year med student) used to hide anytime we tried to get her picture so I guess a boy in lotion is better than a child hiding under the airport chairs!!